Tuesday, October 02, 2007


It doesn't take much to make me a happy girl. For instance, you would be shocked at the incredible pleasure I have received from these lovely pom pom ankle socks from Old Navy. Hey, if it makes exercising fun, I'm all over it. Next time I am near an Old Navy, I am so going back for more colors. Actually, I just checked their Web site and the socks are buy 2 or more and they're $2.50 each! So, I guess I know where I'm going after work today.

It also makes me happy to watch Tommy Tuberville defend Auburn to the point of earning a penalty. How great was it watching him get steamed and blowing up at those officials? He's cool, calm and collected, except when it really matters. I love his passion. What a great coach.

And because it's my blog, and because he's so hot, this also makes me very very VERY happy:

If you're not a JT fan, get over it (coughFergusoncough). Besides, the concert went off demand yesterday so you don't have to hear about him anymore until the DVD comes out!


  1. How about the fact that one of the refs came up to him and told him they blew the call? Probably why they only hit him with a warning and not a 15 yard penalty. Branden James should have called a fair catch. He got what he deserved...being hit head on by two Auburn players. On a slightly related topic, how about the BS when UF hit Kodi Burns after the whistle while he was just standing there?

  2. My mistake, Wessy. I was so caught up in watching him scream that I missed hearing that we only got a warning. But still.
    And I agree about the Kodi Burns thing. While I don't know a lot about the rules of football, per se, I do know tacky when I see it. And that was tacky.

  3. I'm sorry I dissed your pom pom socks at lunch that day at Otter's. I'm glad they make you happy!!! :)

    Remind me to tell you what Tony and I were whispering about on our way out the door...but only if you can keep a BIG secret. I have been meaning to tell you since that day because I'm sure it appeared we were up to no good...(this is an embedded test to see if you are reading my comments in addition to a step forward in our relationship. I'll tell you this highly confidential secret because I trust that you will keep it. However, it's also important for me to say - please know that I WOULD NOT tell you if it would endanger the friend that it concerns - I know it won't. Because you won't tell. And it may eventually be public information anyway. Sooner than later. So you'd better get it while it's still a secret...


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