Wednesday, December 26, 2007


We have been telling my mother for 20 years to get a hobby. She is impossible to buy gifts for because she has no hobbies. She'll read a book or cook a meal, but that doesn't mean reading or cooking are her hobbies for which you could go buy a bunch of gifts. She doesn't knit, play tennis, or do anything else remotely considered a hobby. Her hobbies are talking on the phone and reading the newspaper.

So imagine our shock and surprise when she presented my sister and I with a gift that she said was "a fruit of her new hobby":

SHE PAINTED THAT! Can you believe it? She was inspired by a local artist in town that paints faceless angels. So she went to the store and bought cheap acrylic paint and then sat down and painted two little angels, one with red hair (left) and one with brown (right) that are supposed to be my sister and I. She made one for each of us.

I am so impressed. This is my favorite gift that she's ever gotten me. And like it or not, she just became an artist. My sister and I have already decided that next year, she's getting an easel and a smock and a paint palette and brushes and more. But that's not the point.

The point is that my mother gave me this lovely painting, that she did all by herself, and I love it.

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