Wednesday, May 14, 2008


So, I want a kitten.

Sooooooo bad!

A dog would be too much in our third floor apartment. It's too small and do I want to go up and down those stairs all the time to let him out? "I don't think so." I for sure want a dog later in life, but not right now. However, kittens are so self-sustaining. Our apartment is big enough for a kitten to entertain himself during the day, and at night, he could sleep in my bed, just like Claude used to. So all I need to get is a litterbox and I have the perfect place for it to go!

Now I just have to get my roommate on board. We have talked about having pets. I don't remember where we left it. I think somewhere near "we're not having any pets." But what if I surprised her? A welcome-
back-from-your-mission-trip kitten? An I-missed-you-so-much-I-went-
out-and-bought-this-kitten kitten? Think she'd mind?

Now that I am not traveling so much, I think a kitten and I would do just fine.


Please adopt me, Lindsay. Meow!

*PS - Click "I don't think so" if you didn't already. It's from my favorite movie of all time. I'm going to start seasoning the blog posts with movie quotes. That's how I roll so don't act like you're not impressed.


  1. If you ever move to LA, you will not be my roommate until that thing is gone.

  2. I'm so on board! With JB gone all summer you'll want some company. And cats are soooooo much easier than dogs. You can leave them at home for a weekend. You don't have to walk them outside in the rain in your robe at 7:15 (like I had to do this morning). And, Peeps needs a cousin.

  3. That thing???? You'll change your mind when I name it Eric. Eric the cat. Haha.

    Jen - thanks for the support. I've already got names picked out.

  4. Name #1: Waste of Space
    Name #2: Shit Box
    Name #3: Louie

  5. Name #4: Entree #27 with Fried Rice

  6. Now, now. Enough shit and fried rice jokes.

    The cat's name will either be Samson or Moses, depending on his coat color.

  7. If you're lucky, your cat will be as cool as mine. Evidence of his amazingness here:

  8. I used to not be a cat person but Peepers has changed me. They are so low maintenance if you want them to be. They are great company too. You can spend hours with a laser pointer and a cat. I kind of want another one now that you've got me looking at kitten pictures.


Oh goody!

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