Friday, January 25, 2008


When I woke up yesterday morning, I found an e-mail from You Tube informing me that I had a new message. A new message? On You Tube? Weird.

I open it up and here's what I find:

hmm... never sent a message over youtube. And its 4am so why the hell not. So... you need to sing more songs. I heard you and commented like 2 months ago and now I just spent like 30 minutes trying to find you again and you havent added ANY songs... like, what the hell. So, if you could please, I would much appreciate it, even if they are just cover songs :)

I haven't decided if I am creeped out, flattered or both by this 41-year-old man's message. My favorite part is "like, what the hell."

This reminds me of that line in That Thing You Do: "Hey, wasn't that our fan?"


  1. I would be creeped out seeing that all the singing clips that he has "favorited" are attractive girls and guys between 18 and 25.

  2. So funny! Too bad he wasn't judging the Little Mermaid contest - we'd be in NYC!

  3. I think it's funnier his name is Ross. It's fate

  4. I wish it were that Ross. Something suggests that this Ross isn't interested in anything beyond my voice.

    Suggestions for what I should sing next for him?

  5. I'll admit I had to check out this guy's favorite videos too after Eric commented. He does have one good choice. He likes this video by "boyce avenue." Check them out. They have a myspace page too. Dude sings a lot of covers acoustic style. He's good.

  6. i'm suspicious. "you, doin' that thing you do"...apparently really got him going.

  7. at least i found your blog...

  8. Ha ha, yeah right. Nice try, "Ross" :)


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