Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Here's a recent development: I've started wearing my hair curly.

I know that might not sound like a big deal, but my hair has always walked the line in between straight and curly. That's why I started rolling it everyday in high school and until sophomore year of college, when I spent a summer in California working on a ranch and realized it was a LOT easier to straighten my hair everyday as opposed to rolling it. So I bought a ConAir and never looked back.

I've tried "scrunching it" (using gel products to bring out any natural curl or wave) before but it never worked. It wasn't quite curly or wavy, but wasn't completely straight either, plus my hair was always too long and heavy.

After I cut it in December, I began to notice before I blowdried it straight that it was curling a little more. Since my hair wasn't so long or heavy, it was trying to curl on its own. The little hair that could! So one morning, when I was running late for work, I decided to let it air dry and see what happened. It didn't look great, but it was a little wavy.

And now I have found some product that works and while I don't quite have the ringlets of Samantha Who?, it's just wavy enough to look cute and qualify for a hairstyle. Certain people seem to like it and so do I. And it's just so much easier to do on mornings like this one, when I wake up at 8:15. Oops.


  1. Let's see some pics Curly Sue

  2. I agree with Dan. I'm going to need a picture.

  3. fun!

    short hair is so handy like that. even my super-straight hair thinks about getting a bit curly when short. especially when it's humid.

    (I'm with Dan and Star)

  4. I want a picture, too!

    My hair was chopped on Tuesday. Kinda ala Carrie Bradshaw.


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