Friday, May 23, 2008


1. Like I said, Wes won our American Idol competition. If you want his funny albeit cocky tirade on what it fees like, click here.

2. I am going to a Sex & the City movie premiere! Allison, another mutual friend of ours (used to work with her husband too) and I are going together. Which premiere, you ask? NOT in New York... NOT in Paris... Not in London or even L.A.! This one will surely be the hottest premiere of them all. Because all good movies premiere at Opry Mills, right?! They will air live coverage from the pink carpet from the New York City premiere, and then the movie will start. I'm pretty sure this warrants an excuse to dress up (yay!) so I decided to wear, all together, in true Carrie Bradshaw sloppy chic fashion: my brown bridesmaid dress from Jennifer's wedding, leopard print shoes, a fanny pack, some biker gloves (maybe just one, we'll see), a pink feathered hat, a denim jacket and a huge flower pin brooch. With my huge strand of pearls. Sounds about right, yes?

3. Growing up is eating a wilty, soggy, there's-more-brown-than-green-
in-this-bowl because you feel guilty throwing the lettuce away, rather than spending money to go out for lunch when there is perfectly good edible food from your fridge and you need to save your money anyhow.

4. This morning, I was asked what has been my proudest accomplishment. Being able to talk about this was so much fun.

5. Wes, Stephen, Eric and David - don't ever say I don't love you. This is for you:

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