Tuesday, May 01, 2007


My birthday is just under 2 months away, and you know what that means! Birthday Wish List time!

My trusty Rainbow sandals have flipped and flopped with me for more than 3 years. That's a lot of steps. And about a week after I bought them, I realized that I had bought the wrong kind (I wanted the ones with the double arch because I have shockingly flat feet). Now that they are good and worn (and by "worn" I mean gross), I think a new pair is in order. This way, I can wear my rainbows to work and not feel like a slob. *There is a chance I might not be able to wait until my birthday for these, but only if the weather cracks 60 degrees, like you think it would in April or May.

Okay. I managed to avoid Vera Bradley for 24 years of my life. Recently I purchased my first piece - a hair straightener holder. This was a practical purchase, as I would prefer that my luggage and clothing NOT catch on fire from the heat of my straightening iron. With the scorch-free liner keeping the heat at bay, I can safely pack my bags. While I am determined not to succumb to Vera's obsessive clutches with the enthusiasm of a graduating high school senior, I don't see the harm in a few coordinating pieces that spice up the inside of my luggage. The hot pink in Capri Melon (my pattern [wow, did I really just write that?]) is the exact shade of pink as the rest of my luggage. The Large Cosmetic Case and Small Cosmetic Case are the only other Vera pieces I think hope I will ever want.
I think it is time that I start collecting nice things, the equivalent of what I would be getting if I were getting married and had gift registries. Just because I am not betrothed does not mean I do not deserve crystal stemware or monogrammed linens or sterling silver. So, I am ready to begin receiving the Mariposa Brilliante String of Pearls Collection. These aluminum serving pieces will be among the first items I register for when/if the time comes. But why wait until then? I think the small oyster dish, to be used for decoration or serving food, would be a good place to start. But if anyone is feeling especially generous, I could also make room in my condo for the 2-tiered server or any of the platters.

I don't know why I want all this monogrammed stuff because ideally, one day my monogram will change. But this monogrammed wine stopper is too cute to pass up. Besides, I don't drink fancy wine, so why not pretend I do with a fancy stopper? It just makes sense!

Speaking of more monogrammed stuff, I think everyone should have a Tervis Tumbler. In fact, if you want to get in on a set of 4, let me know, because that is the only way I can find to order them. If you know where to get just ONE 16 oz. monogrammed tumbler by itself, let me know... or buy it for me for my birthday!
Lastly, a practical gift. I thought I was being so thrifty when I bought plain white sheets for my bed at TJ Maxx. Turns out, I was being stupid, because those sheets are like a 10 thread count and while they are very soft, I prefer my sheets 65% crispy, 35% soft. So I need some new sheets. Queen. White.
And according to yesterday's post, I suppose some movie passes would be a good gift too, even though they aren't monogrammed.

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