Saturday, November 14, 2015


It’s funny – for years and years I documented the most mundane, trivial things on this blog (and some very not trivial, very unmundane things). I can read the older posts now and can usually even remember where I was when I wrote the post (including sitting in the bathtub). I documented more than six years of my life here.

And now, I’ve gone through one of the most exciting chapters of my life and haven’t really documented it all, other than in my best handwriting, carefully scripted on thick cotton pages bound in a really gorgeous wedding album that I ordered from Etsy.

Eleven months ago and some change back on a rainy, cold night in NYC, under a dark Rockefeller Tree (did anyone else know they unplug that thing at 11:30 pm?) Matthew asked me to marry him. I said of course. We pranced around New York for three more days, convinced we were the happiest couple in the city. We shared our news, celebrated Christmas, and once January rolled around, the wedding planning BEGAN.

Fast forward to July. Who could have ever guessed that a plain old hot summer day would go on to be the BEST day of my life? Every detail was perfect, perfect, perfect. Matthew and I hosted a fabulous celebration following a sweet ceremony and jetted off to Mexico. We are home, we are settled, we are husband and wife.

Friday, March 20, 2015


My very first boyfriend in high school was quirky. No more so than my FIANCÉ (we'll circle back on that next post), but still: not your average football-playing, truck-driving, hat-wearing high school boy. The ways in which I benefited* from this included but were not limited to 1. I learned some Latin 2. I was exposed to some fabulous music that had not yet made it's melodic way into my world**, including U2*** and Fleetwood Mac.

I paused my Dave Matthews Band CD long enough to run to the local Coconuts and snap up The Dance so that I could learn some of their songs. It was totally lost on me how significant that album was, by the way. It was also totally lost on me that my parents were probably laughing behind their newspapers at their baby girl's favorite new band. I had zero idea of what really made Fleetwood Mac so great, such as oh I don't know their break ups, emotional backstory and rich lyrics. I just wanted to listen to the same thing as my boyfriend.

Fast forward to February 13, 2013 when a certain handsome bearded man that I now call my FIANCÉ asked me if I could see any band that wasn't touring on tour, which would I pick? Fleetwood Mac, hands down. And now I get why they are such a great band.

Two nights ago, that pipe dream came true. Mac is back, this time with the five true band members. It was such a great concert!

Eventually I discovered the alternative radio station and went on to become a fan of Matchbox 20, Barenaked Ladies, Vertical Horizon, etc. Thank God for cheerleading or I might have become a little hipster!

*My next boyfriend was into the Wallflowers and their recent release "Bringing Down the Horse"; yet another CD I promptly purchased and still enjoy to this day.
**I credit my parents with my taste in music. My dad's CD case had everything from Gloria Estefan to Barry Manilow to Garth Brooks to Whitney Houston, all of which I grew to love.
**I saw U2 in concert in 2012 when their 360 Tour made a stop in Nashville. Seriously one of the best shows ever.

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