Sunday, September 30, 2012


Hard to believe this was a year ago today. With one balloon pop, he went from being this little precious perfect wonder-baby to a real truck-loving, ball-throwing, cars-playing, I-can't-wait-to-run-around-the-yard-and-get-muddy-with-you, little boy. So far, we've done none of those things, but we will get there eventually.

Fact: I guessed girl because I knew everyone else in the room was guessing boy. What if no one had guessed girl at all and then it was a girl and years later she watched it and thought we all wanted a boy? I would've felt terrible. A good aunt always covers her bases.

The funny part is, even though I have years of evidence to remind me, I just can't imagine what life was like without him.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Monday evening was the third gathering of the Supper Club I started back in July. Everyone knew that our last outing would be hard to top, but we tried our best.

Our choice was Pomodoro East, a "farm meets table" Italian restaurant just past Rosepepper (my favorite mexican restaurant) in East Nashville. There was a large patio that looked just perfect for us, but we were seated inside.

There is a $5 happy hour menu, which included some appetizers as well as spaghetti, a pizza of the day and a calzone. We split the eggplant parmesan sliders and crispy zucchini, both of which were yummy. The restaurant also serves some fresh focaccia bread with oil for dipping.

They had just rolled out their new fall menu so I was not able to get the peach salad I had heard such good things about. I ended up getting chicken paillard, which was basically grilled chicken topped with a little cheese and dressed arugula. I didn't know exactly what paillard was (now I do!) but I would order that again; it was simple but delicious. I also got a half-portion of the vegetable lasagna because it sounded so amazing: acorn and butternut squash with fontina cheese and sweet onions. Right? Everyone had a bite and agreed it was the best thing on the table.

My friends got the bucatini (pasta with duck and mushrooms), bistro tender (meat?) and a caesar salad and cappelini al pomodoro, which was a fresh, simple pasta dish that was apparently pretty spicy. Everyone liked her food, but we all agreed we were a little underwhelmed by the food for what the prices were.

For our next outing, we have our eyes on a restaurant that has only been open since mid-August, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Before the wedding on Sunday, I slid out of town for a quick weekend with my sister, brother-in-law and the little lovey lamb.

I got to feed him bananas and pears and that was super fun. His little grin absolutely slays me. It won't be too long before it dawns on him that flashing a big smile at his aunt can snag him whatever he wants from her...

I can't wait to see my whole family again in two weeks!

Monday, September 24, 2012


Four years ago, I started my current job. Since then, the stranger who hired me has become a dear friend.

She got married on Sunday at one of the sweetest, prettiest weddings I have ever been to. I was so honored to be there to celebrate with her and her new husband, who are so perfectly suited for each other.

I mean, who goes to see Nelly (and stays out until 2 am!?) with her boss + fiancé? Me. I did that. In January. We were about to have 2 months of just me and her doing what just days prior was a 4 person job, before we were down a staff member and another went on maternity leave. But we made it out alive, had our best first quarter in history and became that much better teammates and friends. No one in my department gets me as well as she does and after some trying times there, it's good to be "gotten" and know someone has your back. We have laughed. We have cried. We have gently and not so gently disagreed and crossed arms and I have pouted. But I am so grateful that even at my very worst, I feel safe in her employ... and in our friendship.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


In case you were under a rock yesterday*, the temperature in Nashville dipped to 49 last night.

So when I woke up this morning to find it both cool and sunny (it's been raining here for two days) I seized the opportunity to go for a run.

Yeah yeah yeah. Here she goes again, deciding she's picking up running. What's this, like the fifth time since that half-marathon that she's decided she's "taking up running" all over again? Heard it before, lady. Find a new hobby to make your hobby every other season.

Okay. That's very true, inner self. I have said this more than once. BUT. I don't live downtown anymore. I can open my front door and go running and not feel a) unsafe b) prepared to stop at every red light.

Nowadays, I live off one street off a busy, busy street. It's mostly flat with a couple of hills but it's completely sidewalked. So I run to that street and just keep going. Easy peasy lemon squeezey. Anyone want to join me (cough Corrie cough)?

*Or in case you live in Alabama, in which case I would not expect you to know the Tennessee weather patterns. Just the football scores.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I have waxed poetic before about some of my pet peeves. Misspelling my name or getting it wrong is #1. Bad grammar is number #2. I'm about to tell you #3 and #4 and then there's about 100 other things tied for #5.

Unreturned correspondence.

While this really is quite a special kind of terrible, I will tell you right out of the gate that I have one exception to this: a friendly message or phone call (where you leave a voicemail) where you were just calling to say hi. That's a no pressure situation. Anything else (like me asking a question) without a reply is fair game to me thinking you are just discourteous.

It's 2012. There are six different ways you can get in touch with me SOLELY through my cell phone, which I have on me at all times. Maybe other people don't have their phone with them 24/7 but when firsthand evidence proves otherwise, it's hard for me to extend that benefit of the doubt.

My point: if someone texts, emails, FB messages, tweets or calls you and asks you a question, you have to respond. Fairly quickly. Even if you don't know the answer. You acknowledge the correspondence.

And don't get me started on no correspondence altogether, aka not sending a thank you note, aka peeve number #4. That's a real quick way to move real far down my list. You all are welcome to lord this over me when I get married, but that whole "you have a year" thing is for the birds. Trust me, people will be talking about you after about two months go by and you haven't acknowledged the gift. And by people, I may mean myself, but I know I am not alone in thinking this is just a terrible way to behave. How long is too long these days? Three months is my answer.

Sorry to go all John Mayer and tell you how I really feel about things. What are your biggest pet peeves?

Monday, September 17, 2012


I remember the first thing I ever got from J. Crew. It was a pair of clogs when I was in seventh grade. I got them for Christmas. Now these exact shoes are all over eBay, ironically. Look at these. What were we thinking?

My how the times change.

Anyhoo. We got a J. Crew outlet here in May and while I definitely don't buy everything I wear from there, it sure is tempting.

I had a coupon, extra time and some babysitting money and went to the outlet on Sunday. Do I sound like that 13-year-old in clogs again? I took my babysitting money and went shopping at J. Crew! OMG!

Here's two of the things I brought home: a cute dress and an orange and blue top. I swear that store has more orange and blue clothes than Anders. I really had to practice self-control.

Tres chic, I think. I will definitely be wearing them with boots and not clogs.

What's your favorite outlet store?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Ever since I bought my Macbook last spring, there has been one task I have been putting off for a few reasons:

1. It involves returning to Best Buy.
2. It means I am without my computer for a few days.
3. It involves returning to Best Buy.

Long-time readers may remember the war I waged on Best Buy or "Best Lie" and their merry band of badged misfits known as the Geek Squad. In preparing to tell you this tale/deal with them all over again, I went back and reread some of the posts I wrote about that saga and I forgot how entertaining it was (or wasn't, depending on who you ask). Several wrong numbers, multiple fits pitched over the phone to the Geeks, gift cards sent in the mail to compensate, etc.

At some point along the way I paid for a data backup of my PC. Everything was to be saved onto a disc. A few months after receiving it, I realized that disc was incomplete, meaning said disc, the PC and I would all have to go back to the store. The sting was still too fresh. I couldn't do it. I saved my receipts and paperwork because I just knew that one rainy day, I would summon the courage to go back in there and pick up this song and dance right where we left off.

That day was last Saturday. I highly recommend doing a chore or errand you have been dreading before you go on a week-long vacation, it really starts your trip off on a good note. The longer you've been dreading it, the better. Armed with my receipt, paperwork, PC and now Macbook, I head into Best Buy and ask to speak with a manager first thing.

I laid all my cards out for him. I told I had zero expectations that my request would be done correctly the first time, and the only reason I was returning to his store was because I paid for a service I did not fully receive. I gave him a brief outline of the horrible experience I had in 2008, capping it off with the flawed data backup which brought it full circle. I told him his mission was to get everything off the PC and onto the Mac. Oh, and he was going to do it 100% free of charge, of course.

He didn't miss a beat. Great guy. I was out the door in ten minutes and off to Atlanta. We were about to head into the Dome when I got the call that the service was complete. Really? That soon? Interesting, but doubtful.

A week goes by and I finally return to Nashville. Unfortunately for Best Buy, I was already in a sour mood when I went to pick up the computer on Saturday morning because Comcast had majorly dropped the ball on adding ESPN to my cable package so I could watch the Auburn game that day. I needed the computer if I had any hope of watching the game at my house, so I was relieved to go get it but skeptical that I would actually be able to leave with it. I turn it on while I am in the store and check to see if the job was done correctly, which it WAS NOT. ANGER RAGE FURY! The agent that caught the brunt of my frustration vowed to work on it himself and call me when it was done.

Fast forward through the rest of Saturday... big loss, car trouble, etc. Autozone was just finishing up the installation of my new battery when Best Buy called to tell me the computer was ready. Lo and behold they finally got it right. They even gave me the hard drive from the old computer and offered to recycle the rest.

It's been so weird going back through pictures from college and the first few years after. We have all come a long way.

I also found this picture of me tap dancing at my friend Allison's house in July 2008 and it sums things up. This is how I feel now that I don't have to deal with Best Buy anymore!

Sunday, September 09, 2012


Well. I bet you're all wondering what rock I crawled under. Not rock... Umbrella.

The infrequency of posts during August should have told you things were crazy. They always are this time of year. I needed a break.

Which is why when the offer came earlier in the summer to spend six days beaching it up in the Dominican Republic, I took it. I knew I would be in need of a vacation and it couldn't have arrived at a better time.

So I drove to ATL and caught our first game in person in the Georgia Dome:

and the next morning, took a direct flight here:

...and barely moved from that beach for the next five days. I read four books, a couple of magazines, fell asleep in the shade and unplugged from the world, quite literally. It was fan-freaking-tastic. To quote Cam Newton, "I am a blessed individual."

But all good things must come to an end. In the 24 hours since I have been home, I have talked to/fought with with Comcast three times*, been to Best Buy twice about my computer**, had my car jumped off twice (once in the International Park & Ride garage, imagine that fun), bought a new car battery and most devastating of all: watched my mighty Tigers fall yet again. When it rains, it pours.

Except in Punta Cana. It doesn't rain at all. Just sunshine and cerveza.

*Who would have ever thought attempting to give them more money each month would be so difficult?
**Computer is fine. Story forthcoming.

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