Friday, May 16, 2008


1. I went back to Lonnie's last night. This is going to become a regular appointment in my social agenda this summer. You see, last night six of us started a karaoke club. Four of the six are really shy when it comes to singing. Regardless, we made a pact that by the end of the summer, each of us has to sing a solo. The last one to do so has to buy a round for the rest of group unless we get to pick what song he or she sings. John and I (the not shy ones) took care of our songs last night. We'll see who puts it off the longest of the remaining four. Join us if you want to! PS - while I was there, I asked my bouncer friend why Lonnie never called me. He said he'd had some family troubles but still has my number. Riiiiiight.

2. Wes and I are still tied. The Battle of the Davids is going to be a good show. What are we betting?!?

3. Next week is the first episode of my favorite summer show, So You Think You Can Dance? My roommate and I got hooked on that show two summers ago (so much so that we started memorizing some of the better hip hop routines). Then last summer, she watched it from Alabama and I watched it in Nashville, and in the fall we went to see the show when the tour stopped in town. My favorite part of Idol Gives Back? The opening number with the SYTYCD kids in it. Anyway, you get the point. So, I am excited about it starting back up again. And not just because I am currently obsessed with dancing.

4. All the angst toward a kitten only makes me want one more. Keep it up, haters. He looks like a Samson, doesn't he?

5. I got some good news today. I don't want to say too much about it yet, but I need prayers, so this is my plea. I'll post more as/if the situation allows. 'Til then, just pray. And if you talk to me on a regular basis: yes, it's probably exactly what you're thinking about. If you don't talk to me on a regular basis, a) your loss; b) is that vague enough for you?

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