Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Last night I got to see Sex and the City: The Movie thanks to Evan and the Nashville Scene. I invited two friends (both SaTC addicts, turns out) to come with me.

At 7:30, rather than start the movie, we got to see 30 minutes worth of interviews and pink carpet footage from the New York City premiere, which took place 2 hours earlier that evening.

We met up right after work so I did not have time to put on a ridiculous outfit. But you know who did?
Kim Cattrall's dress had butt fins. Yes, butt fins. It looked like someone sawed a fin off a shark or a Chevy automobile and planted one squarely on each of her butt cheeks. Seriously Kim? Did you not look in the mirror before you left the house? Horrible. Even Cynthia Nixon looked better than you and that is really saying something. The whole theater gasped when Kim turned around. As we did when Jennifer Hudson bent over and blew kisses to the media, but it wasn't her butt we were concerned about.

I like Sex and the City. I'm not crazy obsessed about it like oh I don't know, Friends. I wasn't allowed to watch it when I lived at home nor did I get HBO in the dorms. Therefore, I never got hooked on it in its hey day. But it's funny and I watch it when it's on TBS.

The movie was great. Well written, very funny and very emotional. In fact, even I teared up during two very pivotal scenes. Don't worry, I'm not going to spoil anything. Just let me know if you make it through the scenes with Carrie and Big in the street or Carrie and Charlotte in Charlotte's apartment without tearing up.

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