Friday, September 30, 2011


First of all, let's get this out of the way. TODAY IS THE DAY WE FIND OUT IF BABY G IS A BOY OR GIRL!!!!!!!!!! Aunt Nin (not the final name, by the way) is beside herself to find out whether she will be buying babydolls or dumptrucks. But I can't reveal what I find until later in the weekend, so I have to talk about something else until then.

So! Look at this here article that was at the tippy-top of the this morning: Reunions Not the Same Since Facebook... Why Go?

Funny that the very day I head home for my class reunion, that's the first article I read. I mentioned the other week that I was helping to plan my 10-year reunion, which kicks off tonight. We've planned a really nice, affordable (I believe so, anyway) intimate gathering for tomorrow night, preceded by a kid-friendly picnic in the park tomorrow afternoon and of course, the Homecoming dinner and game tonight. This journalist should have just called me because I have some really fun facts I could have shared. Like, that less than 30% of my class of 100 is attending. Heck, people that didn't even officially graduate with us are coming, and I don't mean spouses or significant others.

Maybe I should be more specific when I say "attending." Less than 30% are attending the Saturday evening portion. Several additional folks have told us they'll only be at the Friday night game, I assume because it's free. Fine by me. I won't argue with you over money by any stretch. What I will argue with is the excuses that we've been given such as I'm too busy or just simply, I can't make it.

SO I think this article hit the nail on the head. While Facebook has been extremely helpful in contacting people for this thing, it's also I think the new worst enemy of a class reunion. If I want to know what so-and-so is doing, I can look it up on Facebook. The motivation to re-connect with everyone isn't there like it was for our parents' generation.

As for this girl, I am pumped up and can't wait to see those that DID buy tickets and CAN make it. It'll be a happy crowd of sweet, supportive folks that genuinely want to be there. Basically the same ones that stayed up til 2 am every year to finish our class float for the Homecoming parade. One anonymous individual even changed his family's vacation plans to be there, after seeing the onslaught of "feedback" that we were getting over this shindig. His first drink's on me. Someone else bought a pair of tickets just to show his support, even though he can't be there (for a very good reason). So, just when I thought it was almost shot to hell, my faith in humanity is restored.

I'll end by saying this: if you "make it" to your class reunion, please thank your class officers. And if you're a class officer trying to plan one right now, e-mail me for some words of comfort or advice (your choice). It's a lot harder to plan a class reunion than you think. Keep in mind I plan events for a LIVING and this is one of the hardest things I've ever helped with. Admittedly, that's probably my fault. Since it was not for work, I was more personally invested, and therefore, much more subject to get my feelings hurt.

But enough about that. All the planning is done and the fun part can begin. And this hot mama is bringing her camera, so expect lots of amazing pictures!

Go Lions!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


I have had a few meetings so far with the ADPi chapter for which I am an adviser (look it up) and I must say, I am really enjoying it!

The girls are really sweet and don't make me feel too old or out of touch with reality, much like we probably did our advisers. I am enjoying learning all the new lingo and traditions that are unique to Vanderbilt as well as all the stuff ADPi chapters are supposed to do now.

They were talking about homecoming at my most recent meeting and another adviser and I realized they don't even do floats at Vandy. They are supposed to decorate golf carts for a parade, but even that is optional. I can't imagine homecoming without a float!

I have not been to a full-fledged chapter meeting yet but I will soon. And actually I think it's formal chapter... better brush up! It should be really fun. It'll take loads of restraint for me to behave. I just miss college. Hopefully they haven't figured out that really this whole thing is stage one of my campaign for house mom so I can live on a college campus again. I would be a much better house mom than any of our RAs ever were to us. Right, Kelly? Look, I fit right in:
(Not at Vandy; this was taken at AU last fall when I got my first peek at the new chapter room)

Speaking of traditions, Hey Day was yesterday. Does that make you nostalgic or what? A day set aside JUST to say Hey! to everyone you encounter. I love Auburn.

I know loads of Beta Omegas read this blog: what do you miss about ADPi and/or Berta Dunn? If it's a good tradition, I'll try to convince the girls they need to start doing it.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


A few weeks ago, Mom told me that just because I tweet* does not mean I get to stop blogging. Fair enough. So along those lines, I recently realized I never shared this with all of you, even though I did tweet it*, but Mom wants me to blog what I tweet, right?

My last trip home, Mom and I were waiting for my ride back to Nashville. No better place to wait than Yogurt Mountain, if you ask me. So we filled up our cups and found a table near the door, when I looked outside and saw this:

Oh, by the way- IT WAS LOCKED.

*Tweet from personal account and Pearls of Wit account, that is.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Sorry to leave you hanging - I was too busy cuddling up to my new boots and my sister's belly.

The boots* got here Friday afternoon (less than 72 hours after I ordered them, mind you) and my sister got here shortly thereafter. We grabbed dinner at NY Pie and went to her favorite Old Navy (the only one around that sells maternity clothes in-store) and a few other places before heading back home to watch the newest episode of AU Football Every Day.

Saturday, we had a quick breakfast at home while the traffic died down around us from the half-marathon we did not run (ha), then set out to do some more shopping, get pedicures, see the Lion King 3D and swing by the Kroger for chili ingredients for dinner. I think it's safe to say the chili was better than the game was. But we won and that's that! I have faith!

Sunday morning, we got breakfast at a cute little diner on the other side of the river before we headed out for a bit more... wait for it... shopping (we were looking for baby bargains!) and then split ways. Someone had to get home to go grocery shopping for a big gender reveal dinner on Friday night! And I had to go the gym so I can eat that dinner.

Much to my chagrin, the bebé did not decide to make itself perceivable via interpretive movement to his or her auntie quite yet. I was hoping s/he'd decide to kick for me, either during the Auburn game or in an approving response to my chili, but maybe the baby is just as comfortable and relaxed in Tennessee as his or her mama is!

*Okay so back to the boots. I put them on as soon as I got home and they fit so well! I took a pic and tweeted it, mentioning Piperlime of course, and guess who tweeted me back just now? Piperlime! HAVE I MENTIONED I LOVE THAT WEBSITE?!

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Guess what, kids? I finally saved more than I spent! Isn't that great news?! What a milestone!

Oh um, by the way... it was these that I bought:
But thanks to some sweet coupons and discounts that I had been saving up on (if you don't shop there you are missing out!), I got these great boots for less than half of the price. If only I was as motivated to do the same thing at Publix. Oh well.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Last night at 6 pm, a sweet little lady showed up at my house... to clean it.

Pick your jaw up off the floor.

First of all, the gift of Heidi was a gift from my mom. She bought one hour's worth of cleaning on a Groupon a few months ago and presented it to me as a gift! I was thrilled... then insulted... but then thrilled all over again.

Secondly, one hour's worth of cleaning the shoebox I live in can really go along way if you let it. She got halfway through the apartment. When she arrived, I told her to focus on anything with a tile floor (which is basically the bathroom and kitchen).

And focus she did. While she was cleaning, so was I: folding laundry, hanging clothes, etc. We both sang along to Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift while we worked. It was adorable.

My apartment is so clean and shiny. I don't think I'll get in the habit of hiring housekeepers too often (yet), but it sure is nice every once in a while. Like going to the doctor for a checkup. Sometimes, you just need professional help. Thanks Mom!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011



Did you know I am one-quarter Italian? I'm no Snooki, but I do really like that part of my heritage. We've already touched on how I was a picky eater as a child, but once I learned what I was missing out on, I changed my tune and started the enjoying homemade pasta, meatballs and ravioli at holidays like the rest of the smart adults. I also assume that's why I think the only food groups are Chianti, cheese, carbs and chocolate.

I also like to think that's why I could eat this lasagna every day for the rest of my life and be happy as a clam.

On Monday, I asked Chef Jennie for a recipe for something I could make and nibble on all week. She quickly rattled off from memory the recipe for that Taste of Home lasagna. Lasagna intimidated me a little bit because I had never attempted to make it before. But, I ran to the grocery store that night after the gym, and much later (10:30 pm), I had dinner:
Now I know what you are thinking: could she have used any more cheese? that looks like every other lasagna I've ever seen! BUT IT'S NOT. There is a secret ingredient (at least I think) in the sauce: dry onion soup mix. BAM. It will make it a little saltier than you might expect, but the flavor is unbelievable!

I wanted to dive in head-first and never, ever come up for air. Death by lasagna, just like Garfield the Cat always wanted. Okay, don't go that far, but try it and see for yourself.

PS - No-boil, oven-ready noodles? WHO KNEW!
PPS - Chef Jennie's recipe, v. the Taste of Home recipe, calls for one extra, smaller 8 oz. can of tomato sauce in addition to what is listed.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


War Eagle and Happy Tuesday, kids. Did you have a good weekend? You know I did! I got to Birmingham around 7 pm on Friday after a fun ride with Kate, just in time for some of Chef Jennie's delicious steak tacos. Now if you're wondering "Does she go home to see her family, or to eat her sister's amazing dinners?" the answer is BOTH.

After we had finalized our plans for the next day (not as easy as you'd think, keep reading) we all hit the hay since the alarms were set for 4:45 AM! Oh Auburn, the things I do for you.

For this trip, our resident Bama fan (Jamie) and his Auburn-loving brother (Matt) were joining us. We even twisted Jamie's arm enough to get him to wear a blue shirt! We headed out of town again but not without another prank called to my mom to tell her we overslept again. Still classic!

The four of us met Mom and Fred in Montgomery and rode to Auburn with them. Since we left earlier this week, we had more time to play Gameday than we did last week, so our first stop was Tiger Walk. Matt had NEVER been to an Auburn game in Auburn before so we wanted him to experience the whole kit n' caboodle.
From the Tiger Walk, we headed to the bookstore then back to the tailgate to nibble on something before the game. We dutifully put on our sunscreen (some of us, not enough of it) and then headed to the game!

I'm sure by now you've all heard about poor Spirit's unusual flight. Someone needs to get Harvey Updyke's alibi for Friday night and Saturday morning to make sure he wasn't creeping around the Raptor Center, because something was not right with our little feathered friend:

Between that pre-game flight and the goal-line stop, that game was one big miracle sandwich.
We tailgated more afterward and I got to visit with an Auburn buddy before it was time to pack up and head out. We all went separate ways in Montgomery: Fred to Greenville, Matt back to Mobile, and Mom, Jennie, Jamie and I to Birmingham in her car (which she had left in Montgomery on Friday night).

The day went by so quickly! My next trip to the Plains will be a month from now and I am already looking forward to it! We better take two cars, because once I find out if this little peanut is a boy or girl, Aunt Lindsay will be buying out the AU Bookstore! War Eagle!

Friday, September 09, 2011


As you know, I was at the Auburn football game last week. I screamed myself hoarse. It was such a thrilling, exciting victory, but I was having a blast nonetheless.

I know this sounds really spoiled and really lame to a lot of you, but to go from being at all but one game (give or take) a season to ONLY one game a season is a tough, rough pill to swallow. Throw shoes at me now please. My point is that for me, Auburn is not a school, a football team or a place - it is truly a way of life.

So to be back on the Plains for a gameday, knowing that due to recent events, it would NOT be my only trip for a year, was just too much fun. I was soaking it all up and having a ball until one little thing set me off.

I have done the reverse "Rammer Jammer" more than once after beating Alabama - after all, that has happened 16 of my 28 years on earth (six years in a row, recently). But those are the ONLY times I have participated in the reverse "Rammer Jammer." I wouldn't dream of doing it otherwise.

So someone explain to me WHY at the opening game against Utah State, our student section was repeatedly doing reverse "Rammer Jammer" like it was November 26, 2010?! I was appalled!

Students, students, students! Don't you see? THAT'S NOT OUR CHEER. We ONLY do that cheer when there are Bama fans around to hear it and bemoan the fact that we just beat the snot out of them! We don't do it when we're playing Utah State! Or Mississippi State! Or any other team but Alabama. I bet the Utah State fan that was at the game was so confused.

That's the beauty of even doing "Rammer Jammer" in reverse. We only do it when they are around to hear it. "If a tree falls in the woods" ...and all that.

We have plenty of cheers to do. Didn't you pay attention at your Camp War Eagle pep rally? Can I interest you in Bodda Getta? What about a classic Track 'Em? Or if you're just looking for something new to do, allow me to point the way!

I appreciate the fact that you are practicing up. Like Sister Mary Clarence's choir of nuns, you just want to be ready for your big show for the Pope. I get it. But I know I am not alone when I say that as a proud graduate who stood (the entire game) in that student section for five years, the fact that you current lot have started taking your cues from Alabama fans is a pretty scary thing. What's next, orange and blue houndstooth? Gag me.

For the love of all things Auburn, let's leave "Rammer Jammer" where it belongs and when it counts. You'll know it's time when the scoreboard looks like this:

Thursday, September 08, 2011



Backstreet's back, alright! And so am I!

A lot has happened since we discovered Bamalicious. Where should I start?!

First and foremost, in mid-August I started a new job. I'm still in the same department at my same place of employment, but what a difference two cubbies down can make! My hours are a lot more stable (9 to 5), my routine is a lot more regular (M-F), and my smile a lot bigger!

Therefore, there's no moss growing under MY feet. I have been busier than a one-armed paper hanger!

Carrie, Leslie and I teamed up for the most recent Bacchanalian Society event, which I have talked about on here before. Teams of up to three people bring wine, two bottles of which are put out to taste and one bottle of which is reserved for the winners. This year, the event was at the Adventure Science Center, which is the Nashville equivalent of the McWane center. You can just imagine how much fun we had. Other people were giving us dirty looks but we had more fun playing than we did drinking wine equal amounts of fun playing AND drinking wine. Exhibit A:

Also that week, Evan and I decided to buy last-minute tickets to the Katy Perry concert when she breezed through town. It was soooo fun! We were on practically the back row, but that did not stop us from singing ourselves hoarse and dancing up a storm. I got so carried away in fact that I accidentally dropped my camera case and it landed on a lady's head three rows down (I got it back). What can I say? California Girls are undeniable! And so is Katy Perry! It was a perry good time.

We had our first bunko on the last Wednesday of August. It was at MB's house. We have changed up our bunko rules for this season; two years of playing really wore us out. This year, we are alternating a Bunko night followed by an "activity" night, where we will all go do something interesting. A visit to the vineyards, a trip to play laser tag, etc. There have been some really good ideas tossed out and I am excited about some new adventures with my bunko ladies. Good thing I have been practicing my laser skills (see photo above)!

This past weekend I made the first of at least three trips to Auburn via Birmingham. Evan and I had a fun car ride down together and he dropped me at Jennie and Jamie's house, where a delicious homemade dinner was being whipped up. We woke up at 5:45 am the next morning, prank called my mom to tell her we overslept (hilarious) and then hit the road with Linda and Fred. Pulling into Auburn felt so good! Winning the game felt even better! Rubbing my sister's belly while we were coming back to win the game was the BEST! Baby G might be our lucky charm? Also, more than once I was overcome with the sensation of how RIGHT it is now that I can come to as many games as I want... as opposed to trying to squeeze at least one in.

I spent the remainder of the long weekend with my family. My sister and her husband are participating in my mom's neighborhood-wide garage sale, so we spent some time at Mom's house so they could continue to sort through things. I had a blast digging up old calendars, my CWE notebook, some Miss Homecoming stuff, and a few things from my senior year of high school...

...which brings me to the latest thing I have been up to lately: helping to plan my class reunion. SIGH. Even though I was not a class officer, I offered to help plan the reunion, seeing as how I do this for a living. Of all the bumps in the road you encounter with planning any event, the hardest bump to navigate for me has been the sheer volume of people who have flat-out ignored those of us trying to put this thing together. Don't get me started. I have been happily plugging away behind-the-scenes, and it wasn't until we made a strong push in the last few weeks to sell the tickets that I have wanted to cancel the whole thing out of frustration. Not over the attendance, not over the budget, at being ignored. By the same people. Multiple times. Maybe this is just practice for the wedding I will plan one day.

But that's all I will say about that. Since I hate being ignored, I will pay it forward and stop ignoring my blog too. OKAY, MOM??

This weekend I am heading back to Birmingham/Auburn to see the defending National Champs! Let me know if you will be there, too!

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