Monday, December 31, 2012


This day last year, I spent three hours in my car, driving back to Nashville from Birmingham. No radio, no singing, no iPod: just thinking.

I had so much I wanted to accomplish in 2012 and made a plan. I had three objectives: the first box to check was to get my job situation in a better place. I was fortunate enough to be promoted in February. Once that happened, I was able to move out of downtown and into the suburbs, checking box 2. I love my new home! I gave myself a little under a month to pack, move and unpack before I shifted my focus to check box 3 in May: losing weight and begin living a more healthy lifestyle. I will always be trying to check that box but I had to start somewhere.

All three of those goals were accomplished by June. On top of that, I became an aunt in February to the sweetest, most amazing little boy there ever was:

was treated to five nights in beautiful Punta Cana, Dominican Republic:

and in between those big memories, made hundreds of small ones with friends and family here in Nashville, back in Alabama, and a few places in between.

How do I top this year?!??! It has been one for the ages! Blessings were poured upon me like rain onto the ark. Yet way too often I fall into the trap of focusing on what one thing I don't have, instead of giving thanks for what I do have. And when I truly stop to think about it, my cup runneth over.

I'm not spending three hours in the car today, but I did do a lot of driving recently over Christmas, and I have picked three more boxes to check for the new year! These goals are not Specific, Measurable or Time-Bound, but they are Attainable and Relevant.

The first one is to use the gifts I have been given. I already started that this year, auditioning for my first musical. If it goes well (and so far it is), I want to continue down that path. If not, I will find another outlet.

The second one is to make life easier on myself. Clip and use the coupons that arrive with my Sunday paper instead of filing them away and never looking at them. Create and stick to budgets instead of just tracking cash flow. Use Sundays as a prep day to cook, cut up fruit and vegetables, do chores, etc. so that I am not rushing around in the morning before work or dreading coming home to a uninviting mess. Figure out how to efficiently run a household while I have the room for error/luxury of being the only one in it.

The third, and one I am most excited about, is making life easier on someone else. I made sure to include a commitment to volunteering as one of my goals for 2013 because 2012 was all about me, me, me. I have RSVPed to attend a Nashville Literacy Council training session in January in hopes that I can become a tutor to an illiterate adult.

And in between all of that, I will continue to try to embrace the life I have been given, enjoy the people that are in it, and not complain too hard about turning 30.

Here's to another fantastic year!

Friday, December 28, 2012


I feel like Christmas flew by this year. For me, a huge part of the holiday is all the music I listen to. I have 269 Christmas songs on my iPod. This year, I didn't even make it through the playlist. All I would let myself listen to, at least until last Saturday, was the 9 to 5 soundtrack. So I felt like it crept up, was here, and then disappeared just as quickly as it arrived.

Regardless, I was ready for it and got all my shopping done, stockings and all, done in plenty of time. I took off of work the Friday before to wrap, pack, clean, wrap, pack and clean some more. Saturday morning, I headed to Huntsville to spend the night with my sister and her family. We ran some errands, checked out the Galaxy of Lights, watched Home Alone and I even got to help put together a Santa gift for the littlest one. It was a great way to start the holiday!

From there, I drove on Sunday to Birmingham, where I hopped in the car with Jay and hitched a ride to Montgomery, where my mom came to collect me. I rode back to Greenville with her and visited my grandmom and faithful friends who are dear to us and tucked in for the night down there. The next day, after a big breakfast, Mom and I rode back to Birmingham, just in time for my sister + family to arrive. We got all polished up and met my aunt and uncle at the Christmas Eve candlelight service, which is always a special time. Last year, I held my cousin's baby for most of the service, thinking about the little lamb my sister was carrying that would be with us this year. It was a sweet time together.

We all went back to my mom's for dinner, then took the annual Christmas pajama picture:

and then those of us that didn't have an early bed time opened gifts. The littlest elf waited until Christmas morning to open his. Want to know what Bitty got? A corn popper, this cute long-legged lion that gives hugs when Aunt Nin can't, a Christmas book, a train puzzle, this cute little Alabama-shaped wooden teether from Etsy and a super-fun xylophone! We all took a turn on it after feeling inspired by this video. Mom got some workout gear and new binoculars, sister got a DVD and some kitchen gear and brother-in-law got a bottle of JW Black.

What did Aunt Nin get? Moola to buy herself an iPhone! Very exciting! I also received the Anthro candle I wanted, some perfume, some gloves that I can use with my future touch-screen device, some makeup, a handmade picture frame (more to come on that) and some cute bracelets.

I also received enough gift cards to treat myself to a new television. This has been an interesting cirucmstance. I am just one person. I cannot watch more than one TV at the same time and while it would be nice to have one in my bedroom, it's not a pressing need. Moreover, I've had the same TV for 9 years and while it's "small" by my family's today's definition, it gets the job done for one person. HOWEVER. My family has kindly let me know that that TV is too small and have "suggested" I get a new one especially if I want them to visit during football season again. One gift card led to another and next week, a brand-new 39" television will be moving into my living room. I know. Huge TV. HDM-oh-my! It's gonna look like this:

All kidding aside, I am excited about this and all my other gifts and can't wait to enter the world of high-def electronics. Also, I am pretty certain buying a huge TV means there's no reason left for me to be single anymore, so stay tuned for news on THAT.

After a fun-filled Christmas Day where we stayed in pajamas, by the fire, taking catnaps and sneaking a snack here and there, I left Wednesday morning to head back to Tennessee for more practice. I was off work so I had time to unpack and get situated when I got home.

Though you read my count of what gifts received, I really am blessed beyond any measure. Christmas just reminded me of that very fact. Hope your holiday was splendid as well.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I read this list on Perez Hilton's website and it inspired to me write my own Things I Will Miss/Won't Miss If the Mayans Were Right and the World Ends on Friday. I'm excluding people that I know I will see on the flip side. And I am hoping that Jesus will be doing the water to wine trick upon my arrival at the pearly gates, so I'm also excluding vino.

Won't Miss:
1. The "You're My Present This Year" commercial
2. Gangnam Style
3. Taking out the trash
4. Working out
5. Shaving my legs...ugh
6. Traffic
7. Jessica Simpson bump watch
8. Politics
9. Being cold!
10. Having to eat what I pack for lunch even though I hate it

Will Miss:
1. My Frye boots
2. Cheese
3. Text messages
4. my Christmas tree
5. What Should We Call Me
6. Modern Family
7. Justin and Selena's on-again-off-again romance
8. Mascara
9. Football
10. Fireplaces

Sunday, December 16, 2012


What a whirlwind week. I have been floored and overwhelmed and very grateful at how excited everyone is for my new little adventure. My kind coworkers surprised me and got a cake to celebrate. If you look closely, you can see some happy tears in my eyes. I was also pretty stressed out that day so there might be some emotional release tears in there as well:

Those kind cake-bearing folks are among those buying tickets already. It feels like Junior Miss all over again, with so many friends and family e-mailing and texting about making plans to come up. Let me just say, Nashville is a super fun city. Anyone considering coming up should plan a January/February getaway to come see Music City. You can get great deals on hotels at that time of year and the musical can be but one stop on your merry tour.

Speaking of the show, we had rehearsal on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights as well as Saturday morning. We focused only on music the first two nights, and on Wednesday we did our first read-thru of the script with the principals. IT'S SO FUNNY. Of course my favorite scene by far is the one where we are all high as kites on some primo Maui-Wowie. My character Violet is so uptight and rigid that it's nice to do something totally different there for a few minutes. "Judy" and "Doralee" and I couldn't stop laughing at each other. That's gonna be a fun one for sure. On Saturday morning, the whole company was there and we worked on the opening number and the first act's closer. That's two songs in three hours... intense! Yours truly is having to learn this the hard way: by ear. I definitely have my work cut out for me.

After rehearsal on Saturday, we took more publicity photos in some different costumes. Later that evening, Evan and I got dinner and went to see the theater's current production of A Christmas Carol. It was a good show and it was really exciting to think that in just a month, we will be up there, too!

But there's so much to before that, like CHRISTMAS! I used Thursday evening to get my Christmas shopping done. I am all about some Christmas traditions and picking out tiny toys for a tiny boy is definitely, hands-down my new favorite. I put such thought into his gifts, selecting something for every sense: something to touch, something to taste (bite?), something to look at, something to hear. I also got something for thinking/development and something just for fun and giggles. Don't worry, he's not the only one I shopped for. I finished my shopping over the course of the weekend and all that's left to do now is wrap!

Hope you each had a good weekend!

Friday, December 14, 2012


I had another post all ready to go, but I saw this on Facebook and thought it was the most beautiful thing I'd heard all day.

“If God had perceived that our greatest need was economic, he would have sent an economist. If he had perceived that our greatest need was entertainment, he would have sent us a comedian or an artist. If God had perceived that our greatest need was political stability, he would have sent us a politician. If he had perceived that our greatest need was health, he would have sent us a doctor. But he perceived that our greatest need involved our sin, our alienation from him, our profound rebellion, our death; and he sent us a Savior.”
― D.A. Carson

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


We took some publicity photos last night before tackling the score one time through. Behold:

Monday, December 10, 2012


What a weekend! I want to tell you about my Saturday, AKA first time ever to a callback. What an experience.

On Wednesday afternoon, I had literally JUST hit send on an email to my mom and sister saying I guess I wasn't invited to callbacks (they were originally supposed to be that evening) when I got a text on my phone inviting me to show up Saturday at 10 am. JOY! I immediately RSVPed my spot and alerted the masses.

I had no idea what to wear, what to bring, etc. I may as well have worn a name tag that said Hi My Name is NEW. The directors of the show knew it was my first attempt at community theater but I was trying my hardest not to broadcast it to everyone else.

I arrived and waited in the hallway with my competition the other thespians until the directors show up to usher us in. Unlike the first round of auditions, where we were performing by ourselves, for callbacks we were all in the room together.

Right out of the gate, they had eight or so of us women sing for Judy. If you haven't seen the musical, watch this clip of "Get Out and Stay Out" (beginning at the 3:00 mark). This is what we had to sing both on Monday night and again at 10:00 am on Saturday morning. A little note about Stephanie J. Block, the actress who is singing in that YouTube: she was Elphaba before Idina Menzel was Elphaba, while Wicked was still workshopping. Then, Block originated the role on the national tour and eventually took a turn on Broadway. To say that she can sing is an understatement. And we had to prove that we can do it too.

So we took our turns singing the bridge and final chorus of that song and as was the case on Monday, I felt good about my turn. It wasn't a new song to me by any stretch, but I still was incredibly nervous. The other girls/ladies were really talented and everyone was watching!

We then watched the ladies who were auditioning to be Roz, the suckup assistant. They read with a stand-in Mr. Hart then sang Roz's big song, "Heart to Hart." All of them did well!

After that, they divided us into groups of two; half of us to read/sing for Violet and the other half to read/sing for Doralee. I was in the group that was reading and singing for Violet.

First we had to perform Violet's big number about how she's gonna be a CEO and is now one of the boys. I was familiar enough with this song to hold my own. Then, we had to learn and perform the duet that Violet has at the end of the show with her officemate/love interest. This proved difficult for a few reasons: first, I was not as familiar with this song as others from the score and I can't read sheet music so it wasn't like I had that to fall back on. But even if I could, the "rehearsal track" we would be singing to was in a different key than the original cast recording/sheet music. We didn't realize this until we popped in the "rehearsal track" after listening to the original recording for a good ten minutes. And then, every time the female part came on, four other women were singing along with it. So it was challenging. Eventually, the director came in to check on us to find we were all kind of whiny about our slow progress. She said something I took to heart: find a harmony and hang on to it. If that won't work, find something that sounds good and sing it. So, once I stopped worrying about if I was singing the notes perfectly as they were on the page, or if I sounded like the CD version, or if I was even singing the right line of harmony altogether, I did better.

The Doralees came in and took their turns acting out the classic scene in Mr. Hart's office, where she finds out what he's been saying about her and threatens to turn him from a rooster to a hen with one shot. Then, the Violets were up to do our duets. I went last and as was suggested, found a harmony and hung on. I was excited that I pulled it off.

We were then given a scene to learn and sent out of the room while the Doralees each got a chance to sing. The scene we learned was at the end of the show when Violet tells Mr. Hart and the Chairman of the Board how they fixed the office, and how bad it was before, and how people like Violet will never get ahead of Mr. Hart. We came back in and took our turns performing the monologue. I was able to relate because Violet is saying that people like her have to balance the checkbook and run the errands and do it all. I often jokingly complain how I hate being head of my own household (ha) so I could empathize with that speech.

After everyone read, the entire room was sent into the hallway to wait. After a few minutes, they dismissed everyone but asked three of us to stay. We had to do a cold reading (no time to practice) for Judy, then sing her big number once more. The directors had said earlier in the day that they had to have 100% confidence that Judy can sing this big, huge song night after night, and so after we all went through the song one more time, they complimented all of us and said they were certain that any of us could do it, which as a rookie, meant a lot to me. They explained that at this point, it becomes about how everyone looks and sounds together, and that's what the cast would be built around.

All in all, I was there from 10 am to 1:30 in the afternoon. I had no idea it would take that long but I didn't mind at all. It was such a learning experience and after hearing everyone, I knew that whoever got the lead parts would be talented folks. I called my family on the way home and told them I had no clue when we would hear but I would let them know.

Less than five minutes after I got off the phone with my mom, my phone rang. It was my director, offering me the part of Violet. I was thrilled. I can't believe that in my first turn at this, they have faith in me to pull off such a big part. I am really nervous about memorizing so many lines but good news: I have a great partner to run scenes with. Evan has been cast in this production as well, as Doralee's husband Dwayne. No, we do not kiss. His long-awaited return to the stage and my debut, all in one?! Crazy to think about.I am so glad that he will be there every step of the way. What a FUN thing to share with my best friend!

Rehearsal start tonight! And yesterday, I got an email that we are taking press photos this evening and have a costume fitting or two as well. Zero to sixty, I tell you. The show opens one month from next Monday, so I know it will be fast and furious, especially with some time off for the holidays, but I cannot wait to get started.The directors are so funny and kind and did I mention my best friend will be right beside me?

E-mail me if you would like a link to ticket information! I would love for any of my friends to be there! If you ask nicely I will get you Evan's autograph!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Thursday, December 06, 2012


If you have followed this blog for any time at all, it should be no secret that I love Broadway. I might owe it to my parents, who took my sister and I to the BJCC to see each Broadway show as it came through town. Except Rent. We didn't use our tickets for that one. Something about it being too risqué?

So it's ironic then that I selected a song from Rent to sing on Monday night for MY FIRST THEATER AUDITION EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been waiting for the right timing, the right show, the right a lot of things to enter the world of community theater. I did a lot of performing in high school but I never did show choir or anything in undergrad because I wanted to focus on other things. When I got to Nashville, I would have loved to have done ANYTHING outside of work, frankly, but timing was an issue. I was always on the road: either to Birmingham for a wedding or to east Tennessee for work. Then I got my next job with my current employer, which didn't involve a lot of travel but a heck of a lot of time. I couldn't commit to hosting a baby shower, let alone to being in a musical.

But the time is right. And the show is exciting. I auditioned to be in 9 to 5 the Musical, which was on Broadway for a small amount of time but began a tour here in Nashville, which I got to see. It's based on the movie, obviously, so if you've seen it then you're all caught up!

My audition was Monday and it was really fun. Yesterday, I was invited to callbacks, which are taking place this weekend. I will keep you posted!

Bonus: guess who else is in the show with me? Yes, he has already been officially cast with his exact part TBD. Naturally. Is there anyone that does not meet him and immediately love him? I think not.

Look out, Broadway; here we come!

Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Sing this to the tune of "Thank Goodness" from Wicked.

Ev'ry day, more wicked!
Ev'ry day, the terror grows!
All of Auburn's ever on alert!
That's the way with wicked -
Spreading fear where e'er he goes
Seeking out new victims he can hurt!

Like some terrible red blizzard
Throughout the state he flies:
Defaming our poor Wizard
With his calumnies and lies!

Save us from the Wicked!
Shield us so we won't be hexed!
Give us warning:
Where will he strike next?

Where will he strike next?

Where will he strike next!?

Fellow AUBURN FANS- as terrifying as terror is, let us put
aside our panic for this one day: and celebrate!
Oh what a celebration
We'll have today
Thank Goodness! Let's have a celebration
The Malzahn way!
Thank Goodness!
Fin'lly a day that's
Totally Wicked-Witch free!
We couldn't be happier
Thank Goodness!

Yes -
We couldn't be happier,
Right, dear?
Couldn't be happier
Right here
Look what we've got
A fairy-tale plot
Our very own happy ending
Where we couldn't be happier -
True, dear?
Couldn't be happier
And we're happy to share
Our ending vicariously
With all of you
He couldn't look handsomer

I couldn't feel humbler
We couldn't be happier
Because happy is what happens
When all your dreams come true!

No, I couldn't be happier
Though it is, I admit
The tiniest bit
Unlike I anticipated
But I couldn't be happier
Simply couldn't be happier
Well - not "simply":
'Cause getting your dreams
It's strange, but it seems
A little - well - complicated
There's a kind of a sort of : cost
There's a couple of things get: lost

There are bridges you cross
You didn't know you crossed
Until you've crossed
And if that joy, that thrill
Doesn't thrill you like you think it will
Still -
With this perfect finale
The cheers and ballyhoo
Wouldn't be happier?
So I couldn't be happier
Because happy is what happens
When all your dreams come true
Well, isn't it?
Happy is what happens
When your dreams come true!

Sunday, December 02, 2012


I have been working on this Christmas list long and hard. My family has asked for ideas and here they are; some big, some small. I think I thought too long and too hard about this.

First up: an iPhone. I am still sorting through the logistics of this, since my current wireless provider does not carry iPhones, but I can tell you that I Am Done with a capital D with my Blackberry. To switch would mean paying a little more each month, but to buy an unlocked iPhone would mean paying a lot right now. My contract is up mid-January so I have little while to decide/see if T-Mobile has any exciting plans for the new year. Either way, it's coming.

I think this would look great in my condo. I didn't get the original but no use crying over spilled milk. This one is cute enough for me.

I've decided I need more candles in my life. I love the piney one I burn at Christmas. This gorgeous candle from Anthropologie would look great on my coffee table. Plus, it burns for 70 hours, so it could come in handy should Nashville have a blackout. And it smells great too!

I think I found a rug. It's not colorful like you might expect but I just can't commit to that much color for something like a rug. A nice jute one will frame my living room and establish a clean palate onto which I can throw color, color, color in the form of things that are much more easily returned if I don't like them. I have a sample of this rug in my living room right now and have gotten multiple opinions on it. I think I want to pull the trigger.

Speaking of my bedroom, it's time to spend some time and effort in there. My bed is on such stilts that it's been hard to find a nightstand that doesn't look puny next to it. I think I have settled on this. Is mirrored furniture a fad?

And while it seems frivilous for one person to have two televisions, I want to move my current 20" television into my bedroom and put a new, 32" or bigger one in my living room. So a new TV is also on the list. I'm expecting my man card to arrive in the mail anyday.

I LOVED laying in my pool this summer and reading magazine after magazine. I would love to receive Self or Lucky magazine. This is assuming my sister receives her annual gift of a People subscription from her mother-in-law and I can catch up on back issues when I go home.

And lastly, a little hometown love. "Keys to Music City is the brainchild of renowned singer-songwriter Ben Folds, one of many musicians who lost instruments and other equipment after a devastating flood swept through Nashville in 2010. Folds decided to turn a negative into a positive by salvaging and autographing keys from his flood-ravaged piano to initiate a campaign benefiting the Nashville Symphony. Those piano keys sold out in record time, and now Folds has enlisted some of his friends to help out with this innovative fund-raising idea." For a limited time, they are selling autographed piano key for a donation of $88. All funds raised will go to the Nashville Symphony’s Annual Campaign, which supports the orchestra’s artistic and educational programs. Working for a nonprofit myself, I can get on board with that. PLUS, guess which powerhouse vocalist has signed keys this year? I'll give you a few hints: I saw her in concert this year, you might know her from Wicked and she's only slightly bigger than the piano key itself.

All things considered, I already got the greatest gift ever on Valentine's Day. And, in honor of the amazing year I have had, I went bought myself a little something fun. So even if all I get in my stocking is coal, I would still be a very happy camper. I am pretty blessed.

Saturday, December 01, 2012


I am not a fan of people talking about how busy they are. We're all busy in one way or another, you know? But LORDY things are busy right now.

Thanksgiving was lovely. I was just home the weekend before, so it wasn't like I hadn't seen everyone in such a long time. We were all spread out until Thursday night, then we camped out in Birmingham until Sunday. By camped out I mean we shopped, napped, ate leftovers, did lots of playing on the floor, watched football by the fire... my kind of camping.

I helped host bunko on Wednesday. I wanted to have everyone at my house but there just aren't enough playing surfaces. Especially since now we sometimes play a new game called Left, Right, Center that requires us all seated around the same table. But I helped pull dinner together and enjoyed getting to see friends!

This time of the year is a lot of activity for the sorority I advise. I helped chaperone a party on Thursday, and then last night I had the advisors and a few of the girls over for a meeting. It was my first group to host (besides my family), so I was excited to use fun napkins and coasters and serving pieces.

So today, I am planted on my couch. I actually have a little bit of work to do so there's that. Next week looks just as busy. I have something big up my sleeve that I can't wait to tell you about. It starts on Monday. Then I am so excited to have been invited to see Kenny G's Christmas show with the Nashville Symphony on Thursday night. It will be fantastic!

Company comes this weekend and no, it's not Santa. But her eyes do twinkle and her dimples are merry, am I right?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012



Prescriptives is back! Spefically, False Eyelashes! My mascara! I had been using this mascara since high school and then one day it went away and I was so sad but now it's back!

IT'S A THANKSGIVING MIRACLE! God bless us, each and every one!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


My great grandmother, for whom I was named, used to make ceramics. I have dolls and other special keepsakes that she made for me. She taught the craft to my grandmother, who made an entire Nativity set for my family in 1983.

My sister inherited the Nativity that Nanny made for my grandmother, and over the weekend, I inherited the Nativity that my grandmother made for us.

I have so many memories of this Nativity. I mentioned before that growing up, we used to each get a piece at dinnertime and tell how it was a part of Jesus's birth. I love that she made it in 1983, the year I was born.

I unpacked it as soon as I got home today. I already have my tree up, why not a Nativity too? A few of the pieces have been cracked and glued back over the years, but it's still the most beautiful Nativity there ever was.

Before the pieces fully dried, MawMaw etched 1983 on the bottom of each one. She also wrote Love, Mawmaw or I love you all! or something close to it. She also picked four pieces and wrote each of our names on the bottom. I, naturally, was the angel:

My mom was Mary, my dad was the shepherd standing on the far left, and my sister was the kneeling wiseman:

I wish I could have been there when she told my grandmother that being a wiseman wasn't good enough for her. I can just hear Mawmaw trying to tell her how the wiseman brought gifts! And came from afar! And were really, really important! Oh, no. Not MY sister. She insisted my grandmother write her name on the bottom of something REALLY important, like the Christ child himself:

I guess MawMaw caved, and while she was at it, also wrote my sister's name on the bottom of the camel and the ox. I guess the ass would have been too easy!

I can't wait to tell my nephew stories like this one day... and to display this heirloom in my home year after year!

Friday, November 16, 2012


This week, I had a special visitor. Someone I love had SO much fun here a few weekends ago, that he begged and pleaded for his mommy to bring him back. He won and up they came.

Guess what Aunt Nin did? I took care to make sure my Christmas tree was up so that he could enjoy looking at it. Boom. I have never had my own tree up before, let alone put one up in early November. But I was tha-rilled to do it this year. Though I'm not sure it was the smartest of all my ideas to teach the baby that YES, he CAN touch the Christmas tree, but whatever. The image of that little finger reaching out in wonder was worth whatever damage he does to the next one he comes across. Sorry, dear sister!

Speaking of my dear sister, we had a great time running all over town. Having a sister is just the best. We did some shopping and some eating and she and the bebé came to meet my coworkers, who have heard so much about them both. We also went to a park near my house to take the little guy to swing. It'd been a while since my fanny was on a swing so I was surprised to find that they make swings so small these days. Does anyone else find that to be the case? Teehee.

And today I am headed back to Alabama to see them all. That kid. I know when I have my own child I will reconsider this statement, but I can't imagine loving something more. I am often reminded of a song I used to sing (some of you will recognize it, wink wink): "Got along without ya before I met ya, can't get along without you now."

Aunthood is just the best.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


I remember when my grandfather was campaigning for Sheriff of his county. I was pretty young, so a lot of it was way above my head.

Back then, election returns were broadcast on the radio. When I was really small and didn't understand how it worked, I would cheer each time I heard his name on the radio. I thought it meant he won.

Fast forward a few years later to 1994, the year he lost his seat. I was nine. I'll never forget listening to the returns that night. Once the race was called, his opponent's supporters that were at the courthouse broke out into "Whoomp! (There It Is)."


Queen Beyoncé moved down a few notches when I woke up this morning and found she'd updated her blog to include this:

Take that? Was it that kind of contest? Was this whole thing about getting your candidate to win, or about getting the other one to lose?


When did social media become the courthouse, with "Whoomp! (There It Is)" echoing over the airwaves after each election? When did this level of braggadocio become the norm? Are we celebrating our own success, or reveling in someone else's failure? When did it become okay for a grown mother of two to comment not on a man's character, but make fun of how big his ears are? Isn't that the same bullying we're trying to teach our kids NOT to do? When did any of it become okay? When did our country turn into this? And how do we get it back?

Tuesday, November 06, 2012


Upcoming holidays got you stressed?
Election Day got you manic?

Take a visit to the Snuggery, a pay-per-cuddle shop in Manhattan. I can't decide if I am disgusted or jealous. Disgusted that cuddling has been reduced to this; jealous that I didn't think of it first.

My favorite part of the website is the Policies and FAQ section, Highlights include: "For our comfort and well being, please shower close to appointment time. Mouth should be cleansed and perfumes/colognes should not be worn."

And this part, which was mentioned in almost every article I read about this place yesterday (CNN, HuffPo, etc.):
Q. What if I become sexually aroused during my session? A. Don't worry, it happens! Although sexual activity is not permitted, arousal is perfectly normal and should not make anyone feel uncomfortable.

I bet that happens during the Double Cuddle, which "allows clients to cuddle with two Cuddlers concurrently."

What do you think? Fantastic idea OR what has the world come to?

Friday, November 02, 2012


We came, we saw, we sparkled:

Well, one of us sparkled. After that shirt, there just weren't any rhinestones left in the Southeast for me. Winter white is always fashionable, though, amiright?

PS - Of all the performances, winners, speeches and jokes, this was hands-down the best moment of the night for me.

Monday, October 29, 2012


On Saturday, I slept in and woke up still pretty phlegmy. I settled in to watch Gameday and some football and decided that when my computer battery died, I would get up and shower to go run my errands. My errands were not that pressing, so I contemplated putting them off until Sunday, but decided some fresh air might make me feel better, so off to the mall I went.

I was wandering around Macy's when I heard someone come on the store PA. I wasn't paying attention but the word "karaoke contest" caught my ears quickly enough that I heard the rest of the sentence "and win CMA Awards tickets!"

I was looking for an employee to make sure I heard what I heard, when an employee came up to me to ask where I got the shirt in my hand. Ha. I pointed it out to her and then nonchalantly added, "Did I just hear there's a karaoke contest?"

She said there was a contest going on downstairs on the first floor but it ended at 4. I looked at my watch. It was 3:30. I decided to try on the shirt (didn't work) then go see what the fuss was about.

I got downstairs and texted Jay, my karaoke partner in crime, to see what song I should sing. Now keep in mind, I'm still sick. Normally, karaoke does not scare me, but yesterday I knew I was taking a real gamble on whether or not my voice would participate in this tomfoolery. I decided to roll the dice to the tune of "Midnight Train to Georgia."

I was the last singer to enter. Singing at a karaoke bar is one thing but singing in the middle of your local Macy's is quite another. It was awkward but I suffered through. Afterward, to pass the time until 4 pm, two other contestants who had already entered decided to sing again, which had apparently happened a few times during the two hour contest, since there were not that many contestants.

Finally it was time to announce the winner. What can I say? Motown never lets me down. It worked in 2004 and it worked again Saturday.

My family had very different reactions to my news. My sister asked if anyone else had entered. My mom went berserk, but that was probably more due to me asking her to come up and go with me! I offered to let her bring a friend to go with, since I had the pleasure of attending last year, but she insisted that I come with her.

So make sure you tune in. Vince Gill is scheduled to perform and if you think my mom can practice self-control, you're wrong. Who knows what she'll do!

Friday, October 26, 2012


On Thursday night, my supper club met again for our fourth gathering but the FIRST gathering at which all six beautiful members were present. Cheers to that!

But it almost didn't happen. Yours truly has been under the weather with a sinus infection this week. I took off of work on Thursday to rest, rest, rest. I couldn't decide if I wanted to get showered, fight traffic and go (traffic would not have been an issue if I had been at work) or just skip it altogether. I decided that I would not shower, but I would fight traffic and go, and so all six of us were, in fact, there.

We chose SILO, a new "farm to fork" establishment in Germantown, which is a little area near downtown. They serve "elevated southern cuisine" in a really cool atmosphere and they've only been open since August, so this was a pick we were all excited about.

Parking is a little crazy if you don't have cash to tip the complementary valet attendants. You forget about that once you get inside, though.

Happy hour ends at 6, and all of us were late due to traffic, so none of us got to take advantage of that. We did all get a drink though, even me on my cough medicine. We ended up with one beer, four wines and one specialty cocktail from the list.

As far as food goes, I am impressed that we usually all order a variety of things and share/taste/nibble and last night was no exception. Here's what we chose off the menu, which our server says does change quite a bit:

First course:
-Kale salad, house bacon, sweetened pecans, dried cranberries, apples, mustard vin - this was yummy!
-Sweet potato bisque, sorghum marinated apples
-Deviled eggs: 3 deviled farm eggs, 3 ways (Note: two of us got these and while they both sweetly offered to share, there wasn't much to share! But aren't they CUTE?)

-Burger, smoked pimento cheese, pickles & onions, proper fries
-Hot chicken, Sunbeam bread, slaw
-Chicken confit, potato, apple, onion hash, parsnip puree
-Gulf shrimp, tasso “dirty” grits, tomato & okra stew (two orders)
-Crispy pork belly, cauliflower, mushroom, pumpkin ragout

Our server said the shrimp and grits and the pork belly are the two most popular dishes. I think the sides must change more than the entrees themselves because I copied and pasted those right off the website and it sounds about exactly the same as what I saw in print last night. There are also five or six side dishes, which are served family style, so it was recommended that we get a few to split. We ended up ordering one bowl of mac and cheese which we all got to nibble on and it was pretty delicious!

The prices for the first courses ranged from $5 to $9 while dinner was $13 to $24. They had a lovely dessert menu but we didn't get any dessert this time! We were all too full!

Everyone liked her food. We agreed that this might be our second best spot so far, topped only by Mama Myint's crazy house salad. That's gonna be hard to beat but we'll keep trying!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


To say that hosting my family this past weekend was fulfilling would be an understatement. It was bliss. For me, at least. Never before have I had my whole family around my table eating food that I prepared... I was so happy. It was perfect. It was also nice to have the love and support of my family when this news broke on Friday. Seriously? A pink wedding dress? Was this a wedding, or an episode of MTV's My Sweet Sixteen?! YOU CAN DO BETTER, JUSTIN!

Erm... anyway. Everyone rolled in Friday and due to a little someone's early bedtime, I had gotten takeout from a local barbecue house so that we could eat at home, catch up and make our plans for Saturday. We got up early to go get breakfast at The Perch, a little coffeeshop near my home that I had not been to. Can I jus say that Bitty does so good at restaurants? He's such a cherub. We came back home to get ready for the game, then four of us headed to Vandy while two of us stayed home.

The game... sigh. It was a pretty day! I saw some friends! Then we headed back to my house and that's all I'd like to say about that.

I picked Local Taco for dinner since it is about the only other restaurant that we hadn't already eaten at so far that's near me, not a chain, AND because Bitty could make some noise if he felt the spirit lead him. Everyone loved my pick and we had a great dinner.

The next morning, I woke up and made a big pot of coffee, a plateful of delicious crispy bacon, a mound of piping hot biscuits (from a can, let's be real) and a bowlful of fluffy scrambled eggs. Even my own jaw dropped when I saw it all on the table. My friend and neighbor Jamie had loaned me a highchair as well as jumparoo, so the littlest one entertained himself while the adults had a yummy breakfast before it was time to head home.

I left my house at the same the they did because I had to go into work. I know, work on a Sunday? That's so 2011. Trust me, it was for a very good reason.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Remember how I told you my boss got married recently? I wanted to show you what I made for her wedding present.

I saw this on Pinterest a while back and knew it was something I would actually get around to doing one day (unlike all the other things I pin that I just hope will magically appear in my life/closet/stove/home).

I ended up not using my boss's wedding invitation for this but rather her wedding program. I bought the ornament at Michael's as well as the charms and ribbon. I would think finding ornaments January through August might be tricky so if you like this idea, stock up now. I chose the lavendar ribbon since lavender was her main wedding color. The two charms I chose are a seashell for their honeymoon and a little pendant that says LAUGH because that's all they ever do.

Ta-da! Pretty cute, right? Think of all the occasions you can make into ornaments!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Just when I had given up hope, there IS a bowl game I can look forward to after all:

Sunday, October 14, 2012


I got shellac-ed this week. No, I am not talking about the Ole Miss game. Have you ever had a shellac manicure? I am wondering what I have gotten myself into because I am kind of addicted.

Speaking of addicted, I'm finishing up season 4 of Mad Men... JUST IN TIME for season 5 to come out on Tuesday! Whaddyaknow. Now to remember it all until 2013 when the new season begins.

A tiny houseguest and his mom and dad are coming to stay with me this weekend. I am so excited! I have a lot to do to get ready to play hostess, but I cut my errands short today because it was supposed to storm tonight. I hate running around in the rain. Of course it's been quiet all night long; not the first raindrop.

I got my first pumpkin! I have bought mini pumpkins before but not a real, carvable pumpkin. I love it. I can't wait to get my first Christmas tree!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


You know that phrase when the going gets tough, the tough get going?

My new phrase is when the going gets tough, email someone at Auburn. This is not the first, nor the second, but the third time I have done it.

Sunday night I visited and got Coach Chizik's email address. Here is the message that I sent:

Coach Chizik,
Please tell the players that though losing is never fun, WE BELIEVE IN THEM. At least I do. I believe in Auburn, I believe in your program, and I believe in each of those young men who do what it takes to earn the right to play football at Auburn. We are a family and family sticks together.
I was there Saturday. I was cheering. I will keep cheering. Hang in there and tell the team that the AU Family is behind them.
War Eagle,
Lindsay, '05

Fast forward to today. I worked late tonight and apparently, so did Gene. I was tickled by the response I received, even though it's clearly a blanket email:

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for taking the time to write and show your support. Auburn has the best fans in the country, and your email is even further confirmation of that. The coaches, players and I couldn’t be more appreciative of the members of the Auburn family who give us their unwavering support week after week, win or lose. Auburn has always been great, and continues to be – thanks in large part to diehard fans such as yourself who bleed orange and blue. We are working hard this week, and are looking forward to Saturday’s game. Thanks again.

God Bless and War Eagle!

Y'all know I love Coach Chizik. Have since day one. He runs a good program. And writes a lovely note. Hang in there, Gene. It gets better.

Sunday, October 07, 2012


Auburn may be the Loveliest Village on the Plains but that was the most unlovely game I have seen in a while. Yes, I was there. When single tickets went on sale way back in June, my family and I decided we would be "All In" for the Arkansas game. SEC games are always good so I was excited. I drove down Friday and met my sister, brother-in-law and Bitty at my mom's house, then my sister and I left bright and early on Saturday to head to the game. Luckily for me, my love for Auburn is a lot bigger than football. Lots and lots bigger. Also big? Cam's statue:

We got home in time to grab dinner with the boys, who had stayed at home while the girls were in Auburn, and rest off the sunburn that no one was prepared to get. Not to mention that it went from 85 and sunny to 65 and rainy while we were away, so we were all a little worse for the wear.

I curled up with my laptop and watched Jay Z live at Barclays. Similar to his last concert live stream on You Tube, but instead of closing SXSW, he was opening the new Barclays Arena in Brooklyn, AKA the new home to the Brooklyn Nets, the NBA Team of which he is a part owner. Who better to christen the new arena than Hova... AND BEYONCE! She came out for a mini set to give her hubby a break, then joined him for the "Young Forever" finale. CAN I PLEASE BE THEM?! I am obsessed. Look how cute. COME ON.

There were more snuggles and giggles and playing on the floor today before we all headed our separate ways. All things considered, it was a fine weekend.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012


On Saturday night, I traveled back in time and attended the best party in the history of college parties: Mallard Ball.

Now let me just clarify: As an advisor, I was there as a chaperone. Which meant I was in a t-shirt and jeans, not camo. For the first time in my adult life, I wanted to stick out. In that in the event anyone got a tap-tap-tap on the shoulder, I wanted them to know immediately that I was someone who meant business.

Let me also clarify what a Mallard Ball is. Each semester, sororities have a handful of socials and one semi-formal or formal. At my alma mater, socials were with other organizations and/or dates and were usually in town. Therefore semi-formals/formals were special because they were usually out of town but were always just your sorority plus dates. Then there's Mallard Ball, which is the exception: it's like formal because it's just your house, but that's not even the best part (sorry, sisters). EVERYONE IS IN CAMO!

Now it's not like yours truly had trunk after trunk of camo to dig through when Mallard Ball rolled around. Remember when I said once that my favorite Halloween costume EVER was when I wore scrubs and tennis shoes, borrowed my best friend's mother's stethoscope and called myself a nurse? I am ALL about being comfortable, especially while trying to dance. Obviously we would get all dolled up if not in costume for socials and formals but we were in JEANS at Mallard Ball. Cozy, comfy camo. Nice, warm, sensible overalls with pockets to hold your stuff. No strapless, no stilettos, no boas or wigs or crazy shambley* getups. It was, quite truly, the best of both worlds.

AND as if that isn't amazing enough, have you ever heard of Trotline? Best country cover band ever, and that's coming from someone who lives in Nashville. I had never heard "You Never Even Call Me By My Name" before my first Mallard Ball, and by my senior year I knew it by heart.

My freshman year was my chapter's first Mallard Ball ever. Our social chair got the idea from UGA but I am not positive that's where it started. It was always the week before the Georgia game which meant once school started, we had weeks and weeks to look forward to it.

The house where I am an advisor wore lots of camo and there were even a few bright yellow and orange ducks (even though mallards are green and grey). They too have their Mallard Ball at an outdoor venue: we had the Auburn covered arena, but they had smores. Toss up!

A shout out to all my lovely sisters and handful of lucky gents who put on their best green and beige, hung a left at 280 and got a little dusty underneath the Auburn moon. It was the best of times.

*Sources my collegiates tell me that shambles/shambley is the new sketch/sketchy. Get on board.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hard to believe this was a year ago today. With one balloon pop, he went from being this little precious perfect wonder-baby to a real truck-loving, ball-throwing, cars-playing, I-can't-wait-to-run-around-the-yard-and-get-muddy-with-you, little boy. So far, we've done none of those things, but we will get there eventually.

Fact: I guessed girl because I knew everyone else in the room was guessing boy. What if no one had guessed girl at all and then it was a girl and years later she watched it and thought we all wanted a boy? I would've felt terrible. A good aunt always covers her bases.

The funny part is, even though I have years of evidence to remind me, I just can't imagine what life was like without him.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Monday evening was the third gathering of the Supper Club I started back in July. Everyone knew that our last outing would be hard to top, but we tried our best.

Our choice was Pomodoro East, a "farm meets table" Italian restaurant just past Rosepepper (my favorite mexican restaurant) in East Nashville. There was a large patio that looked just perfect for us, but we were seated inside.

There is a $5 happy hour menu, which included some appetizers as well as spaghetti, a pizza of the day and a calzone. We split the eggplant parmesan sliders and crispy zucchini, both of which were yummy. The restaurant also serves some fresh focaccia bread with oil for dipping.

They had just rolled out their new fall menu so I was not able to get the peach salad I had heard such good things about. I ended up getting chicken paillard, which was basically grilled chicken topped with a little cheese and dressed arugula. I didn't know exactly what paillard was (now I do!) but I would order that again; it was simple but delicious. I also got a half-portion of the vegetable lasagna because it sounded so amazing: acorn and butternut squash with fontina cheese and sweet onions. Right? Everyone had a bite and agreed it was the best thing on the table.

My friends got the bucatini (pasta with duck and mushrooms), bistro tender (meat?) and a caesar salad and cappelini al pomodoro, which was a fresh, simple pasta dish that was apparently pretty spicy. Everyone liked her food, but we all agreed we were a little underwhelmed by the food for what the prices were.

For our next outing, we have our eyes on a restaurant that has only been open since mid-August, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Before the wedding on Sunday, I slid out of town for a quick weekend with my sister, brother-in-law and the little lovey lamb.

I got to feed him bananas and pears and that was super fun. His little grin absolutely slays me. It won't be too long before it dawns on him that flashing a big smile at his aunt can snag him whatever he wants from her...

I can't wait to see my whole family again in two weeks!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Four years ago, I started my current job. Since then, the stranger who hired me has become a dear friend.

She got married on Sunday at one of the sweetest, prettiest weddings I have ever been to. I was so honored to be there to celebrate with her and her new husband, who are so perfectly suited for each other.

I mean, who goes to see Nelly (and stays out until 2 am!?) with her boss + fiancé? Me. I did that. In January. We were about to have 2 months of just me and her doing what just days prior was a 4 person job, before we were down a staff member and another went on maternity leave. But we made it out alive, had our best first quarter in history and became that much better teammates and friends. No one in my department gets me as well as she does and after some trying times there, it's good to be "gotten" and know someone has your back. We have laughed. We have cried. We have gently and not so gently disagreed and crossed arms and I have pouted. But I am so grateful that even at my very worst, I feel safe in her employ... and in our friendship.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


In case you were under a rock yesterday*, the temperature in Nashville dipped to 49 last night.

So when I woke up this morning to find it both cool and sunny (it's been raining here for two days) I seized the opportunity to go for a run.

Yeah yeah yeah. Here she goes again, deciding she's picking up running. What's this, like the fifth time since that half-marathon that she's decided she's "taking up running" all over again? Heard it before, lady. Find a new hobby to make your hobby every other season.

Okay. That's very true, inner self. I have said this more than once. BUT. I don't live downtown anymore. I can open my front door and go running and not feel a) unsafe b) prepared to stop at every red light.

Nowadays, I live off one street off a busy, busy street. It's mostly flat with a couple of hills but it's completely sidewalked. So I run to that street and just keep going. Easy peasy lemon squeezey. Anyone want to join me (cough Corrie cough)?

*Or in case you live in Alabama, in which case I would not expect you to know the Tennessee weather patterns. Just the football scores.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I have waxed poetic before about some of my pet peeves. Misspelling my name or getting it wrong is #1. Bad grammar is number #2. I'm about to tell you #3 and #4 and then there's about 100 other things tied for #5.

Unreturned correspondence.

While this really is quite a special kind of terrible, I will tell you right out of the gate that I have one exception to this: a friendly message or phone call (where you leave a voicemail) where you were just calling to say hi. That's a no pressure situation. Anything else (like me asking a question) without a reply is fair game to me thinking you are just discourteous.

It's 2012. There are six different ways you can get in touch with me SOLELY through my cell phone, which I have on me at all times. Maybe other people don't have their phone with them 24/7 but when firsthand evidence proves otherwise, it's hard for me to extend that benefit of the doubt.

My point: if someone texts, emails, FB messages, tweets or calls you and asks you a question, you have to respond. Fairly quickly. Even if you don't know the answer. You acknowledge the correspondence.

And don't get me started on no correspondence altogether, aka not sending a thank you note, aka peeve number #4. That's a real quick way to move real far down my list. You all are welcome to lord this over me when I get married, but that whole "you have a year" thing is for the birds. Trust me, people will be talking about you after about two months go by and you haven't acknowledged the gift. And by people, I may mean myself, but I know I am not alone in thinking this is just a terrible way to behave. How long is too long these days? Three months is my answer.

Sorry to go all John Mayer and tell you how I really feel about things. What are your biggest pet peeves?

Monday, September 17, 2012


I remember the first thing I ever got from J. Crew. It was a pair of clogs when I was in seventh grade. I got them for Christmas. Now these exact shoes are all over eBay, ironically. Look at these. What were we thinking?

My how the times change.

Anyhoo. We got a J. Crew outlet here in May and while I definitely don't buy everything I wear from there, it sure is tempting.

I had a coupon, extra time and some babysitting money and went to the outlet on Sunday. Do I sound like that 13-year-old in clogs again? I took my babysitting money and went shopping at J. Crew! OMG!

Here's two of the things I brought home: a cute dress and an orange and blue top. I swear that store has more orange and blue clothes than Anders. I really had to practice self-control.

Tres chic, I think. I will definitely be wearing them with boots and not clogs.

What's your favorite outlet store?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Ever since I bought my Macbook last spring, there has been one task I have been putting off for a few reasons:

1. It involves returning to Best Buy.
2. It means I am without my computer for a few days.
3. It involves returning to Best Buy.

Long-time readers may remember the war I waged on Best Buy or "Best Lie" and their merry band of badged misfits known as the Geek Squad. In preparing to tell you this tale/deal with them all over again, I went back and reread some of the posts I wrote about that saga and I forgot how entertaining it was (or wasn't, depending on who you ask). Several wrong numbers, multiple fits pitched over the phone to the Geeks, gift cards sent in the mail to compensate, etc.

At some point along the way I paid for a data backup of my PC. Everything was to be saved onto a disc. A few months after receiving it, I realized that disc was incomplete, meaning said disc, the PC and I would all have to go back to the store. The sting was still too fresh. I couldn't do it. I saved my receipts and paperwork because I just knew that one rainy day, I would summon the courage to go back in there and pick up this song and dance right where we left off.

That day was last Saturday. I highly recommend doing a chore or errand you have been dreading before you go on a week-long vacation, it really starts your trip off on a good note. The longer you've been dreading it, the better. Armed with my receipt, paperwork, PC and now Macbook, I head into Best Buy and ask to speak with a manager first thing.

I laid all my cards out for him. I told I had zero expectations that my request would be done correctly the first time, and the only reason I was returning to his store was because I paid for a service I did not fully receive. I gave him a brief outline of the horrible experience I had in 2008, capping it off with the flawed data backup which brought it full circle. I told him his mission was to get everything off the PC and onto the Mac. Oh, and he was going to do it 100% free of charge, of course.

He didn't miss a beat. Great guy. I was out the door in ten minutes and off to Atlanta. We were about to head into the Dome when I got the call that the service was complete. Really? That soon? Interesting, but doubtful.

A week goes by and I finally return to Nashville. Unfortunately for Best Buy, I was already in a sour mood when I went to pick up the computer on Saturday morning because Comcast had majorly dropped the ball on adding ESPN to my cable package so I could watch the Auburn game that day. I needed the computer if I had any hope of watching the game at my house, so I was relieved to go get it but skeptical that I would actually be able to leave with it. I turn it on while I am in the store and check to see if the job was done correctly, which it WAS NOT. ANGER RAGE FURY! The agent that caught the brunt of my frustration vowed to work on it himself and call me when it was done.

Fast forward through the rest of Saturday... big loss, car trouble, etc. Autozone was just finishing up the installation of my new battery when Best Buy called to tell me the computer was ready. Lo and behold they finally got it right. They even gave me the hard drive from the old computer and offered to recycle the rest.

It's been so weird going back through pictures from college and the first few years after. We have all come a long way.

I also found this picture of me tap dancing at my friend Allison's house in July 2008 and it sums things up. This is how I feel now that I don't have to deal with Best Buy anymore!

Sunday, September 09, 2012


Well. I bet you're all wondering what rock I crawled under. Not rock... Umbrella.

The infrequency of posts during August should have told you things were crazy. They always are this time of year. I needed a break.

Which is why when the offer came earlier in the summer to spend six days beaching it up in the Dominican Republic, I took it. I knew I would be in need of a vacation and it couldn't have arrived at a better time.

So I drove to ATL and caught our first game in person in the Georgia Dome:

and the next morning, took a direct flight here:

...and barely moved from that beach for the next five days. I read four books, a couple of magazines, fell asleep in the shade and unplugged from the world, quite literally. It was fan-freaking-tastic. To quote Cam Newton, "I am a blessed individual."

But all good things must come to an end. In the 24 hours since I have been home, I have talked to/fought with with Comcast three times*, been to Best Buy twice about my computer**, had my car jumped off twice (once in the International Park & Ride garage, imagine that fun), bought a new car battery and most devastating of all: watched my mighty Tigers fall yet again. When it rains, it pours.

Except in Punta Cana. It doesn't rain at all. Just sunshine and cerveza.

*Who would have ever thought attempting to give them more money each month would be so difficult?
**Computer is fine. Story forthcoming.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


"A man driving along I-40 West Tuesday had an exotic animal stuck inside his car.

The driver saw a snake pop his head out of his AC vent and almost smile at him, so he decided to pull over to the side of the road and call for assistance.

Animal control located the snake inside his dashboard, but couldn't remove it.

The officer on the scene said he's seen this before, but not while working as a state trooper.

"Six years on the highway patrol, this is the first one. But as a sheriff's deputy, I dealt with this quite a bit, but yes this is the first snake call in a vehicle I've answered as a trooper," said THP Trooper John Carr.

Since the snake couldn't be removed on the scene, the driver asked for his car to be towed away to a safer location where they could take the dashboard apart and remove the snake."

-7:19 AM, Aug 29, 2012,

CAN YOU IMAGINE?!?!?!?!! How this driver managed to pull safely to the side of the road is beyond me. I would have gone CRAZY.

Monday, August 27, 2012


This past weekend was the 2nd Annual Waldron/Thomas Lake Weekend Extravaganza, henceforth and forevermore to be known as the annual Lambda Sigma Lambda (Lewis Smith Lake) convention. Last year was so much fun that I knew I didn't want the summer to pass without making time for this special weekend once again. So back in May, Erin and I were emailing about something totally unrelated and I mentioned to her that we should go ahead and put the date on the books. I am so glad that we did, because everyone's summer filled up so quickly!

There was only one little rainstorm that came our way and other than that, we had good weather. We swam, we tubed, they skied, Adam kneeboarded. We ate and ate and ate and played games and laughed until our stomachs hurt. I left feeling so replenished and happy and blessed to have such special people as these three in my life.

Thanks again, Waldrons!

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