Sunday, February 17, 2008


Yesterday I was shopping with my mom in Anthropologie. That store is fun to look around in, but I've only bought one thing from them ever: my favorite summer dress.

Last year when I was in L.A., Eric and I were browsing the Grove and I came across this perfect little sundress. It was an unusual color combination, suitable for work with a jacket, had pockets and was not horribly overpriced (rare for that store). I bought it and then wore it everywhere I went all summer long (or so it seemed). I love that dress.

So yesterday, Mom and I are in Anthropologie and we're strolling around. I wander over to the colorful nighties and am browsing the rack (as if I need a nighty). I was pleased then horrified to find this on the rack with the nightgowns.

So, I was wearing a NIGHTGOWN all summer long?!?!? No wonder it's so comfortable. Did any of you know this and not tell me?!?! The description on Anthropologie says it's "beach- or bedside." What if I didn't go to the beach last summer? Could we say that it's "bar- or bedside?"

I'm so confused/embarrassed. Now that I know the truth, is it still appropriate to wear this out? And if so, can I buy it in the pretty brown and pink?


  1. that is too funny! I've seen several people wear that dress out, so at least you're not the only one who was dupped

  2. I always thought it was "duped", but whatever. You went lingerie shopping with Eric? Pretty serious relationship, huh?

  3. Definitely bar or bedside. Be sure to wear it to the beach this season though to make sure you're "in the clear."

    Love the new page BTW.

  4. Yes, Wes. As serious as two people can be that a) aren't dating b) live two time zones apart.
    So, y'all didn't know this was a nightgown and just didn't tell me? That would be the worst. "Here comes Lindsay in her lingerie again. Siiiiiiiigh."
    I really do want it in the pink and brown now. Each word in the sentence "wore it everywhere I went all summer long" takes you to a picture of me wearing that dress, all on separate occasions. So obviously, I'd get my money's worth for it.
    What's so funny is that I remember thinking, "what an inexpensive dress to be so cute!" I guess the more accurate statement is "holy crap, that's an expensive nightgown."

  5. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i think i was on the phone when you bought it. you wore that lingerie like it was your job.

  6. :) Thank you for sharing this great memory.


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