Thursday, June 21, 2007


IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The day had an interesting start. You see, Monday I learned that today is also the birthday of another lady here at work. Everyone loves her. She is not a good one to share a birthday with because is so popular. As soon as I found out it was her birthday, I got sad because I knew her birthday would eclipse mine (at least to some people). She is also the lady that writes our weekly calendars and e-mails them to the whole staff. So to be modest she intentionally left her birthday off this week's calendar, which is no one's fault but her own.

But people remembered anyway.

One of these people that remembered happens to be our receptionist. She is this sweet tiny little woman (think grandmother in Wedding Crashers - attitude + northen accent).

So this morning, I bounce into work, wondering what excitement my 24th birthday will hold, and notice I have 2 voicemails. "Let the birthday begin," I think with a smile.

The first one is an all-staff message from our receptionist. "Hello everyone! I just wanted you all to remember that today is our bright, sunshiney dear Susan's* birthday! Don't forget to wish her a great day!"

UMMMM HELLO? It's my birthday too! But then I see that I have another voicemail and think - oh, this must be her follow up, realizing that it's my birthday too and she feels bad.

"Lindsay, it's (Receptionist). I sent you an e-card, I hope you have a great day."

HOLD THE PHONE - Did the first voicemail cut off? Did I do something wrong? Just because Susan* elected to leave her name off of our weekly calendar, she gets a voicemail in every single body's mailbox reminding them it's her birthday!?!?

Now, all day, people have been going "Aww, it's your birthday too?" YES IT'S MY BIRTHDAY - there's no "too" about it!!! Just because I a) did not get an all-staff voicemail in my honor b) have not worked here as long as Susan* c) bought my own birthday lunch DOES NOT make my birthday any less important!

I think I should get a do-over next month!

PS: *name changed to protect the popular

PPS: In case you were wondering what I got myself for my birthday, I bought myself $80 in medicine from Walgreen's, a $27 dry cleaners bill and a $42 bridesmaid dress alterations payment! Happy birthday, me!

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