Monday, May 05, 2008


I don't even know where to start on a blog about Atlanta. Most awesome weekend of the year? Most overdue trip ever?

I'm going to save the concert for its own post, but there was more to the trip than just the concert, so there's lots to tell!

First up, Trader Joe's. I'm sure it's a lovely store, but I only saw one aisle and didn't even get a good glimpse at it. The Famous Two Buck Chuck took up a whole endcap - no where near the wine section - and after some quick math, I decided a case would be worth it. I don't remember the break down of how much I got of each bottle but it was a lot of Chardonnay and Shiraz. I have some Chardonnay already in the fridge getting cold for tomorrow so I can watch American Idol the way Paula Abdul likes to. Ha.

On Saturday I tried tapas for the first time at a place called Noche. It was pretty yummy and I like the concept of being able to order two or three mini meals at once. We were befriended at the bar by a guy named Steve who would not go away, even offering some of his food to us.

Sunday was my first trip to Ikea, or as I now call it, Six Flags Over Bed Bath & Beyond. I could not get over that store. I wanted to live in all the rooms or at least buy a tiny apartment (How to live in 287 sq. feet!) and then outfit it with every canvas, wicker and plastic item Ikea had decided I would need. Since I am unable to do either of those, I just decided to get a few souvenirs. I found a fluffy white blanket that goes perfectly on my bed/cloud, two magazine files, and this, which we named Bendy Mindy before we had even left the parking lot. The best part is that I have NO idea why I purchased Bendy Mindy other than I thought she will be a good knick-knack for my office. I'll let you know if I was right or not. I also wanted to buy this lovely chandelier to hang above my bed/cloud, but we could not find it in the lighting section, which was best anyway considering that I do not want to install lighting in a place I am only renting.

We also went to Lenox Mall and did some shopping there. A little more shopping today on the way home and that's pretty much my trip to Atlanta minus one outstanding, amazing, worth every penny concert. Which I will tell you about tomorrow but I will leave you with this sneak preview:

Kanye is the one not in the shutter shades, believe it or not.

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  1. You should change your identity everytime you go into one of the mini rooms in IKEA.

    PS. One of my friends enlightened me that the IKEA is Swedish(I think). It's pronounce "EE-KAY-AH" AND NOT "EYE-KEY-AH." Who knew?


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