Thursday, December 20, 2007


Look who I met yesterday:

Is it:
A) Kenny Chesney's camera man
B) Kenny Chesney's bus driver
C) Kenny Chesney's mini-me
D) Kenny Chesney

If you guessed D, then you're probably as surprised as I was. So let me back up.

I was invited to attend another Number One party like the one I went to in January for Carrie Underwood (yes, the same party where Carrie called me a loser). My friend that invited me had already seen Kenny that day at a different party and she told me he was slumming it that day. I didn't fully believe her.

We were standing near the door when a group of people came in. Since the front of the building is all glass, I had been keeping my eye out for Mr. Chesney to walk in so I could try to get a picture before, instead of after, the event. Honest to goodness, I was looking out the glass and saw a little guy in a sweatshirt and glasses with a big sling across his chest, figured it was a camera and thought "Ooh, the news is here."

At the same time, my friend whispered "That's him!"

"Where?" I said, looking for a cowboy hat.

"In the sweatshirt and beanie. Right there."

Turns out my cameraman was actually Mr. Chesney himself. Sidebar: I hate when people pronounce his name Chezzzney. Don't draw out the "ehs." It's Chessney. Chessney. Kenny Chessney. Not Chezzzney.

He stood around, taking pictures and shaking his good hand with important people, and I tried to sneak up next to him. Unfortunately the ceremony started and I missed my first chance. They gave awards, made speeches, took pictures and then whisked Kenny away.

Earlier, my friend had pointed out his manager to me. So when he emerged again to leave the building, she was trying to pull him along and get him out the door. He kept getting stopped, and while he was talking, I asked her if he had time to a picture with me. "Go stand by the door and I'll make sure he stops," she said. We talked for another second, while she bit her nails and kept an eye on Kenny.

Then once again, I repositioned myself by the door. Once Kenny started moving again, he was following his manager while she more or less cleared a path for him. A path straight to me.

"Here - Right here, picture please." She instructed him.

"Hey," he said and put his arm all the way around me. He kind of rubbed his hand on my waist/back.

We took the picture, I turned to him and with as much charm as I could muster, batted my eyes and said "I hope your arm feels better. Merry Christmas."

Rub pat rub. "Thanks, you too." And off he went.

Now I have heard both horrible things and really great things about Kenny, and I still don't know what to think about him. If his manager hadn't have led him to me, I don't know that he would have been as gracious to stop for a picture with me. Of course, he probably was expecting a Make a Wish child or another famous person, since his manager was in on it.

Another interesting tidbit is that I wasn't nearly as star-struck as I thought I'd be. I was much more nervous around Carrie. Maybe it's because he looked so weird. Maybe it's because I'm taller than he is.

But I guess the moral of the story is to get in good with the manager. It's like they say: behind every (little) man is a great woman!


  1. he stopped because of the short hair. he was the star struck one.

  2. Great blog. Very entertaining. I laughed out loud. You've inspired me to blog more. I found you through Taylor's blog. Have we met in real life?

  3. Of course it was the hair, Wes.

    And no, Biscuet, I don't think we've met. Glad you like my blog and that I inspire you and make you laugh out loud. I'll try to keep it up!


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