Friday, October 30, 2009


Bunko was this past Wednesday. The theme was witches. Not having a witch costume up my sleeve, and not having time to make/buy one before Wednesday (since we got the invite on Monday), I decided to be a SANDwich. Get it? I wore my tan dress and was a peanut butter sandwich. So awesome. In fact, I was even up for best costume of the night before it turned into a smear campaign – one of the girls started calling me toast. I wasn’t toast, I was a sandwich!! Blasphemy. So it was between me and Jessie (the girl standing next to me in the photos) for the best costume award. True to bunko form, we had a roll off and she won.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today is Sarah’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Sarah!
My first encounter with Sarah was in Montgomery in January of 2003. A little soldier came marching onto Alabama’s Junior Miss stage and dazzled the whole audience with her Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy backflips. It was love at first sight - I thought she was a doll, literally. So when I started hearing lots more about her later that August (cough rush cough), I was eager to get to know her.
Sarah is the kind of person whose reputation precedes her in a very good way and recruitment was no exception. Right from the start, she was a huge asset to our sorority. She tried out for Freshman Forum and I was so pleased that she was one of the ones chosen to participate in that group during the year I was its director. I enjoyed getting to know Sarah in that capacity and watching her rise among her peers as a classy and hard-working young lady.

A year later, I was fortunate enough to be nominated for Homecoming Queen. Every candidate has a campaign manager. Sarah was announced as mine before I really even got to ask her. I remember the look on her face when Anna said it. Kind of a “alright, why not?” face. But she took me on, along with all the other plates she had spinning that semester, and was gracious and patient every step of the way. Sarah and I got to know each other VERY well that fall - meetings at Speedy Printers, meetings with E-board, meetings with the rest of the campaign staff… if we weren’t in class, we were in a meeting. And it all worked out! She put in so much time and effort into the whole thing that I will be forever grateful. Sorry, Sarah; this is the only photo I can find of us from that week - the rest are in Alabama!

I was surprised when Sarah and Clay started dating, but eventually saw that they were a good fit. Iron sharpens iron and they sure do sharpen each other. It was a neat union to watch come together and I was so honored to be included in their wedding festivities and a part of their special day.
Sarah, you are one of the most clever, most admired, smartest, hardest working individuals I have ever met. You have been such a faithful friend, from the Homecoming campaign to all my questions about running and everything in between – I have relied on you so much throughout our friendship and you are always there without batting an eye.

You are such a rock for so, so many people. Life just comes naturally for you. School, activities, wifely duties – every stage life brings you seems to fit you like a glove. I can’t wait for the next stage (cough motherhood cough) but I guess I will have to.

Thanks for being such a good, kind, caring friend. I wish we saw each other more often but that's the way life goes. Fortunately for me, I know you'll always be there and I hope you expect the same from me! I love you dearly and hope your 25th year is your best year yet!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


YESTERDAY was Star’s birthday! Happy birthday, shining Star.

I first met Star in 2003. I knew who she was (her reputation of awesomeness completely preceded her) but didn’t meet her until 2003, when I was trying out for Camp War Eagle. We all remember how that turned out. Fast forward a year to 2004, when our paths crossed again for the same reason. This time, I made CWE and began a friendship with Star.

Star is a very intimidating person to get to know. Or at least she was – she claims be such a different person since leaving Auburn, but after spending a little time with her at the wedding, there is still plenty of original Star to go around Charlotte. On the surface, I thought we were very different. I remember doing a cheesy ADPi sign in front of her one time and without hesitation, she let me know she could go the rest of her life without seeing that ever again. She’s just very blunt, very honest and quite frankly, mysterious. Having waited so long to be a part of CWE, I was out to impress her and the rest of the staff and when it came to Star, I was convinced that I had my work cut out for me.

We were less than a month into training when my granddad passed away. All I wanted to do was get back to my normal routine to take my mind off of it all, but at the same time, going about my normal routine felt wrong, like I was moving on too soon and cheating the situation. Regardless, I was at our Thursday training and had barely taken my seat when Star walked over to me, crouched down by my chair and handed me a card. “We heard about your granddad – we’re all praying for you.” Layer peeled.

As training and preparation thickened, I just couldn’t make my mind up about Star. Did I like her? Did I not like her? Was blunt and honest all she had, or did I just not know her well enough? I couldn’t get a read on her and it was driving me crazy.

I remember standing in the dorm room when my sister, who had moved back in with my mom post-graduation, called my cell phone (mom wailing the background) to let me know the divorce papers had arrived in my mom’s mailbox that day. I was stunned. I was just numb… moving, but not really; talking, but not really. I went downstairs to find a staff member, and found Star. I told her what happened and she told me what to do: forget about my duties for the rest of the night and go process, feel, emote. She came by later in the night to check on me – I was still pretty out of it.

Star eventually left Auburn and moved to Charlotte. I was working in Nashville and we started chatting back and forth on g-chat. The occasional chat, like this one, has made us pretty close:

Star: i think i met someone
me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Star: but i don't know. i'll have more information tomorrow
me: that is so great
Star: i met him at dialysis of all places
me: whoa!
Star: i know!
me: tell me more! dont stop there
Star: ok well he started at my clinic about two months ago and i noticed him since he's under the age of 65
me: he works there or is getting dialysis there
Star: getting dialysis
me: okay
Star: so about a month ago he finally spoke to me and told me his name (travis) and we talked for like a minute. well the other day my nurse tells me that she thinks he has a crush on me
me: AHHHHHhahaha
Star: apparantly he and the guy he sits next to are always talking about how pretty i am and how he thinks i'm so nice and so smart
me: awwwwwwwww
Star: but i think he's too shy to say or do anything without knowing that i'm interested
me: aw. and hes cute?
Star: so sunday i made a point to talk to him and we had an interesting conversation. at one point he said "its too bad you didnt do anything for new years, if i had your number i would have invited you to come with me" and yes he is cute
me: awwwww!
Star: so anyway we're having this great conversation when his stupid friend shows up and starts talking to him and i never had a chance to give him my number. and i had to leave before he did. so hopefully we can talk tomorrow
me: hopefully

And now, almost two full years later, we are still chatting, she talked to him again, and they even went on to get married. Good things all the way around.

Star is one of the strongest people I know. She's gone through more disappointment and frustration than any one person should in her lifetime and knows there is still more to face. She's probably the best example I can think of to prove that there is truly a plan for all of our lives - she met Travis at dialysis, for crying out loud! If that's not a plan, I don't know what is.

Star, thanks for making me laugh and cry and think and try and laugh again. You are wise beyond your years, funny beyond your understanding and beautiful beyond your wildest imagination! Your life is a testimony and encouragement to so many, and my greatest hope for you is that you are able to realize just how many people you have touched. Everyone who knows you, knows they are lucky - and if they don't, I'm sure you will tell them! I hope your 30th year is the best one yet!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Friday: Attended a fund-raising party that was being hosted by an ad agency where a few friends of mine work. It was like a circus. Bands and artists and photobooths, oh my!

Saturday: Worked noon to midnight. My client left happy; therefore, so did I.

Sunday: Slept until noon. Ran errands with Chris. Made delicious steak fajitas and beans for dinner. Watched a Cake Boss marathon and the Yankees take the pennant.

Tomorrow: Going to see Little House on the Prairie with C.

Wednesday: Bunko! The theme is witches. I think I will go as a good witch. Or something really ridiculous like a "sand" witch.

Saturday: Trick or treating with C, Thing One and Thing Two the Tin Man, Dorothy, and the Cowardly Lion. And turning my clocks forward back... by far the thing I am least looking forward to of all of these activities because now it gets dark way too early!!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Today is Mole Day. Do you remember Mole Day from high school? If not, you probably did not go to my high school. Let me enlighten you:

"Mole Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated among chemists in North America on October 23, between 6:02 AM and 6:02 PM, making the date 6:02 10/23.. The time and date are derived from the Avogadro constant, which is approximately 6.02×1023, defining the number of particles (atoms or molecules) in a mole, one of the seven base SI units."

I'll leave it to Eric or Wes to dumb that down for me since I have forgotten what most of that really means in the decade since I have been a junior in high school, aka the year of Chemistry.

The woman who taught chemistry at my high school for years and years was notoriously difficult. In fact, some students transferred out of the school for their junior year and came back for senior year. Eventually the school caught on and stopped letting them come back. But it was just my luck that she announced her retirement the summer before my junior year. We had another teacher, bless her heart - she was as kind as the day is long but my class ate her alive.

Anyway, I am racking my brain trying to recall what I did for my Mole Day project... I think my teacher actually turned it into a bonus point situation and nothing was required of us (a major change from previous years) so I may have scribbled together a poster or something the night before.

I know several of you readers who graduated before 2001 celebrated Mole Day in high fashion - tell us what you did to honor Mole Day!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Things I am Digging Right Now

•Sugarland's new Christmas album
•manicures/OPI's Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs.
•Trader Joe's wine
•a fun party to go on Friday night
•my new orange cardigan sweatercoat from Old Navy
•Glee, Top Chef and Project Runway
•Creamy, cheesy tortilla soup that lasts all week
•the thought of total anonymity
•Jarlsburg and Boursin cheese with crackers

Monday, October 19, 2009


Woohoo, look who is back!

I think I have recovered from such a whirlwind week. The work event went very well - truly a great evening. I was here until 4:45 am and then slept in the next day. I came in for an hour to do some paperwork and then went home and back to bed. Next thing I knew, it was Thursday, which was....

Star's wedding day! After a very rainy drive over, the wedding was so sweet. I messed up my words on two of the three songs, but Star didn't notice and that was all that mattered to me! The reception that followed was fun - the food (which according to the bride "was the most important part" of the whole wedding) was very delicious and so were the homemade cupcakes. After the first dance and family dance and all of that, the dance floor opened up and Evan and I joined in on the Cupid Shuffle. Then I sat out the Electric Slide, because I was saving up my energy for what was coming a few songs later. Yes, that's right, guess who went and requested Single Ladies and then did the Single Ladies dance at the reception in front of everyone? THIS GIRL. I didn't know any of them, so what did I have to lose? Star's friendship? Not after driving that far. It was a good time.

We got in pretty late (I got to my house at 3:30 am) so I was pretty loopy at work on Friday. Luckily, I had no plans for the remainder of the weekend so I got to rest rest rest.

And now it's back to the grind. Hope you all had a good weekend!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Tired tired worked and worked and slept then drove and drove and drove and drove and drove wedding fantastic drove and drove then napped and work now haircut fire pumpkin carving sleepy sleepy sleepy sleepy

Monday, October 12, 2009


This may be the only post you get this week - time will tell.

All day tomorrow, and when I say all day I quite literally mean ALL DAY, I will be helping prep/staff/facilitate a big event here at work. Should be a pretty fun day/night. I haven't mentioned it yet because I stopped blogging about work or anything related to it once someone from work started (secretly but clearly not really) reading my blog. But I digress! This fabulous affair, which is slated to go long into the a.m. hours, will require all hands on deck. And after a partial day in the office on Wednesday, I will head east bright and early on Thursday morning with Evan for the day for Star's wedding. Back to work Friday morning and a haircut will round out the work week.

So if you need me, that's where I'll be!

Friday, October 09, 2009


Today's Friday Five is in honor of the Office - my favorite show on TV right now. Did you watch the Wedding episode last night? If you didn't, you might not want to read this because my Friday Five is my five favorite moments from the show:

1. Angela's non-dance down the aisle - so true to character. Just perfect.

2. Kevin bumbling around in his Kleenex shoes - of course that's all he could think of to put on his feet.

3. Andy's dancing! Do you even remember the show before the 'Nard-dog? I don't, because I didn't start watching it until he was already on it (of course now I have been equally exposed thanks to DVDs and reruns, so I am able to make an informed decision that I LOVE ANDY).

4. Jim and Pam, pre-ceremony. The tie, the veil, the sweetness. It could only be topped by...

5. Everything that happened on the Maiden of the Mist, from handing in the tickets to getting married to watching the mist afterward. Honestly, I have to keep reminding myself that this is fake and scripted television show. Otherwise, I would explode with envy of Pam.

And finally, one last item in honor of a personal "five", five years ago today, this happened. Best day of my life so far and yes, I feel really old. War Eagle!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Y'all - the STRANGEST thing just happened to me! I hope someone else is as weirded out by this as I am - it was just so strange.

So Kate and I were meeting Evan for lunch at a mexican restaurant in East Nashville. I've been there before so I was showing Kate the rear parking lot and entrance when we passed this:
Looks familiar right? Looks like the car I used to drive. Except just one thing -- THAT IS THE CAR I USED TO DRIVE. At least I am 90% sure of it. I suspected so as SOON as I saw it. I can prove it, too.

Exhibit A: See the rear bumper? It's not original to the car. It was put on there after I hydroplaned and damaged the bumper. I remember it getting slanty like that at some point when I had it but can't remember why. Or maybe that's how it was before it got replaced.... hmm.

Exhibit B:
Here's Evan standing in the driver's side window, looking in at the seat and armrest. There used to be a cover over the armrest that folded up and down, but someone put their weight on it when crawling from the front seat to back and broke it. Or maybe I did it the time I was crawling from the passenger seat to the driver's seat the time the driver's door wouldn't open from the outside and so I had to get in and crawl over anytime I wanted to go anywhere. Either way, the rubber arm rest that should be there is broken off. And I bet the new owner decided just to throw it away instead of let it ride around in the backseat for a year...

Exhibit C:
There is no license plate holder on the front of the car. That came off the time I was going to visit my grandmother and hit a deer. Well... touched a deer. He got up and ran away and my pretty AU tag took the fall.

The real clue was not there, though. My car got broken into when I was interning in Nashville in 2005. They gouged out the lock so the door was all jacked up from their screwdriver/crowbar inflictions. But when I walked up to the door to see if it was the same door, it wasn't. But it was also pained a different black, so maybe it was replaced.

So, I am PRETTY sure this is my old car. It spoke to me from across the parking lot. And it felt so funny to see it. I am guessing it belongs to an employee of the restaurant, and since it's one of my favorites, I will just have an excuse to go back and visit the restaurant! It's like how Ross used to go visit Marcel after he gave him away. It felt funny to see "my" car now as someone else's car. Especially since the last time I saw "my" car, it looked like this:
So all of this begs me to ask two questions:

1. Now that you know all the crappy, messed up parts of my car (oh did I mention it would randomly shut off and the check engine light had been on for more than a year and it was just generally unsafe?), why did I not get a new one sooner? This is like circling the fat. I'm embarrassed that I just pointed all of that out.

2. Can a car that was totaled be restored to the condition above? I am just so intrigued. I have to go back. I would have spent more time looking at/peeking in the car if it weren't raining. Stay tuned - this is far from over!

Monday, October 05, 2009


What a great weekend! Saturday morning, C and I headed to Knoxville to watch Auburn beat the Vols for a great day of tailgating and an exciting game! The weather was perfect, the drinks were cold and the day was awesome.

When we got there, we had a quick lunch with my mom + 1. She decided to tell me then that the new BlackBerry she won (that I've been talking about for a month) was in her trunk. In the words of Justin McKinney, "Oh REally?" After some quick thinking, we arranged for me to be able to grab it en route to our tailgate. We went back to the car, grabbed the cooler, left the brownies I had made and were off.

It seems my mom can give directions just fine but not receive them, because we followed her clues to her car in one swift shot (a feat she was unable to match when I gave her simple directions to Zaxby's). Ladies and gents, meet Rachel. So far so good and worth a post all of her own. I am amazed at how different the setup is from the Pearl to the Curve. Just what I need, another curve! Haha. I had a photo of me giving Rachel a kiss... but it's on Monica and now I can't get to it. Oh, the irony.

Fresh as daisies and ready for some tailgating!

Anyway, so after we made that pickup we were off to the tailgate. I had met a lot of these families at the UT-Bama game last year, only then I was cheering against Bama/for Tennessee so they were surprised to see me with the AU tattoo on my face. I told them that was just scratching the surface.
What a fun bunch!

We had fun catching up with C's buddies and I enjoyed putting familiar names with new faces. Then, some familiar faces came walking by on their way to the contraband, highly dangerous, security threatening Tiger Walk (shout out to Vance!). Of course I abandoned the conversation I was in and hitched my wagon to their caravan. At the Tiger walk I found even more familiar faces (shout out to Stephen and Keven)! So much fun. We weren't down far enough where the players actually got off the bus, but instead were at the top of the street so the buses just drove by us and we waved. It was still exciting, trust me.
Look who I found at the Tiger Walk!

Especially compared to what came next - I was headed back to the tailgate, full of Auburn pride and joy, when I got stuck on the far side of the "Vol Walk." Booooooo. I had to wait it out in the shade while the Parade of Losers wrapped up and then I arrived safely back at our spot. The crowds around us had really picked up since the gates were open now and people were heading into the game.
Wes and David - what angels!

Cue more handsome and familiar faces - I had successfully navigated David to our tailgate so he could come say hi en route to the stadium. Just as we're chatting and catching up, I get bear hugged from behind by Wes. Side thought: where were all my lady friends that day? Do I only know males? Anyway, I was super glad to get to see each of them and visit. I had guided David there, but Wes dropped in outta nowhere. Considering how many people were around and that we hadn't planned to meet at all - I was pretty surprised to see him. Equally glad to see them both, just more surprised to see Wes (who, by the way, really hit it off with Chris - I'm sure Jim Beam had nothing to do with it):
Keep in mind at this point they'd known each other for two and half minutes.

After some man love hugs and photos, they went their respective ways. We stayed at the tailgate until 30 minutes until kickoff before we figured we ought to head out so we could buy some tickets. We bought a pair from the first man we stopped to talk to and made our way to our seats.

And we all know what happened from there. I was not the only Auburn fan in our section and we weren't too far from the band so I felt right at home, cheering and singing along. I worked on my gracious winner skills, something some people feel I need to improve on, so it was a good day all around.
War Eagle from section YY!

We visited for another hour or so after the game before making my debut visit to Gus's Good Times Deli. Nothing beats a fantastic homemade burger and fries, right? We were in line longer than we were sitting down and eating but it was worth it, trust me.

We stayed just outside of town and the highlights of Sunday were Waffle House breakfast and finding out we were finally ranked at #17. And that my friends is what I like to call a good weekend.

Oh and PS - guess who gets a cookie cake... again!?! War Eagle, kids.

Friday, October 02, 2009


I've hinted. I've beckoned. I've teased. Most importantly, I've also asked permission to tell you finally, after much anticipation, The Loofah Story.

Stories like this are why sororities have historians. These are the things they should write down, paying attention to every detail so that tales like this one live on forever. It makes me so sad to think that recruitment went by last month and no one told this story for old times' sake while the girls popped frozen grapes in between parties.

So, the duty falls on my shoulders. It is a brunt I will bear.

Part of living on "the hall" is that you have a roommate and/or suitemates. In some cases, you get to pick and in other cases, you don't. It's just mathematics. Such was the case when the Plaintiff* found herself with great suitemates but no roommate, hence she agreed to live with the Defendant.

Now, me being innocent in my ways and living on a different floor altogether, I was oblivious to what was apparently a well-worn path from the football locker room to the Defendant's bed. But I have it from multiple sources, including from the Plaintiff herself, that many a man spent the night under the zebra-patterned covers (perhaps the only thing the Defendant enjoyed more than the offensive line was animal print).

So, as the housing handbook and basic ethics would suggest, Plaintiff asked Defendant to ix-nay the overnight ompany-cay. This was the final dollop of icing on what was a very, very frosty cake/living situation, at least we assume (hopefully that request was not all it took for the following series of events to transpire, but previous altercations were never formally documented so we may never know).

Maybe she was brushing her teeth.
Maybe she was washing her hands.
Maybe she just had to use the restroom.

Regardless of the occasion, imagine the horror which fell upon our Plaintiff, upon whence she walked into the bathroom to find this:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen - Defendant Shat on Plaintiff's Loofah.

Seething with outrage, the Plaintiff placed the evidence (Exhibit A) into a ziploc bag and sealed it. She marched down the hall, on fire with the anger of a thousand gods. She arrived at the door of the Sorority Standards Chair* and pounded on it angrily.

"SHE SHAT ON MY LOOFAH!" Plaintiff exclaimed with fury, prompting neighboring doors to crack open so curious minds could observe what sounded like history in the making.

After brief counsel, it was determined that nowhere in the Sorority Code of Morals (or the 15th Psalm, either one) did it say Defendant could be punished for such a crime. Unless she did it while dancing on a cooler or drinking beer from a can, Plaintiff was (no pun intended) S.O.L. While the housing board might have more authority to lay down the law, there was nothing the sorority could do.

"Sorry," said Sorority Standards Chair, with a shrug of her shoulders.

"EVERYONE IS SORRY!!!!!" shouted Plaintiff as she retreated back to the scene of the crime.

What happened next, I do not know. Does it really matter? The story ends there - she pooped on her loofah. I just can't imagine being so angry at someone that the best revenge I could think of involved defecating on your personal property. Eventually, Defendant moved out and quit the sorority as well (or it quit her, however you choose to look at it). One thing is for sure: Defendant might be long gone, but her story lives on forever.

So what is the moral of the story? Even the best parties have a pooper. And if her older sister is already at the party, odds are she'll be invited to join, too.

*Denotes a regular reader of this blog.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


Last night was our fourth Bunko Meeting. I was so excited about it, I got there an hour early. Way to go, me.

The theme was Real Housewives of Nashville. Since I have never watched an episode of Real Housewives of [Insert Major Metropolis Here], I wasn't sure if there was something specific I should wear or what. When it came down to it, I just put on some fancy duds and headed out the door.

Here's who all showed up! Quite the lovely crowd, if I do say so myself:

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