Friday, May 30, 2008


Today is my mom's fiftieth birthday.

I bet fifty feels a lot different to her than she thought it would at thirty. But at the same time, I bet fifty feels a lot different to her than she thought it would at forty-seven.

It's been an interesting few years for us as I transition into "adulthood" and as I rely on/look at her as more of a friend sometimes than a mother. Maybe that's good, maybe that's bad, but it's true.

So in honor of her fiftieth, 50 things I love about my mom:

  1. Her pretty blue eyes.
  2. She sent me dozens of encouraging letters before my half marathon.
  3. She scratches my back when I am home.
  4. She laughs at my jokes.
  5. She makes me pancakes for breakfast when I come home.
  6. She gets to know my friends as if they were her own.
  7. When we were little, she would sing the monkey part in "I Wanna Be Like You" anytime we asked her to, even during carpool in front of all our friends.
  8. She's the only one who calls me Linny.
  9. She's often sentimental when it's not necessary, but always sentimental when it is.
  10. She's the most requested teacher at her school.
  11. When I miss my granddad, I look at her and it's like he's still here.
  12. She finally had her back surgery.
  13. She's going to walk the Mercedes Half Marathon in Birmingham next February.
  14. When she was 40 she looked 50 and now she's 50 and looks 40.
  15. She calls me her cabbage (it's a long story).
  16. During the summer, she would have our friends over for birthday parties for our animals and cabbage patch dolls.
  17. She lets me write on my blog about all the goofy stuff she does and says.
  18. She still does Santa.
  19. She begs me to sleep in her bed when I am home.
  20. She is learning how to be independent. I think.
  21. She used to watch Friends with me every Thursday.
  22. She never missed a recital, class party or school program.
  23. She would let me check out as many books as I wanted from the library instead of making me pick a few at the time.
  24. Every time I forgot my cheerleading bloomers at home, she would bring them to me so the whole school didn't see my underwear.
  25. She thought the camera case incident was just as funny as we did.
  26. She fights for my attention.
  27. She still uses AOL e-mail because it's all she knows how to use.
  28. She used to fix my hair every morning until almost junior high.
  29. She was never too busy to film us putting on "shows" in the shower, on the fireplace, in the driveway, in the playroom, etc.
  30. She plays bunko!
  31. She decided to paint one day, and discovered she was really good at it.
  32. She ate a bird egg.
  33. She taught me how to proofread.
  34. She came to visit me the first time I had to stay in after-school care, even though that kind of defeats the purpose.
  35. She is protective.
  36. Everything she had to write my name on, from lunch boxes to PE jerseys, always looked good. Never crooked or sloppy.
  37. She found fun babysitters for us.
  38. She's not afraid to laugh at herself. Or let me laugh at her.
  39. She wants me to succeed maybe more than I even want myself to.
  40. She did ventriloquism for her talent when she was in Junior Miss (and laughs with us at her best friend, who recited "Twas the Night Before Christmas")
  41. One time when I had a bad ear ache, she said "I would take the pain for you if I could."
  42. We had the most interesting and diverse dress up clothes in all of Birmingham thanks to her. My friends and I dressed up all the way until high school.
  43. Every year on the first day of school, we would come home to a scavenger hunt through the house to find some prize or toy. Every year.
  44. She saves me things she knows I'd be interested in, whether it's an article, a magazine or a wedding invitation.
  45. She took care of my cat when I went to college.
  46. She buys me children's books sometimes when they remind her of what she thinks/hopes for me.
  47. She taught me everything I know about cooking (aka: not much).
  48. She'll print this list out and save it.
  49. She'll cry each time she reads it.
  50. She's not afraid of her life anymore.
Mommy - I love you so much. I used to be scared I was turning into you but now I'd be scared if I wasn't. Thank you for everything you've always done for me. You always say you are so proud of me, but really, I'm the proud one. You are the hippest, craziest, unfifty fifty year old I know. I am blessed to be your daughter!


One of these women is 50 today. Can you guess which?

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Sorry for the billion, trillion posts today. But look what was just delivered to me:

What you can't see is that I run off camera and cry.


Which is more embarrassing, readers?

A. Walking into your favorite cupcakery when the owner spots you, and yells out, "Hi! Welcome to---Hey, didn't I see you yesterday someplace*?", effectively letting a room full of people know that you spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME AT THE CUPCAKE STORE;


B. Walking into your favorite cupcakery and leaving with FOUR cupcakes for yourself (all variated chocolate) rather than only one, like you intended to/NORMAL PEOPLE do?

Must. Go. Throw Up. Now.

*It was at Panera. Not at her store.
**Don't worry. I didn't eat them all at once or all by myself. I've only tried a few bites of each and I'm sharing.
***Thursdays are soooo the best day to go to GiGi's.


So we're less than a month away until the longest day of the year, the first day of summer and most importantly - the day on which I was born!!!

I don't know why but for the past decade or so, I have been IN LOVE with my birthday. Like a child. I hope that as I get older, I am never discouraged from being wild about my birthday and looking so forward to it that I could pop. I know as long as Star is around, that won't be the case. Birthdays are important.

I am excited because this year I do not have to work on my birthday. Even though it wasn't all that bad last year, I will happily stay home even if it means no birthday voicemails. Oh wait, I didn't get one anyway. Oh well.

So let's get down to business. For the past two years (here and here) I have posted my birthday wish list. After some thought, here is 2008's list.

1. First up is the gift I might let Uncle Sam buy for me when/if I receive my Economic Stimulus Check. I have mentioned before how I want a big girl bed. I have one now that is a hand-me-down. Nothing's wrong with free. But whenever I move again, I'm getting a new bedroom suite because I anticipate my next move being pretty permanent. I chose not to get a new one when I moved into the condo we're in now because a) my bedroom is way too small b) our condo is on the third floor and I didn't want to buy a bunch of new furniture and then it get all scratched up on the way out. But I am digressing. The point is: I want a big girl bed with big girl furniture, and thanks to American Signature Furniture, maker of my kitchen table, I found one! The bed pictured, plus the dresser and mirror, come together for what I consider an affordable price. But on second thought, what would I do with all of that stuff if I got it now? Store it, but where? I have no idea. Okay, fine. I don't want this for my birthday this year. Maybe for my birthday next year?

...AW CRAP. I just found one I like better. Have you heard of Canopy? I read about it on a design blog (something I have been thinking a lot about lately) and now I want the whole darn bedroom set. Right now. Even if I have to stack pieces on top of each other and crawl over it to get out the door. I want the sleigh bed and the drawers that go under it and the bench too and the dresser and nightstand and everything. It's so PRETTY. Click the link and you'll gasp when you figure out where all these high-quality (not one piece of particleboard [which really hurts when it falls on your toe]), beautiful pieces are sold. But how is it possible that the bed from this line costs the same as a bed, dresser and mirror from the ASF line? Maybe I need to call in MB to negotiate for me.

Okay... back to task. The things I want for my birthday that I actually have room for in my house:

2. I got my sister and brother-in-law a TiVo for Christmas because deep down inside, it's what I really wanted. I found a deal where you get the box for free and then pay for monthly service which ends up being about $10 a month. I wonder if it's time I get a TiVo too? I wouldn't need a very fancy one. Just the basic, plain minimal recording hours version.
Although in the interest of full disclosure, yesterday we got a flier in the mail from Complicatedcast, and now we can get a DVR for only like $9 a month with basic service (we don't have the fancy digital box thing). So, I am going to investigate that before I succumb to Tivo.

So, that's two things I want but that are kind of on hold. So, we're still in square one. "Who is this helping?" I can hear you ask. "Where's the monogrammed stuff and serving pieces that you pined for last year? I can't afford to get you a bedroom set and it sounds like you're buying your own DVR equipment. What the heck?!"

3. Movie passes. There's so many dadgum movies I want to see this summer I should just get a part time job at the theater. Or remain friends with Evan. JK! Love you!

4. What's the deal with these Bissell Ease Flips? Am I the only one without one? Am I the only one who didn't know what they were until yesterday because a friend wrote about it and I had to look it up? We have hardwood floors that collect so much dust and hair and food but the Swiffer never gets it all up. Is one of these things the way to go? Am I completely lame for including this on my birthday wish list? Just monogram it with a sharpie and it'll be fine.

5. If someone got me this, then I wouldn't have to decide whether or not to get one. I'm just saying.

6. I have been using my sorority towel wrap since sophomore year of college. I kind of want a new one of those (monogrammed - duh!) but I am not sure if I want a wrap or just a lightweight bathrobe... hmm. Decisions decisions.

6. I think I want some glasses for my birthday (okay, now this list and I are officially lame). If you've seen me in my glasses you know why I don't wear them a lot. But if I got some cute frames then I would. So, I want some Tina Fey glasses. And a vacuum. And a robe! OMG. I am so turning 25. SIGH.

7. Confession: I kind of want a computer microphone so that I can sing into my computer and it not end up sounding like I have a lisp (like it does when I have to use my camera [which is why I don't make a lot of YouTube videos, Ross]). I haven't done a lot of research on them yet, so I don't know what kind, but I think I would really enjoy it and use it a lot.

And now I'm grasping at straws. Why can I not think of things I want for my birthday? I think I'd rather have experiences/memories with special people than just things (especially vacuums). Or, maybe I have been too busy getting excited about other people's birthdays...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Last night I got to see Sex and the City: The Movie thanks to Evan and the Nashville Scene. I invited two friends (both SaTC addicts, turns out) to come with me.

At 7:30, rather than start the movie, we got to see 30 minutes worth of interviews and pink carpet footage from the New York City premiere, which took place 2 hours earlier that evening.

We met up right after work so I did not have time to put on a ridiculous outfit. But you know who did?
Kim Cattrall's dress had butt fins. Yes, butt fins. It looked like someone sawed a fin off a shark or a Chevy automobile and planted one squarely on each of her butt cheeks. Seriously Kim? Did you not look in the mirror before you left the house? Horrible. Even Cynthia Nixon looked better than you and that is really saying something. The whole theater gasped when Kim turned around. As we did when Jennifer Hudson bent over and blew kisses to the media, but it wasn't her butt we were concerned about.

I like Sex and the City. I'm not crazy obsessed about it like oh I don't know, Friends. I wasn't allowed to watch it when I lived at home nor did I get HBO in the dorms. Therefore, I never got hooked on it in its hey day. But it's funny and I watch it when it's on TBS.

The movie was great. Well written, very funny and very emotional. In fact, even I teared up during two very pivotal scenes. Don't worry, I'm not going to spoil anything. Just let me know if you make it through the scenes with Carrie and Big in the street or Carrie and Charlotte in Charlotte's apartment without tearing up.


Here's a recent development: I've started wearing my hair curly.

I know that might not sound like a big deal, but my hair has always walked the line in between straight and curly. That's why I started rolling it everyday in high school and until sophomore year of college, when I spent a summer in California working on a ranch and realized it was a LOT easier to straighten my hair everyday as opposed to rolling it. So I bought a ConAir and never looked back.

I've tried "scrunching it" (using gel products to bring out any natural curl or wave) before but it never worked. It wasn't quite curly or wavy, but wasn't completely straight either, plus my hair was always too long and heavy.

After I cut it in December, I began to notice before I blowdried it straight that it was curling a little more. Since my hair wasn't so long or heavy, it was trying to curl on its own. The little hair that could! So one morning, when I was running late for work, I decided to let it air dry and see what happened. It didn't look great, but it was a little wavy.

And now I have found some product that works and while I don't quite have the ringlets of Samantha Who?, it's just wavy enough to look cute and qualify for a hairstyle. Certain people seem to like it and so do I. And it's just so much easier to do on mornings like this one, when I wake up at 8:15. Oops.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Over the weekend I mentioned to a new acquaintance that my BlackBerry's name is Monica. I was trying to explain how much I love the show Friends and said, "In fact, you know how you name stuff, like your car or GPS or phone?"

(Blank stare). "Um, no."

I felt a little silly at the moment but know I am not the only one that does this. Every person I have ever met with a GPS device has given it a name (and why is it always Lucy?). I know I am not the only one who has named her (or his) BlackBerry. And I don't have a name for my current car (other than POS), but I know lots of people that do. On Friends, Joey has names for his TV (Stevie) and his chair (Rosita).

And apparently everything in my life deserves a name. I was looking for my jacket on my way into a restaurant, and couldn't find it. As if it could hear me, I said "Jacket, where are you? Come here, jacket." "Are you talking to your jacket?" I was asked. "Yes. Come here, Karen." And BOOM! - my jacket's name is Karen. It was funny... but maybe you had to be there.

I did a very mature thing this weekend (or maybe, I did not do a very immature thing; however you want to look at it). If you've ever been to my house or shared a bottle of wine with me, then you know I am a cork saver. I got the idea from my friend Katie. I save my corks and write on them what they are from: "Night Before Sister's Wedding, Jan. 12, 2007" or "Bachelorette with Allison, Apr. 21, 2008" or "Jenn's Bachelorette Party, June 8, 2007". I already have a vase full and am working on a second one. So I was having dinner and naturally wanted to save the cork, but after the waiter opened the bottle, he took off with the cork and I didn't notice until a few minutes later. I was FULLY prepared to pick through the trash. The restaurant wasn't really crowded so it wouldn't have been too awkard and there wouldn't have been a ton of trash for me to wade through already on top of the cork. BUT I restrained myself in the name of decorum and class, and so as not to embarrass anyone I was with. Later I was really proud of myself for not trash diving, but now I kind of wish I had. Oh well. There are plenty more cork moments still to come.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!

Friday, May 23, 2008


1. Like I said, Wes won our American Idol competition. If you want his funny albeit cocky tirade on what it fees like, click here.

2. I am going to a Sex & the City movie premiere! Allison, another mutual friend of ours (used to work with her husband too) and I are going together. Which premiere, you ask? NOT in New York... NOT in Paris... Not in London or even L.A.! This one will surely be the hottest premiere of them all. Because all good movies premiere at Opry Mills, right?! They will air live coverage from the pink carpet from the New York City premiere, and then the movie will start. I'm pretty sure this warrants an excuse to dress up (yay!) so I decided to wear, all together, in true Carrie Bradshaw sloppy chic fashion: my brown bridesmaid dress from Jennifer's wedding, leopard print shoes, a fanny pack, some biker gloves (maybe just one, we'll see), a pink feathered hat, a denim jacket and a huge flower pin brooch. With my huge strand of pearls. Sounds about right, yes?

3. Growing up is eating a wilty, soggy, there's-more-brown-than-green-
in-this-bowl because you feel guilty throwing the lettuce away, rather than spending money to go out for lunch when there is perfectly good edible food from your fridge and you need to save your money anyhow.

4. This morning, I was asked what has been my proudest accomplishment. Being able to talk about this was so much fun.

5. Wes, Stephen, Eric and David - don't ever say I don't love you. This is for you:

Thursday, May 22, 2008


What a crazy week! Sorry I haven't posted. Nothing postworthy has happened (yet) except David Cook, and thereby Wes, winning the American Idol competition.

And don't think I was going to let yesterday slide without noting it's now less than one month until my 25th birthday! Woohoo. Soon I will post my list of what I want!

In other news, my stomach almost killed me from the inside out this morning. That was fun. Who doesn't love a good cramp?!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Two amazing things to take away from this weekend:

First of all, my roommate is home and to welcome her back, I presented her with something edible - as opposed to something pet-able. Haha.

I made some mini cheesecakes from a recipe posted on a friend of a friend's blog. They tasted great and looked amazing. But since it was my first try, they were kind of a pain. The cheesecake part was easy, it was the crust that threw me off. The whole reason I made them is because you're supposed to drop a vanilla wafer in a muffin tin and voilĂ : crust. But, the cavities in the mini muffin tin that I was instructed to use (after 2 trips to the grocery store to find mini muffin tin liners) were way too small for the vanilla wafers. I couldn't even wedge a wafer in there. It wasn't going to happen. But the normal size cavities in my other pan were too big - there was extra space all around the wafer. So after some thought, I used wafers for the normal size cheesecakes, made a quick crust for the mini cheesecakes, and decided to wait and see which tasted better.

The verdict: cheesecake, like pizza , is good no matter what. I cut strawberries for a topping (too big for the mini ones, FYI; use a smaller berry). Roommate really enjoyed them and so did this girl.

I fixed a whole dinner for us (I even timed it so that everything was ready at once - can you believe it? I'm getting better!) and then we settled in to watch the ACM awards.

Of which I have this to say:

I am so happy for Miranda Lambert. I started clapping when she won Album of the Year. She deserves much more accolade from the industry than she gets. She writes all of her songs, which is pretty much the same (/only) reason Taylor Swift is famous (although I'm pretty sure that suggestive little romp in the water will go down in ACM history), and Miranda sings circles around her and Kellie both. Carrie is her only glass ceiling. But Album of the Year is a huge honor and I think she deserves it fully.

Now for my other favorite moment of the night:

This man? Amazing.

Garth, if you're reading this, please come back to us. Raise your kids in Oklahoma, take time off, do what you gotta do, but then! Please! Make your long-awaited descent on Music Row riding a cloud and strumming a guitar. You see, Garth, what's happened since you've been gone is that a whole generation is growing up believing that country music is sung by people like Rascal Flatts and this guy, who - let's face it - would be rather be singing Jamaican music but he can't grow dreadlocks. Sure, he's got the tight pants part down (and judging by last night's performance wardrobe, you never took them off) but that's it! Country music, the real authentic kind, needs you back Garth! Though watching you last night, it was like you never left us.

And speaking of authentic: I got chills when Trisha Yearwood came out and they didn't go away for a good 30 seconds (and have come back without fail each of the the five six many times I have watched that part of the video this morning [now in double digits]). I loooove that song, and it's not like they go performing it together every weekend. That was a rare moment. And, tight pants be damned, a rather hot moment. Watch his face as she walks away: Chemistry. Sparks. Amazing. Do you think they're in love?

Sunday, May 18, 2008


SNL was on a roll last night. Think they save the best skits for the season finale?

Clear some time and watch a few sketches from the best episode of the season: McCain on Weekend Update, Digital Short, a hilarious Deal or No Deal spoof, a random song and dance, fake Hillary/Obama ad and the Cold Opening. For whatever reason, my favorite skit of the night - Two A-Holes Doing Karaoke - hasn't been posted, but if it shows up online, I'll be sure to share it.

This one from last week was funny, too.

And on a totally non-SNL note, see what Puff Daddy P. Diddy Diddy I think he goes by Sean Combs now said about the Kanye West show...

Friday, May 16, 2008


1. I went back to Lonnie's last night. This is going to become a regular appointment in my social agenda this summer. You see, last night six of us started a karaoke club. Four of the six are really shy when it comes to singing. Regardless, we made a pact that by the end of the summer, each of us has to sing a solo. The last one to do so has to buy a round for the rest of group unless we get to pick what song he or she sings. John and I (the not shy ones) took care of our songs last night. We'll see who puts it off the longest of the remaining four. Join us if you want to! PS - while I was there, I asked my bouncer friend why Lonnie never called me. He said he'd had some family troubles but still has my number. Riiiiiight.

2. Wes and I are still tied. The Battle of the Davids is going to be a good show. What are we betting?!?

3. Next week is the first episode of my favorite summer show, So You Think You Can Dance? My roommate and I got hooked on that show two summers ago (so much so that we started memorizing some of the better hip hop routines). Then last summer, she watched it from Alabama and I watched it in Nashville, and in the fall we went to see the show when the tour stopped in town. My favorite part of Idol Gives Back? The opening number with the SYTYCD kids in it. Anyway, you get the point. So, I am excited about it starting back up again. And not just because I am currently obsessed with dancing.

4. All the angst toward a kitten only makes me want one more. Keep it up, haters. He looks like a Samson, doesn't he?

5. I got some good news today. I don't want to say too much about it yet, but I need prayers, so this is my plea. I'll post more as/if the situation allows. 'Til then, just pray. And if you talk to me on a regular basis: yes, it's probably exactly what you're thinking about. If you don't talk to me on a regular basis, a) your loss; b) is that vague enough for you?

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Today is my two year anniversary at my current job.

And that's all I have to say about that.


Fill in the blank:

While watching Fantasia Barrino's performance on American Idol, Simon Cowell ___________________________________.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So, I want a kitten.

Sooooooo bad!

A dog would be too much in our third floor apartment. It's too small and do I want to go up and down those stairs all the time to let him out? "I don't think so." I for sure want a dog later in life, but not right now. However, kittens are so self-sustaining. Our apartment is big enough for a kitten to entertain himself during the day, and at night, he could sleep in my bed, just like Claude used to. So all I need to get is a litterbox and I have the perfect place for it to go!

Now I just have to get my roommate on board. We have talked about having pets. I don't remember where we left it. I think somewhere near "we're not having any pets." But what if I surprised her? A welcome-
back-from-your-mission-trip kitten? An I-missed-you-so-much-I-went-
out-and-bought-this-kitten kitten? Think she'd mind?

Now that I am not traveling so much, I think a kitten and I would do just fine.


Please adopt me, Lindsay. Meow!

*PS - Click "I don't think so" if you didn't already. It's from my favorite movie of all time. I'm going to start seasoning the blog posts with movie quotes. That's how I roll so don't act like you're not impressed.


When I was in high school, and especially when I was in college, I was a Diet Dr. Pepper freak. In college, it was not uncommon for me to have four a day, a big jump from two a day in high school.

Now, I drink zero. I quit drinking them my last semester of college. I'd rather have one fountain Dr. Pepper than four Diet Dr. Peppers, and even getting one of those is a big treat. I had maybe five or six fountain drinks the whole time I was training for the half. Then, the week after, I had three. But I digress.

Here's the point - whether you use it to keep your DDPs or your PBRs cold, everyone has a favorite koozie. And it should come as no surprise that mine? Looks like this:

Only there's never been a Coke can in it, and it's got my monogram (duh) in script instead of Sammy 2-17-03. My lovely koozie was a gift from my best friend from sophomore year. She gave it to me for my 19th birthday, while we were in California working on a ranch together for the summer.

I wish I had thought to pull mine out of my desk drawer for Steeplechase or some of the parties we've had lately at work. If I'm being honest, I kind of forgot I had it. Shhhh. Don't tell. But I found it yesterday and brought it to work with me today. I might even go get a DDP out of the coke machine just to use it this afternoon.

Even though the internet is hawking this prize as a groomsman gift or bachelor party favor (hence the Sammy 2-17-03), I think it's more of a girl thing. Am I wrong? Therefore, if you need a good gift for a girl, I recommend this. It's so random that she's never think to ask for it, but so delightfully southern and classy, that I bet she'll love it.

Everyone has a favorite koozie. What's yours say?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Do you see it?

Separated at birth:

L: Goofy's son Max
R: David Archuleta


All sources indicate that this is going to be great summer.

For starters, I am discovering that all the summer pants I bought to wear during my internship in 2005, and then could not fit into afterward, not only fit, but are BAGGY! I wore some pink pants yesterday that I hadn't worn in a while. Now I just have to keep running so that I can stay in them!

Secondly, Allison and I officially enrolled in our tap dancing class yesterday. There's no official recital but that doesn't mean we won't be showing off our tap moves whenever we can or have an unofficial recital somewhere. I decided to try the beginner class (/Allison threatened to quit if I signed her up for the intermediate one) and I/we will move up to the next level class if the instructor thinks I/we should. We are going to go buy tap shoes soon and maybe some legwarmers or something else both official and goofy (just NO LEOTARDS). The mention of legwarmers led to discussing other 1980s things we could wear and I bet by the end of the eight weeks, we'll be dressing as 1980s as possible: scrunchies, bike shorts, slouch socks and all. How much fun. I can't wait until they post their class list for the fall. Should I take ballet? Belly dancing? Painting? Watercolor? Acting? All of the above?

Third, I am starting to make plans for the summer - including for my 25TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!! - and couldn't be happier.

Lastly, I will be flying solo for six weeks while roomie dearest interns in New York. That's the sad part but means the good part is that now I have an extra bed for guests, so book your visit today!

It's going to be a great summer!

Monday, May 12, 2008


What a weekend!

Saturday I finally got to attend the fabled Steeplechase. I have missed it the past two years because it always takes place on Mother's Day weekend. But this year, I decided to attend the event and then drive home straight afterward.

I don't know what time the actual races even started but our group headed toward there at nine. I have never seen so much seersucker and pastel in one place. As someone that lives and breathes all things seersucker, the day was off to a good start before I'd even parked my car.

We found our tailgate spot and settled in. After taking the whole scene in (aka people watching - my favorite sport), our fivesome took a stroll to find family and friends. We nibbled some goodies and took some pictures then ended up splitting up again. We observed/played games of cornhole, tried to out-do one another for the Quote of the Day contest and had a great time. I strolled around again to find some friends from work before it was time to come back to my spot, gather my things and drive home.

All in all, a super fun day. I did see a horse, several in fact, and even some jockeys (riders, not underwear). I think the funniest part of the day was when two different cars in two different parking spaces several feet away both started playing "Wagon Wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show. I think it was accidental so that made it even funnier. What a frat party.

Least favorite part of the day: all the cute girls smoking. I wanted to go up to them all and inform them that a super cute (and super expensive) dress doesn't look so hot when you start smoking in it. It totally ruins the appeal. Am I wrong?

So I drove on home, met Mom for dinner and then crashed in her bed embarrassingly early for a Saturday night (as in, before Weekend Update). But it had been a late night the evening before and I was drained from the sun (and at least I was asleep before she started doing this).

Sunday morning my mom and I went to see my grandmother and my second mother/Mom's best friend. We couldn't stay long though because someone still had a three hour drive back to Nashville. In fact, we spent more time in the car getting there than we did actually visiting. But time in the car was time well spent - I read some of my grandmother's diary from high school (I'll post about that another time; it's got entries when she met my granddad, deciding whether or not to date him, getting engaged [yes, in high school] and more). And when I wasn't reading that aloud to my Mom, we listened to my iPod and I educated her on all the reasons why she should like Kanye. Guess what? Now she does. I think that's a better Mother's Day gift than the perfume I got her.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


This is even funnier than I imagined it would be. But maybe you just have to know all four of us.

Jennifer Grace and I doing our mothers' faces (impersonationating them):
Our mothers:

We've got y'all pegged. Love you both.

Friday, May 09, 2008


1. I am going to Steeplechase tomorrow for the first time ever. For those not familiar with what Steeplechase is, think Kentucky Derby in Nashville. Apparently there is a good chance I won't lay eyes on a horse or a jockey, but will see lots of seersucker, pearls and hats.

2. Wes and I are tied again. 14 even. This means we will stay tied because we are both going to pick Syesha to go home next week, and if she does, the finals are going to determine the winner since he supports David Cook and I like David Archuleta! Crazy! Let's set our bet, Wessy...

3. I went running for the first time since the half marathon last night. Turns out, when I'm not trying to meet a goal and am just running for the heck of it, I have no motivation! I may have run a mile and a half. But it was still a good time!

4. I finally got to try a Wii yesterday (at work, mind you). It took a while to get used to, but after three or four games, I was better at Wii tennis than I am at real tennis... which isn't really saying a lot, I guess.

5. I was totally right about Bendy Mindy. She's the most popular person here. Every time I come into my office, she's in a different position, 90% of which are inappropriate.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


I'm happy to announce my next adventure: tap dancing.

Allison and I are taking eight weeks of tap classes through the Parks & Recreation department.

I took ballet when I was little, then the trio of ballet/tap/jazz for a few years, then took just tap until junior high. Allison took none of the above, but regardless, I'm pushing for us to enroll in the intermediate to advanced class. I feel that beginner class will get old really fast. I'd start doing what I started doing in my ballet classes in elementary school - making faces in the mirror, spinning in circles, writing things with my feet and other various symptoms of ADD.

Anyway, I think we are both rhythmically inclined enough to swing the intermediate to advanced class, and I can crash course her the weeks before if necessary. We've already practiced time steps during Bachelor commercial breaks. I'm sure her neighbors are loving the "shuFLE ball CHANGE, faLAP step STOMP!" and "HOPshuffleSTEP, faLAP ball CHANGE" coming from her condo (in between shouts of "Put your panties back on, Chelsea!" and "Quit crying, Manshana!" of course).

So get excited. I am. And if we have a recital, you all are invited!

Tap dancing star. But no more tutus, I promise.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


If you read this blog regularly, then you know my adoration for all things Justin Timberlake (Evidence A, B and C to start).

But I have some bad news. As awesome as the JT concert was...

Kanye was better.

The afternoon/evening got off to a great start when we saw Kanye. Yes, we saw him. We were on the highway headed back to Allison's in-laws' house to get ready for the show, so it was about 4 p.m. We had just gotten on the interstate when I look up from my BlackBerry and notice there is a sleek Lincoln towncar ahead of us, with tinted windows and a vehicle company sticker on the bumper. Or put more simply - a chauffered car. I point this out to Allison and encourage her to speed up. We lost the car for a while but got behind it again. Sure enough, the car got off at the same exit we did (Allison's in-laws live five minutes from the venue where the concert was being held). We followed the car until it got in the turn lane for the arena. Somehow I convinced Allison to get in the turn lane too. So we're directly behind this car at the red light, and I am so convinced it's him that I start bouncing up and down in my seat and waving. The silhouette of a hand appears near the rear window and waves back at us. As the car turned, I could see the silhouette of the passenger in the backseat was a male with a close crop haircut and sunglasses. IT WAS KANYE. I am convinced. Unfortunately, they did a U-turn at the light instead of turning into the arena (probably had to go a back way/wanted to lose the stalkers) and so we parted ways.

So in case I wasn't already excited, that did the trick. We got ready and headed to the arena where we parked the car and started to walk across the street to eat dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Not wanting to walk that long trek in my heels, I flag down a golf cart driver (Mike) who seemed more than happy to drive us to the edge of the road. My favorite part of that 3 or 4 minute ride was when Mike told us that this was "his kind of crowd" and that last week's Hank Jr crowd was out of control. Really? Kanye fans behave better than Hank fans? I never would have guessed. Especially coming from Mike, who looked/sounded like Hank's long-lost brother.

We eat dinner and make some friends in the process. I tried to buy a pair of shutter shades off a high schooler but he wasn't selling them (which ended up being fine with me, since I found a pair on the floor of the arena near the end of the concert [finders keepers!]).

Part of our shopping that morning included a trip to Urban Outfitters. Turns out I'm a little too preppy for most of what's for sale in that store, but when I found some candy grills (plastic grills with candy attached to the back) I picked out two of them for us to buy and wear to the concert - if we were feeling brave enough. Well after an hour and a half at the Mexican restaurant, we were definitely feeling brave enough. So before leaving the restaurant, we unwrapped our candy grills and popped them in. There were lots of people walking toward the arena at that point, so there was a nice audience for the debut of our grills. Luckily for us, we looked so ridiculous that no one was offended. Rather than start a fight, people just laughed at how ugly the grills were and how silly we looked.

Once inside, we got in line at the ATM where I continued making friends right and left. This is partially because the girl behind us (a Jordin Sparks lookalike) was yelling at the people who were taking too long at the ATM, and I was telling her what to yell. Additionally, I started asking every guy and girl I saw within 2 feet of each other "Are y'all together?" "Us? No." "You should get her number, she's cute!"

N.E.R.D. was already on stage when we got inside. We enjoyed the remainder of their set and then while the stage was changed for Rihanna, we began making friends. There were some people from Birmingham to our left and a young man in the row in front of us who had his name embroidered on his hat - Flo (real name: Dale [pictured below]). Marlin, Jen and Flo were the ones who told us the names of the famous people that were there. People would start screaming, and then we'd look to our neighbors to identify whom it was that people were screaming about. During the intermission before Kanye took the stage, security brought in Chris Brown, Bow Wow (who apparently dropped the Lil), Quincy Jones, some other producer, Mary J. Blige and Jermaine Dupri (though I was disappointed when I realized they were saying JD and not Jay-Z).

Rihanna's set was awesome. 30 minutes seemed too short for her since she had to squeeze a few of her songs into medleys. But of course she didn't disappoint with her best songs: "Hate That I Love You" and "Please Don't Stop the Music" and "Umbrella." She was great. Her dancers were a little distracting but overall, she's got her act together.

When the lights when down, Kanye's voice came over the PA and he explained how he'd been on a mission searching for inspiration so that he could bring creativity back to Earth. In short, the whole "theme" of the concert is that he crashed onto this planet because of a meteor shower with only one companion, his spaceship Jane. The concert opens with him waking up after the crash ("Good Morning").

Throughout the whole show, there was only one man on a very big stage (his band was below the stage lip). Any other artist would have seemed too small to fill up such a big empty space, but not Kanye. He commanded the stage before he even put the mic to his mouth and didn't let up for almost an hour and a half.

I was most impressed by how the momentum of the concert was never dropped. Every concert I've been to has a sit down moment, where even the artist needs to catch his/her breath. Not this guy. He went full out the entire time, pausing only after "Hey Mama," but even that built the momentum. He used silence and stillness (there was still music playing, "Don't Stop Believing" actually) to create energy! What a genius! He's that good and it shows how much thought was put into every step of the show.

There was no conversation with the audience - the things he said in between songs were scripted to develop the "plot" of getting him off the planet. During the show, he was reflecting on his past journeys, involving women ("Golddigger") and good times ("Good Life", "Can't Tell Me Nothing"), and if he could just get off the planet, he'd straighten up ("quit spazzing out at award shows!"/"Jesus Walks"). After "Hey Mama," while he was sitting, the spaceship/computer that he'd been talking to throughout the show told him that only he could get himself home (they needed the power of the brightest star in the universe to save them, and that was him). At that point, the show had crescendoed and crescendoed which made his final songs, "Homecoming, "Stronger" and "Touch the Sky"even more amazing.

Love him or hate him, you can't deny that the man is one of the most talented people in the music industry right now. His ego is part of his character. Watching him move on the stage, how he'd use his body and arms to crouch or stand up tall to emphasize his words, was like watching an artist paint a masterpiece, and at the time I didn't even realize it. But looking back, letting the show sink in, I am just awestruck with what he did. Some musicians sing/rap with their mouth. I think Kanye sings/raps with his entire being. The stage was his canvas - literally, it was lights, smoke, screens, and Kanye - and he painted a work of art I'll never forget.

We bid goodbye to our friends and left the arena decked out in our grills and me in my shutter shades. They make me feel anonymous. I think I'll continue wearing them this summer.

I really don't think I am overblowing this concert. I was dancing and taking pictures and enjoying myself the whole the time (and calling other people so they could enjoy it too... oops), but it wasn't until the way home yesterday that it started to sink in how phenomenal it was. And he PLANNED it that way, as illustrated by the last thing he said as he ran off the stage - "Don't act like I nevah toldya!" The magnitude/brilliance of what you saw doesn't hit you until later. Maybe it's because I am a musical person. I just appreciate what he did, the energy he brought to the stage, the obvious visible passion with which he performs. It was absolutely magic and I am dying to go back. Who's with me?

Good morning, Mr. WestThinking about Donda after "Hey Mama"Dancing to the end of "Flashing Lights"

chorus of "Jesus Walks"

Monday, May 05, 2008


I don't even know where to start on a blog about Atlanta. Most awesome weekend of the year? Most overdue trip ever?

I'm going to save the concert for its own post, but there was more to the trip than just the concert, so there's lots to tell!

First up, Trader Joe's. I'm sure it's a lovely store, but I only saw one aisle and didn't even get a good glimpse at it. The Famous Two Buck Chuck took up a whole endcap - no where near the wine section - and after some quick math, I decided a case would be worth it. I don't remember the break down of how much I got of each bottle but it was a lot of Chardonnay and Shiraz. I have some Chardonnay already in the fridge getting cold for tomorrow so I can watch American Idol the way Paula Abdul likes to. Ha.

On Saturday I tried tapas for the first time at a place called Noche. It was pretty yummy and I like the concept of being able to order two or three mini meals at once. We were befriended at the bar by a guy named Steve who would not go away, even offering some of his food to us.

Sunday was my first trip to Ikea, or as I now call it, Six Flags Over Bed Bath & Beyond. I could not get over that store. I wanted to live in all the rooms or at least buy a tiny apartment (How to live in 287 sq. feet!) and then outfit it with every canvas, wicker and plastic item Ikea had decided I would need. Since I am unable to do either of those, I just decided to get a few souvenirs. I found a fluffy white blanket that goes perfectly on my bed/cloud, two magazine files, and this, which we named Bendy Mindy before we had even left the parking lot. The best part is that I have NO idea why I purchased Bendy Mindy other than I thought she will be a good knick-knack for my office. I'll let you know if I was right or not. I also wanted to buy this lovely chandelier to hang above my bed/cloud, but we could not find it in the lighting section, which was best anyway considering that I do not want to install lighting in a place I am only renting.

We also went to Lenox Mall and did some shopping there. A little more shopping today on the way home and that's pretty much my trip to Atlanta minus one outstanding, amazing, worth every penny concert. Which I will tell you about tomorrow but I will leave you with this sneak preview:

Kanye is the one not in the shutter shades, believe it or not.

Friday, May 02, 2008


1. Dress obsession du jour - this little number from Target. I got it in green and will probably pick one up in at least one more color before the end of the summer. Or the day.

2. Wes finally usurped me and took the lead in the Idol challenge. He has 13 points; I have 12.5.

3. They are opening an Urban Outfitters a block from my office... bye bye lunch breaks!

4. I've had the same computer at work for two years and only YESTERDAY finally learned where to adjust the contrast so my screen wasn't so dark. It's like a whole new computer! Except it's actually not, so I'm still fussing until I get a flat screen monitor. I have bad eyesight, okay? It's a health issue. I'll get a doctor's note if I have to. I also finally rebelled and downloaded Firefox because I couldn't stand Suckfari any longer and do you know what happened? My quality of life improved at least 25% on the spot.

5. Off to Atlanta til Monday! Try not to be jealous!

P.S. - For the two people that are looking forward to it, I promise the final half-marathon post after the weekend. I've started it, I just have a lot to say about it, so I am trying to finesse each word until it's perfect.


Last night was the most random night I have had in a long time. And on a week night to boot!

It all started when I got an e-mail here at work, inviting me to a fine art show that was being held at a private school. Normally this is the kind of e-mail I would delete, but then I thought - free refreshments, interesting art, why not? I am trying to become more spontaneous and do more interesting things. An art show sounded like a good start.

I had a haircut appointment at 6:45, so knowing I wouldn't be buying any of the fine art or, more importantly, have the attention span to stay there very long, I was trying to go before my haircut, just to walk around the place for 30 minutes or so. MB was going with me but she wanted to go later. While I am e-mailing her, some of my coworkers talked me into going to have a refreshment with them right after work. So I now had plans before and after the haircut.

I leave work, meet up with my coworkers for a while, go get my haircut and go get MB. We head to the art show which was lovely and a much bigger deal than we realized. When we left around 8:30 we realized the night was still pretty young. We go pick up a third partner in crime, MB's cousin JR (just his initials, not his nickname [what is this, Dallas?]), and head to a restaurant to enjoy a beverage on the patio.

I don't remember how we got on the topic, but I decided we all needed to go to a karaoke bar that night. The famous Lonnie's in Printer's Alley has a (new?) location on West End, pretty close to where we were, and guessing it would not be crowded at all, we left and headed that way.

Let me interject at this point that I have been a little sick this week: when the temperature goes from hot to cold overnight, it messes up my sinuses, so I have been fighting a head cold and sore throat all week. A smoky karaoke bar was probably not the best idea, but whatever. At least it wasn't the one downtown that is hard to get to and the size of my bathroom.

The place was almost empty. We got into the song rotation immediately. I started off with "Something to Talk About" then signed JR up for "Ring of Fire." A few songs later I did "Something More." And I'm not sure the order for the rest of the songs, but we spent the next three hours singing and dancing to "Before He Cheats," "Life Is A Highway," "Suds in the Bucket," "Come On Eileen" (hardest karaoke song ever) and "Jackson." Note: when I say dancing, I do mean dancing but I also mean hopping. I started two-stepping like a cheerleader to every song. Just bouncing and flailing about. Some friends of MB and JR's showed up and so they joined us in our singing and dancing (and kickline to "Come on Eileen").

At 11:30, I was really ready to go but two kind members of our armed forces - who were heading to training today, by the way - were at the bar and kept buying us drinks. Finally, an hour later, we started to leave.

On the way out, the little old bouncer (Joe) told us goodnight. Rather than say goodnight back, which I should have done, I decided to ask him how you get a job there as a singer.


He told me I needed to sing for Lonnie. I asked if Lonnie was there. Joe said said he was sitting at the bar. I kind of paused. MB and JR nudge me back toward the bar. Joe grabs my arm and says "Come on, I'll introduce you."

Joe takes me to Lonnie, who is reviewing a schedule of some sort, and says "This is Lindsay. She wants a job here. She wants to sing."
Lonnie looks at me. "Can you sing?"
"Been singing all night!" I sass.
"Sing something, then."
"What do you want me to sing?"
"Something fast."

I rack my brain. I have not listened to - or sung - this song anytime recently so I am not sure what made me decide to write down "This Kiss" by Faith Hill, but I did, and handed the paper to the girl behind the bar, and walk back to MB and JR. While I was talking to them, I guess Lonnie worked his magic, because the next song was me.

I was awful. I know my voice, I know which notes I can hit and I can't, and for Pete's sake I'd already been singing for three hours. My voice was nearly shot. It was bad.

But when I finished the song, Lonnie motioned for me to come over. He handed me a pen and said "Write your name and number down and I'll call you tomorrow. You got a day job?"
"Yes sir."
"Five days a week?"
"Yes sir."
"What time do you get off?"
"Hmm. You gonna bring all your friends?"
"I brought 'em tonight, didn't I?"

He laughed and said we would talk soon. I walked back to my friends and we finally left.

SO. What do I do, y'all? What if he calls? I think I'll try it for just one night; how random would that be?! The singers only work for tips so it's not like I'd be making lots of extra money. And if I have to look like a hooker then no thanks. But you know what - apparently I already do since the singer told me last night from the stage to cross my legs. Really? Obviously, she did not get a tip.


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