Monday, October 29, 2012


On Saturday, I slept in and woke up still pretty phlegmy. I settled in to watch Gameday and some football and decided that when my computer battery died, I would get up and shower to go run my errands. My errands were not that pressing, so I contemplated putting them off until Sunday, but decided some fresh air might make me feel better, so off to the mall I went.

I was wandering around Macy's when I heard someone come on the store PA. I wasn't paying attention but the word "karaoke contest" caught my ears quickly enough that I heard the rest of the sentence "and win CMA Awards tickets!"

I was looking for an employee to make sure I heard what I heard, when an employee came up to me to ask where I got the shirt in my hand. Ha. I pointed it out to her and then nonchalantly added, "Did I just hear there's a karaoke contest?"

She said there was a contest going on downstairs on the first floor but it ended at 4. I looked at my watch. It was 3:30. I decided to try on the shirt (didn't work) then go see what the fuss was about.

I got downstairs and texted Jay, my karaoke partner in crime, to see what song I should sing. Now keep in mind, I'm still sick. Normally, karaoke does not scare me, but yesterday I knew I was taking a real gamble on whether or not my voice would participate in this tomfoolery. I decided to roll the dice to the tune of "Midnight Train to Georgia."

I was the last singer to enter. Singing at a karaoke bar is one thing but singing in the middle of your local Macy's is quite another. It was awkward but I suffered through. Afterward, to pass the time until 4 pm, two other contestants who had already entered decided to sing again, which had apparently happened a few times during the two hour contest, since there were not that many contestants.

Finally it was time to announce the winner. What can I say? Motown never lets me down. It worked in 2004 and it worked again Saturday.

My family had very different reactions to my news. My sister asked if anyone else had entered. My mom went berserk, but that was probably more due to me asking her to come up and go with me! I offered to let her bring a friend to go with, since I had the pleasure of attending last year, but she insisted that I come with her.

So make sure you tune in. Vince Gill is scheduled to perform and if you think my mom can practice self-control, you're wrong. Who knows what she'll do!

Friday, October 26, 2012


On Thursday night, my supper club met again for our fourth gathering but the FIRST gathering at which all six beautiful members were present. Cheers to that!

But it almost didn't happen. Yours truly has been under the weather with a sinus infection this week. I took off of work on Thursday to rest, rest, rest. I couldn't decide if I wanted to get showered, fight traffic and go (traffic would not have been an issue if I had been at work) or just skip it altogether. I decided that I would not shower, but I would fight traffic and go, and so all six of us were, in fact, there.

We chose SILO, a new "farm to fork" establishment in Germantown, which is a little area near downtown. They serve "elevated southern cuisine" in a really cool atmosphere and they've only been open since August, so this was a pick we were all excited about.

Parking is a little crazy if you don't have cash to tip the complementary valet attendants. You forget about that once you get inside, though.

Happy hour ends at 6, and all of us were late due to traffic, so none of us got to take advantage of that. We did all get a drink though, even me on my cough medicine. We ended up with one beer, four wines and one specialty cocktail from the list.

As far as food goes, I am impressed that we usually all order a variety of things and share/taste/nibble and last night was no exception. Here's what we chose off the menu, which our server says does change quite a bit:

First course:
-Kale salad, house bacon, sweetened pecans, dried cranberries, apples, mustard vin - this was yummy!
-Sweet potato bisque, sorghum marinated apples
-Deviled eggs: 3 deviled farm eggs, 3 ways (Note: two of us got these and while they both sweetly offered to share, there wasn't much to share! But aren't they CUTE?)

-Burger, smoked pimento cheese, pickles & onions, proper fries
-Hot chicken, Sunbeam bread, slaw
-Chicken confit, potato, apple, onion hash, parsnip puree
-Gulf shrimp, tasso “dirty” grits, tomato & okra stew (two orders)
-Crispy pork belly, cauliflower, mushroom, pumpkin ragout

Our server said the shrimp and grits and the pork belly are the two most popular dishes. I think the sides must change more than the entrees themselves because I copied and pasted those right off the website and it sounds about exactly the same as what I saw in print last night. There are also five or six side dishes, which are served family style, so it was recommended that we get a few to split. We ended up ordering one bowl of mac and cheese which we all got to nibble on and it was pretty delicious!

The prices for the first courses ranged from $5 to $9 while dinner was $13 to $24. They had a lovely dessert menu but we didn't get any dessert this time! We were all too full!

Everyone liked her food. We agreed that this might be our second best spot so far, topped only by Mama Myint's crazy house salad. That's gonna be hard to beat but we'll keep trying!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


To say that hosting my family this past weekend was fulfilling would be an understatement. It was bliss. For me, at least. Never before have I had my whole family around my table eating food that I prepared... I was so happy. It was perfect. It was also nice to have the love and support of my family when this news broke on Friday. Seriously? A pink wedding dress? Was this a wedding, or an episode of MTV's My Sweet Sixteen?! YOU CAN DO BETTER, JUSTIN!

Erm... anyway. Everyone rolled in Friday and due to a little someone's early bedtime, I had gotten takeout from a local barbecue house so that we could eat at home, catch up and make our plans for Saturday. We got up early to go get breakfast at The Perch, a little coffeeshop near my home that I had not been to. Can I jus say that Bitty does so good at restaurants? He's such a cherub. We came back home to get ready for the game, then four of us headed to Vandy while two of us stayed home.

The game... sigh. It was a pretty day! I saw some friends! Then we headed back to my house and that's all I'd like to say about that.

I picked Local Taco for dinner since it is about the only other restaurant that we hadn't already eaten at so far that's near me, not a chain, AND because Bitty could make some noise if he felt the spirit lead him. Everyone loved my pick and we had a great dinner.

The next morning, I woke up and made a big pot of coffee, a plateful of delicious crispy bacon, a mound of piping hot biscuits (from a can, let's be real) and a bowlful of fluffy scrambled eggs. Even my own jaw dropped when I saw it all on the table. My friend and neighbor Jamie had loaned me a highchair as well as jumparoo, so the littlest one entertained himself while the adults had a yummy breakfast before it was time to head home.

I left my house at the same the they did because I had to go into work. I know, work on a Sunday? That's so 2011. Trust me, it was for a very good reason.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Remember how I told you my boss got married recently? I wanted to show you what I made for her wedding present.

I saw this on Pinterest a while back and knew it was something I would actually get around to doing one day (unlike all the other things I pin that I just hope will magically appear in my life/closet/stove/home).

I ended up not using my boss's wedding invitation for this but rather her wedding program. I bought the ornament at Michael's as well as the charms and ribbon. I would think finding ornaments January through August might be tricky so if you like this idea, stock up now. I chose the lavendar ribbon since lavender was her main wedding color. The two charms I chose are a seashell for their honeymoon and a little pendant that says LAUGH because that's all they ever do.

Ta-da! Pretty cute, right? Think of all the occasions you can make into ornaments!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Just when I had given up hope, there IS a bowl game I can look forward to after all:

Sunday, October 14, 2012


I got shellac-ed this week. No, I am not talking about the Ole Miss game. Have you ever had a shellac manicure? I am wondering what I have gotten myself into because I am kind of addicted.

Speaking of addicted, I'm finishing up season 4 of Mad Men... JUST IN TIME for season 5 to come out on Tuesday! Whaddyaknow. Now to remember it all until 2013 when the new season begins.

A tiny houseguest and his mom and dad are coming to stay with me this weekend. I am so excited! I have a lot to do to get ready to play hostess, but I cut my errands short today because it was supposed to storm tonight. I hate running around in the rain. Of course it's been quiet all night long; not the first raindrop.

I got my first pumpkin! I have bought mini pumpkins before but not a real, carvable pumpkin. I love it. I can't wait to get my first Christmas tree!

Tuesday, October 09, 2012


You know that phrase when the going gets tough, the tough get going?

My new phrase is when the going gets tough, email someone at Auburn. This is not the first, nor the second, but the third time I have done it.

Sunday night I visited and got Coach Chizik's email address. Here is the message that I sent:

Coach Chizik,
Please tell the players that though losing is never fun, WE BELIEVE IN THEM. At least I do. I believe in Auburn, I believe in your program, and I believe in each of those young men who do what it takes to earn the right to play football at Auburn. We are a family and family sticks together.
I was there Saturday. I was cheering. I will keep cheering. Hang in there and tell the team that the AU Family is behind them.
War Eagle,
Lindsay, '05

Fast forward to today. I worked late tonight and apparently, so did Gene. I was tickled by the response I received, even though it's clearly a blanket email:

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for taking the time to write and show your support. Auburn has the best fans in the country, and your email is even further confirmation of that. The coaches, players and I couldn’t be more appreciative of the members of the Auburn family who give us their unwavering support week after week, win or lose. Auburn has always been great, and continues to be – thanks in large part to diehard fans such as yourself who bleed orange and blue. We are working hard this week, and are looking forward to Saturday’s game. Thanks again.

God Bless and War Eagle!

Y'all know I love Coach Chizik. Have since day one. He runs a good program. And writes a lovely note. Hang in there, Gene. It gets better.

Sunday, October 07, 2012


Auburn may be the Loveliest Village on the Plains but that was the most unlovely game I have seen in a while. Yes, I was there. When single tickets went on sale way back in June, my family and I decided we would be "All In" for the Arkansas game. SEC games are always good so I was excited. I drove down Friday and met my sister, brother-in-law and Bitty at my mom's house, then my sister and I left bright and early on Saturday to head to the game. Luckily for me, my love for Auburn is a lot bigger than football. Lots and lots bigger. Also big? Cam's statue:

We got home in time to grab dinner with the boys, who had stayed at home while the girls were in Auburn, and rest off the sunburn that no one was prepared to get. Not to mention that it went from 85 and sunny to 65 and rainy while we were away, so we were all a little worse for the wear.

I curled up with my laptop and watched Jay Z live at Barclays. Similar to his last concert live stream on You Tube, but instead of closing SXSW, he was opening the new Barclays Arena in Brooklyn, AKA the new home to the Brooklyn Nets, the NBA Team of which he is a part owner. Who better to christen the new arena than Hova... AND BEYONCE! She came out for a mini set to give her hubby a break, then joined him for the "Young Forever" finale. CAN I PLEASE BE THEM?! I am obsessed. Look how cute. COME ON.

There were more snuggles and giggles and playing on the floor today before we all headed our separate ways. All things considered, it was a fine weekend.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012


On Saturday night, I traveled back in time and attended the best party in the history of college parties: Mallard Ball.

Now let me just clarify: As an advisor, I was there as a chaperone. Which meant I was in a t-shirt and jeans, not camo. For the first time in my adult life, I wanted to stick out. In that in the event anyone got a tap-tap-tap on the shoulder, I wanted them to know immediately that I was someone who meant business.

Let me also clarify what a Mallard Ball is. Each semester, sororities have a handful of socials and one semi-formal or formal. At my alma mater, socials were with other organizations and/or dates and were usually in town. Therefore semi-formals/formals were special because they were usually out of town but were always just your sorority plus dates. Then there's Mallard Ball, which is the exception: it's like formal because it's just your house, but that's not even the best part (sorry, sisters). EVERYONE IS IN CAMO!

Now it's not like yours truly had trunk after trunk of camo to dig through when Mallard Ball rolled around. Remember when I said once that my favorite Halloween costume EVER was when I wore scrubs and tennis shoes, borrowed my best friend's mother's stethoscope and called myself a nurse? I am ALL about being comfortable, especially while trying to dance. Obviously we would get all dolled up if not in costume for socials and formals but we were in JEANS at Mallard Ball. Cozy, comfy camo. Nice, warm, sensible overalls with pockets to hold your stuff. No strapless, no stilettos, no boas or wigs or crazy shambley* getups. It was, quite truly, the best of both worlds.

AND as if that isn't amazing enough, have you ever heard of Trotline? Best country cover band ever, and that's coming from someone who lives in Nashville. I had never heard "You Never Even Call Me By My Name" before my first Mallard Ball, and by my senior year I knew it by heart.

My freshman year was my chapter's first Mallard Ball ever. Our social chair got the idea from UGA but I am not positive that's where it started. It was always the week before the Georgia game which meant once school started, we had weeks and weeks to look forward to it.

The house where I am an advisor wore lots of camo and there were even a few bright yellow and orange ducks (even though mallards are green and grey). They too have their Mallard Ball at an outdoor venue: we had the Auburn covered arena, but they had smores. Toss up!

A shout out to all my lovely sisters and handful of lucky gents who put on their best green and beige, hung a left at 280 and got a little dusty underneath the Auburn moon. It was the best of times.

*Sources my collegiates tell me that shambles/shambley is the new sketch/sketchy. Get on board.

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