Friday, May 02, 2008


Last night was the most random night I have had in a long time. And on a week night to boot!

It all started when I got an e-mail here at work, inviting me to a fine art show that was being held at a private school. Normally this is the kind of e-mail I would delete, but then I thought - free refreshments, interesting art, why not? I am trying to become more spontaneous and do more interesting things. An art show sounded like a good start.

I had a haircut appointment at 6:45, so knowing I wouldn't be buying any of the fine art or, more importantly, have the attention span to stay there very long, I was trying to go before my haircut, just to walk around the place for 30 minutes or so. MB was going with me but she wanted to go later. While I am e-mailing her, some of my coworkers talked me into going to have a refreshment with them right after work. So I now had plans before and after the haircut.

I leave work, meet up with my coworkers for a while, go get my haircut and go get MB. We head to the art show which was lovely and a much bigger deal than we realized. When we left around 8:30 we realized the night was still pretty young. We go pick up a third partner in crime, MB's cousin JR (just his initials, not his nickname [what is this, Dallas?]), and head to a restaurant to enjoy a beverage on the patio.

I don't remember how we got on the topic, but I decided we all needed to go to a karaoke bar that night. The famous Lonnie's in Printer's Alley has a (new?) location on West End, pretty close to where we were, and guessing it would not be crowded at all, we left and headed that way.

Let me interject at this point that I have been a little sick this week: when the temperature goes from hot to cold overnight, it messes up my sinuses, so I have been fighting a head cold and sore throat all week. A smoky karaoke bar was probably not the best idea, but whatever. At least it wasn't the one downtown that is hard to get to and the size of my bathroom.

The place was almost empty. We got into the song rotation immediately. I started off with "Something to Talk About" then signed JR up for "Ring of Fire." A few songs later I did "Something More." And I'm not sure the order for the rest of the songs, but we spent the next three hours singing and dancing to "Before He Cheats," "Life Is A Highway," "Suds in the Bucket," "Come On Eileen" (hardest karaoke song ever) and "Jackson." Note: when I say dancing, I do mean dancing but I also mean hopping. I started two-stepping like a cheerleader to every song. Just bouncing and flailing about. Some friends of MB and JR's showed up and so they joined us in our singing and dancing (and kickline to "Come on Eileen").

At 11:30, I was really ready to go but two kind members of our armed forces - who were heading to training today, by the way - were at the bar and kept buying us drinks. Finally, an hour later, we started to leave.

On the way out, the little old bouncer (Joe) told us goodnight. Rather than say goodnight back, which I should have done, I decided to ask him how you get a job there as a singer.


He told me I needed to sing for Lonnie. I asked if Lonnie was there. Joe said said he was sitting at the bar. I kind of paused. MB and JR nudge me back toward the bar. Joe grabs my arm and says "Come on, I'll introduce you."

Joe takes me to Lonnie, who is reviewing a schedule of some sort, and says "This is Lindsay. She wants a job here. She wants to sing."
Lonnie looks at me. "Can you sing?"
"Been singing all night!" I sass.
"Sing something, then."
"What do you want me to sing?"
"Something fast."

I rack my brain. I have not listened to - or sung - this song anytime recently so I am not sure what made me decide to write down "This Kiss" by Faith Hill, but I did, and handed the paper to the girl behind the bar, and walk back to MB and JR. While I was talking to them, I guess Lonnie worked his magic, because the next song was me.

I was awful. I know my voice, I know which notes I can hit and I can't, and for Pete's sake I'd already been singing for three hours. My voice was nearly shot. It was bad.

But when I finished the song, Lonnie motioned for me to come over. He handed me a pen and said "Write your name and number down and I'll call you tomorrow. You got a day job?"
"Yes sir."
"Five days a week?"
"Yes sir."
"What time do you get off?"
"Hmm. You gonna bring all your friends?"
"I brought 'em tonight, didn't I?"

He laughed and said we would talk soon. I walked back to my friends and we finally left.

SO. What do I do, y'all? What if he calls? I think I'll try it for just one night; how random would that be?! The singers only work for tips so it's not like I'd be making lots of extra money. And if I have to look like a hooker then no thanks. But you know what - apparently I already do since the singer told me last night from the stage to cross my legs. Really? Obviously, she did not get a tip.



  1. The one thing I've learned from my time in Charlotte is that the more random the opportunity, the better it is. I say go for it. If you don't like it, well at least you got to sing. And if you love it, you got to sing and make some extra money!

  2. well, you've been wanting to be more spontaneous! this is awesome -- go for it!

  3. First of all, I'm astonished that there's a new Lonnie's. That place is hilarious. And when I think of the singer, i almost gag. The fat blonde woman at the Lonnie's in Printer's alley aint got NOTHIN on LJ! Go for the Gold! Coyote here you come!

  4. this is why i didn't hear from my sweet lj yesterday! i'll admit- i'm glad to know that it was because you were out job searching. way to go girl! matt and i will have to make the trip for your big debut!! :) will there be a prize for the farthest (furthest??- i teach special students are rubbing off on me) distance traveled?

  5. OMG! You're going to be a Lonnie's entertainer! Lounge bars across America, WATCH OUT!

    Did Lonnie call? I can't believe this! When's your first night? I want to come dance (no singing from me, lady).

  6. No word from Lonnie yet. Y'all know I'll post all about it when/if it ever happens.


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