Wednesday, May 14, 2008


When I was in high school, and especially when I was in college, I was a Diet Dr. Pepper freak. In college, it was not uncommon for me to have four a day, a big jump from two a day in high school.

Now, I drink zero. I quit drinking them my last semester of college. I'd rather have one fountain Dr. Pepper than four Diet Dr. Peppers, and even getting one of those is a big treat. I had maybe five or six fountain drinks the whole time I was training for the half. Then, the week after, I had three. But I digress.

Here's the point - whether you use it to keep your DDPs or your PBRs cold, everyone has a favorite koozie. And it should come as no surprise that mine? Looks like this:

Only there's never been a Coke can in it, and it's got my monogram (duh) in script instead of Sammy 2-17-03. My lovely koozie was a gift from my best friend from sophomore year. She gave it to me for my 19th birthday, while we were in California working on a ranch together for the summer.

I wish I had thought to pull mine out of my desk drawer for Steeplechase or some of the parties we've had lately at work. If I'm being honest, I kind of forgot I had it. Shhhh. Don't tell. But I found it yesterday and brought it to work with me today. I might even go get a DDP out of the coke machine just to use it this afternoon.

Even though the internet is hawking this prize as a groomsman gift or bachelor party favor (hence the Sammy 2-17-03), I think it's more of a girl thing. Am I wrong? Therefore, if you need a good gift for a girl, I recommend this. It's so random that she's never think to ask for it, but so delightfully southern and classy, that I bet she'll love it.

Everyone has a favorite koozie. What's yours say?


  1. My fave koozie is blue & orange and is collapsible. Although your koozie is pretty, I probably wouldn't stuff it in my purse and take it to a bar with me. I LOVE collapsible koozies. Particularly my one that says, "BEAT UGA".

  2. Collapsible coozies are the way to go. I have a collection of them and will trade a few for one that I want. I've got Sigma Kappa, ADPi, Chi O, Tri Delt, and Phi Mu. I've also got an FH one. I own multiple Auburn ones, including an Auburn College GameDay collapsible. I've also got a cookie made of foam with two slap bracelets. You just slap it onto the can/bottle.

  3. I was offered money for my bright orange ADPi Mallard Ball Koozie.

    ...I wish I knew where it was.

  4. It's possible I stole it from you. I've stolen at least 3 cookies from purses on the stage at Sky Bar. I found out later that I knew the owner of the purse all 3 times.

  5. My is a free one from UPC with a 4 leaf clover. It says, "Kiss me. I'm an Auburn Tiger."

  6. Wesley, I'm going to look for that koozie when I get home at the end of the month, and if I can't find mine, I'm going to assume you stole it and request for it back.

  7. The War Eagle Supper Club is genius. Absolutely genius. I can't tell you how many koozies I have bought when I was there and then somehow leave it (hmmm. don't know how that could happen AT THE SUPPER CLUB??!). Why don't ALL bars sell koozies?? They aren't perishable, they keep your hands from getting cold, saves napkins, and you could always resell the ones that drunk idiots leave behind. If I owned a bar, I would totally sell them.

  8. The only koozie I have, my AUBURN koozie!! WARRRRRRR EAGLE!!


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