Thursday, April 30, 2009

DRESSED (part 2)

Here are the results to yesterday's little game.

If you don't believe me, visit and see for yourself. Every one of these images is of a nightgown ("chemise") or a dress currently for sale on their web site.

My point is that if none of you can tell the difference, I say we throw caution to the wind and start wearing our nightgowns out in public. I mean, if the only difference in a nightgown and a dress at Anthropoligie is the price tag, then I'm sure I'm not the only one doing this already. And if anyone at Anthropologie is reading this and wants to send me a free nightgown/dress in exchange for all the product promotion, please feel free.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This just in: Tonight from 5 to 10 pm, Baskin Robbins will be scooping 31-cent scoops of ice cream a la Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day. And reportedly you can get up to three scoops per person per time in line. Call first to make sure your local Baskin Robbins is participating.


I was shopping in Anthropologie last week. You may remember that Anthropologie is where I bought the nightgown I wore during the Summer of 2007. Don't worry, I still wear it. I just know it's a nightgown now.

Anyway, while browsing in Anthro, I found myself once again looking at the nightgown/loungewear rack thinking they were dresses. Son of a gun. So my question is this: what makes it a nightgown and what makes it a dress? It's not the material, so what is it? Pricing? Quality of craftsmanship? So today, we're going to play a game.

According to, Is It a Dress, or Is It a Nightgown?

Item A:
Item B:
Item C:
Item D:
Item E:
Item F:
Item G:
Item H:Don't cheat! Just cast your votes in the comment section, guessing which you think are dresses and which are nightgowns. By the way, I labeled all the pictures as Dress A, Dress B, etc., so don't go thinking that's a clue. Answers will come tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Look what Evan gave me last night:

I'm not sure how he knew I had been talking about this at work lately, but I have. Some people think a chocolate-covered piece of bacon sounds disgusting. As you may remember, I imagine that it sounds delicious. And, whenever I feel like it, I get to eat one and find out. I think will open it tomorrow.

What's your vote - will it be amazing or disgusting?

Monday, April 27, 2009


Here are some photos from my quick trip to Birmingham.

Me and Kathryn, who makes being pregnant look so adorable:Hello baby Katelyn! Don't come out yet.
Me and Katie, who looks positively svelt after giving birth 6 weeks ago:
And finally, me and Mary Thomas
Don't let this face fool you - she was really enjoying time with Aunt Lindsay. She just wasn't sure how to express it:

Sunday, April 26, 2009


As you know, I went to Birmingham for a few hours this weekend. It was a quick but perfect trip.

Friday, 6:30 pm: Pass two cars with "Dega bound!!", etc., written on the windows. As close as I get to Talledega traffic, thank goodness.

7 pm: Arrive at Taziki's. Happily eat my dinner alone at the counter.

7:30 pm: Head to Target to pick up muffin mix.

8 pm: Arrive at mom's house. Begin process of baking 6-7 dozen mini muffins (aka open pouch, add water).

8:15-9:30 pm: Circulate from oven to computer (where I am watching Duel 2 episodes) until all muffins are made and cooling neatly. Place pans beside the sink because it is already full.

9:35 pm: Bathtime!

10:30 pm: Out of bath and at computer until Mom returns home.

11:20 pm: Mom home. She's ready to talk; I'm ready to sleep. I win.

Saturday, 7:30 am: Wake up and drift in and out of sleep for 30 more minutes.

8 am: Begin getting ready. Shower curtain rod falls twice... while I am in the shower.

8:15 am: Notice I have a weird pain in my upper back. Take two advil.

8:30 am: Mom's boyfriend arrives. I am standing in my towel in the kitchen to greet him. Thank Mom for absolutely zero heads up on that one.

9 am: Packed and ready. Head to baby shower.

9:30 am-Noon: Lovely baby shower for Kathryn, whose unborn daughter now has more monogrammed items than I do. Get asked "So where are you now?" at least six times.

12:30 pm: Head to Summit to kill time while Mary Thomas naps. In a true display of strength , manage not to melt... or go broke.

1:30 pm: Arrive at Katie's mom's house. Finally meet Mary Thomas, who is perfect in every way. Marvel at how much she looks like her father, right down to the eyebrows. Watch Katie in her best role yet. Wish I lived closer to my best friends.

2:15 pm: Chicken salad stop at O'Carrs!

3 pm: Set cruise control and point wheel north. Back is still hurting.

5:30 pm: Arrive downtown. Traffic already bad from all the people trying to go out. See runners in their medals; experience first pang of regret/nostalgia for sitting this one out.

6 pm: Log into computer at work. Read that a runner died after finishing the half. Regret and nostalgia vanishes.

6:15 pm: Angrily scrap idea to fly somewhere for Memorial Day weekend upon discovering that those are blackout dates on the big one-day only half-off sale for fligts to/from Nashville on Road trip to Destin it is.

7 pm: On my couch eating edamame hummus and fruit for dinner.

7:30 pm: In my bed napping before going out.

8:45 pm: Out of bed, having never really fallen asleep.

10 pm: C picks me up. Meet another couple for some drinks. Enjoy the warm night and catching up with friends. Tell them about WWE and "Tom."

1 am: Back in my bed. Hope back pain will finally go away overnight.

Sunday, 10 am: Coffee on my couch. Back finally feels better.

11 am: Call YMCA re: summer membership after deciding I would easily pay to use a pool on a day like today. Summer membership is three months at $299 for center-only membership($399 for city-wide [Are you SERIOUS, YMCA?]) and is for families only. Vow to pick this up again another day when the pool is at least open.

Noon: Decide to act on initial nostalgia/regret from yesterday and go for run. Set very baby step goal and take off.

12:30 pm: Riverfront is an awesome place to run! Why have I not done this sooner?!

1 pm: Cool off after reaching my very baby step goal. Realize I am completely starting from scratch again. Feel stupid for letting that happen.

1:15 pm: "Damaged" by Danity Kane = best sit-up song ever!

2 pm: More edamame hummus and fruit, this time for lunch.

So there you go. As you can see, it has been a good weekend so far. Pictures tomorrow!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Have I finally run out of things to say? I hope not. This is what happens when you don't have a stalker. The blog suffers.

Let's see. What to discuss? I got my hair cut yesterday and with the snip of some scissors, summer officially began. Even though the first day of summer is not until June 21 (BIRTHDAY ALERT!), as soon as I looked in the mirror once Erin* was all done with me, I was instantly transported back to last summer. The short hair takes me back! I was "growing it out" this fall and winter and am SO glad it's short again. Reminds me of days at the pool, tap dancing, karaoke, and everything else I did last summer. I hope this summer is just as good! And since C has already started asking me what I want to do for my birthday, and his is before mine, all signs point toward a fantastic summer.

So, with the sun in my eyes and a bounce in my step, I went and did a little shopping before coming home to pack, clean, watch the Office and 30 Rock and fret about possibly getting stuck in Talledega traffic on my way home to Taziki's today.

Have a great weekend!

*Erin = best stylist in Nashville!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Today I am going to get a haircut. I can't wait to have short hair again. Then I am going to pack, because tomorrow I go home.

Kathryn's baby shower is on Saturday morning, and I am looking forward to it tremendously! I also will get to visit with Katie and her DAUGHTER (so weird) Mary Thomas at the shower and hopefully afterward, before I head back to Nashville.

I don't know why I have had so little to say this week. It's just a slow week. Everything is fine though. I got my oil changed yesterday and found out I have nitrogen in my tires. Is that normal? What would have happened if I had stopped and put air in them, like I almost did last week? Does anyone know?


Once again, it's Marathon weekend here in Nashville. The road closure signs went up on Monday. The porta potties on Tuesday. The runners started arriving Wednesday. This morning, they're out running the course and hitting up the Expo.

I remember this time last year. I felt like I was about to graduate or something. It was a great week. I was nervous, inspired, excited and scared all at the same time. I ate carbs, watched the weather and didn't do much else.

Good luck to all the runners out there (go Kate!) who will be hitting 13.1 or (gulp) 26.2 this weekend!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009



Run - don't walk - to your local Ben & Jerry's before 8 pm and participate in FREE CONE DAY.


Monday, April 20, 2009


On Saturday evening, C and I were invited to one of our friends's house to hang out. Good friends, good conversation and GOOD FOOD. See exhibit A: edamame hummus.
No, this photo was not taken at the scene of the crime but the next day, at my house, after I had made my second-ever trip to Trader Joe's (and my maiden voyage to the one here in Nashville). I left with two cartons of the hummus, pita chips, some cheese and crackers, apples and Joe's O's aka Cheerios.

I went on a hummus binge last year or so, eating it every chance I got until I switched brands in a money-saving effort and did not like the new kind. Which really sucked because it was BOGO and so they both sat in my fridge for a while because I would not allow myself to buy more hummus until the hummus I had was already gone. So it stayed there, perhaps until I moved out.

Edamame hummus! It has the consistency of regular hummus but is saltier. It's good, trust me. And if you get it from Trader Joe's, it's good AND affordable!

So the next time you're having friends over and want to impress them, buy some edamame hummus. People will think you are a genious for serving such interesting and delicious food.

Friday, April 17, 2009


How do you follow a post like the one from yesterday? Thanks for all the comments and suggestions. Luckily, I have this handsome guy and don't need "Tom" or his coffee....
...But I have had to really refrain myself from putting a paypal donation button to the left and taking bids to actually go and get coffee with him. I knew you all love hearing about him and what he's done next. How much is it worth to you as a group to continue reading about "Tom"? $250? $500? I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

But enough about him! Let's talk about people who DO matter. Here are some more photos from my Easter weekend.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

STALKED (part 6)

So he wrote back. A few things before I share what he wrote:

1. I am not writing him back;
2. You all were right and I am genuinely surprised that his intentions were of the romantic nature. I thought he had more common sense, but apparently not;
3. C has seen this, and we just laughed about it;
4. I hate his comma vomit and I do drink beverages stronger than coffee: two of the MANY reasons it would never work. I mean, not that I am even considering it. I am very, very, very much not. AHHH! I am done talking about this.

Hi Lindsay. I know this is very slow to answer your email, but let me explain, I did not have the use of my computer for more than a month, for reasons too lengthy to explain at this time, that's the reason I'm just now responding. Any way,I was not comfortable visiting you at work,for, I felt like I was interfering with your work or getting in your way.I did not want that,and I"m quite sure you did not either,.
However , I think you are a very nice lady, with a lot of class, and I still would like the opportunity to get to know you. I will comply with your request not to bother you at work, but email me and lets get together for coffee, sometime where we can just talk.
I dont drink anything stronger than coffee,and I have been single since my wife, [wife's name], died of cancer almost twelve years ago. At this time, Icant think of anything more pleasant than sitting across the table from a lovely, charming lady ,listening to her life story,sharing a few laughs, and just getting acquainted.
and, of course, you fit all those criteria I mentioned .
So how about it? Email me and give me some good news. say yes.
Your Friend

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Last night, a hotel here in town had a party to celebrate their recent renovations to their event space. Since we're all friendly in this industry, they had a big shindig to show off the new digs and my department was on the guest list.

The theme was "Progressive" -- meaning, they were honoring their progressive renovation through a progressive party. The partitions in their grand ballroom had been drawn and the room was divided into thirds.

Party One - my favorite (which may surprise you after reading about all the parties). It was a loft style set up with soft furniture, drapery, mood lighting, a baby grand piano and jazz music. There were passed drinks and hors d'oeuvres as well as an open bar (white wine!) and a cheese and bread buffet. Four different kinds of cheeses with all kinds of bread and rolls and breadsticks and crackers. I don't think I need to get into detail, but let's just say I would have put a few mice to shame. It was AMAZING.

After a brief welcome speech, the curtain was drawn and Party Two began. An upbeat band was playing and there was fun, festive lighting and furniture. The food was a little bit heavier - pork sliders, chicken and grits, and a down south eggroll are what I tried. There was seafood and a truffle macaroni and cheese and some other things I didn't dive into because I had heard what was coming in Party Three...

After about 30 minutes, our host announced it was time for door prizes. Unfortunately, I didn't win one but lots of people won two nights stays at sister hotels all over the country.

Finally, it was time for Party Three. I kid you not when I say I was the first one to skip (yes, I skipped) through the doors and into CANDYLAND. A candy buffet, a white chocolate fountain with almond bark in all kinds of flavors, gelato, a decorate your own cupcake station, several rubbermaid tubs filled with oreo "dirt" and gummy worms with chocolate-covered strawberries "growing" in the dirt, edible flowers, a tree made of chocolate covered pretezel rods and more. I felt like I was Charlie Bucket, walking into Wonkaland and getting to eat whatever I wanted. It was stunning. Absolutely amazing. I am still shaking a little bit from the sugar high. Sarah - you would have dropped dead on the floor from a sugar coma.

Between the cheese and all the chocolate, it was a great night. Just thought I'd rub it in!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today is my cousin Angie's birthday. Happy birthday!
Angie is four years older than I am. When we were all little and my sister and I were stealing/hogging/hoarding the stage at holidays, Angie was always polite enough to let us. She never minded that we always had to be the center of attention. Maybe she preferred it that way!

She is a great older cousin. Angie is so kind and so sweet. She would never do anything to hurt anyone. She was such a great friend and granddaughter to my grandparents. I envy the relationship she had with them.
I was so honored to stand by her side in 2007 and sing in her wedding to Jason, who has been such a great addition to the family.
They moved to Wetumpka after they married and I don't get to see them enough, but when I do, we always have fun!
Happy birthday, Angie! Hope your 30th is the best one yet.

STALKED (part 5)

Guess who called again this morning? "I'm having trouble reaching you... but I'll try back another time."

Which brings me to the conclusion of last week's contest. Here is the e-mail I have drafted to send SENT, which you'll notice is most closely based on Katie M's suggestion so she wins the prize (but hold that thought):

Hi "Tom",
While I have appreciated your friendship, I have to ask that you not contact me at the museum any further. Should you have questions about the museum or our programs, please call the guest information line at xxx-xxxx.
Thank you,

Now, Katie's prize: her very own free copy of the 80s classic "Somebody's Watching Me" as recently heard on the Geico commercials. You know the ones, where the money has googley eyes? Yes, she gets the awesome remix by Mysto and Pizzi. Just let me know to which e-mail address you would prefer it sent, Katie.

Stay tuned for his reply. I'm sure he won't disappear quietly into the night.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Top Ten Things about this Weekend (in chronological order)

1. Being off on Friday - I slept til 10 am...ish, then took my time packing, running errands and getting ready to head to Birmingham after C got off work.
2. Taziki's - If you ever want to know if I came home for the weekend, go to Taziki's at about 7:30 on any given Friday because if I go home, that's my first stop. Even before my mom's house.
3. Family - Jen and Jamie (J²) flew in and got to the house around 10 pm. It's always fun to have everyone home again.
4. Manicure - compliments of sister. I found my new favorite color: OPI Kiss on the Chic. I finally found the perfect natural pink for me.
5. Coffee with Kathryn - it was so good to see her. I got to feel baby Katelyn - can't wait to meet her in July!
6. Wicked - Mom + 1, me + C and J² all trotted down to the BJCC on Saturday night to try our luck getting Wicked lottery tickets. We knew the odds of all six of us getting in were not great, but figured we'd try. Each name drawn can get up two tickets, so we decided if one name was drawn, J² would go since they are the only ones currently without tickets to see it at a date down the road. Mom's + 1 didn't want to see it at all, so he was just there to up our odds of a name getting drawn. Turns out you can't transfer tickets (for instance, if Mom won but wanted to give hers to J², the rules say you can't do that. We were going to try anyway though). So there were about 40 people with their names in the box and they were only giving away 20 tickets (so 10 names if everyone wanted 2 tickets). Imagine our surprise when the fourth name they called was my mom's. The fifth name? Mom's + 1. The sixth name? Jamie. The seventh name? C, but by the time they got to him we were all safely in line and didn't need more tickets, which I'm sure was a relief to the throng of people waiting anxiously/grumbling in frustration (one lady asked me "so is that all of you now?"). Mom's + 1, who has no interest whatsoever in theater, was talked into going and we all happily forked over $25 each to see the show. After a quick dinner downtown, we returned to the BJCC and took our seats in the first, second and third row. It was my fourth time to see the show. I'd rank that performance second-best, after the first time I saw it in L.A. The cast was magnificent - both of the witches were amazing. It was a great night. I even made $5 because I bet +1 that he would love it. Which he did.
7. Easter morning - the bunny was kind to us all. I got the shoes and jean jacket I wanted plus some dove dark chocolate eggs. Yum.
8. My Easter dress - $30 from Old Navy. I love it. So much in fact, that when I realized I went off and left it in Nashville (along with my other hanging clothes [second time in a row that I have done that, by the way]), I spent Saturday morning running around to multiple Old Navys trying to find the same dress to wear to church. I succeeded.
9. Easter lunch - Mom cooked lunch for us all. The meal was as delicious as her cooking is infrequent.
10. Furniture - once back in Nashville, I immediately put together my lamp and coffee table from Ikea! Sixth months later, it's starting to feel homey in my apartment. Now all I need is some art and curtains and I'll have a living room.

I hope everyone's weekends were fantastic. However you celebrated, wherever you went and whomever you were with, I hope you looked around and thought, "wow - I am very blessed!" as I did more than a few times this weekend.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

STALKED (part 4)

So, "Tom" called again. Which I knew would happen, because I was talking about him Monday night, and mentioned he hadn't come around for a while so maybe he'd gotten the hint. Well of course that means he will show up or call the next day.

Which he did--twice. I had a voicemail from him when I got into work yesterday morning (left at 6 pm the evening before), and he called again yesterday at 4:30.

So I propose this -- all you people who think it's time I send an e-mail to him, I agree. But I am not sure exactly how to write it. So each of who think it's so overdue and that it'll be so easy - hit the comment button below this post and YOU do it. I want you each to write a sample e-mail to "Tom." Share what you would write. Make it serious, make it funny, make it rhyme, make it short and sweet: I don't care.

The winning composition will get a prize: I will, via iTunes, gift to you a song that I have picked out that is entirely appropriate for this situation. Not telling what it is yet though. You'll have to wait and see.

So, bring it on. I'm dumping "Tom" and I need your help! Make 'em good, people.

*Not his real name.
**Maybe he is calling because he heard on the radio that she will be performing here tonight. He wouldn't be the first.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Today is Eric's birthday. Where do I even start?
The night I made CWE counselor, I looked around the room and I knew that I would be lifelong friends with some of those people. I did not know I would also be lifelong friends with someone not in that room.

Our second week of training, a new face appeared. "Who is this guy?" I thought. "He looks so young - is he a freshman here to tell us some stuff from a freshman point of view? Or maybe a high schooler, doing a shadow program?"

Turns out - neither. One counselor decided not to continue training, so Eric was pulled in. What luck! I cannot imagine CWE - and life now - without my darling blue-eyed, blond-haired, actor/engineer.

I got to know Eric through JB, who got to know him first. Then he and I gradually got to know one another better. He had to dress up as Clay Aiken for one of our skits and I'm pretty sure that's what ended up drawing me to him, like a moth to a flame.We were friends while we were both in Auburn. I would look for Eric after band practice while I was waiting to ride the Tiger Transit to go to my Tuesday/Thursday night classes and would occasionally grab lunch or something. We both loved musicals so I remember when I told him goodbye in Auburn, it was over Chick-Fil-A and we sang Rent for a really long time in my car.

Eric's and my friendship grew exponentially after I left Auburn. When you have to work for it, everything is better. We stayed in touch about American Idol, his graduation plans (Prattville or LA?), American Idol and sometimes we'd talk about American Idol.
I moved to Nashville and spent the longest time wondering why. Then, when I found out my company was sending me to a conference in Los Angeles, I knew exactly why! Naturally, I finagled them into sending me a few days early so I arranged to take a few days off and planned to visit Eric. Boy, did I plan. I planned and I planned and I planned. I checked out books from the library, I made a spreadsheet and together, Eric and I made a list of every single thing we even considered doing, seeing, eating or visiting. Then we gave each activity a score and ranked them by combined score in order to do the things we both really wanted to and maximize our time together. We had scheduled everything from big activities like Wicked and Leno to small things I didn't want to overlook, like my first trips to Pinkberry or H&M. And while I was making spreadsheets, he was making phone calls - specifically, to arrange for a surprise tour of Warner Brothers and the Friends set!It was so great for me to have something to look forward to that spring - once we hit 50 days, I had a countdown on my office wall. The trip surpassed every possible notion I had of how it would go (conference aside - lame!). Eric was THE BEST host, happily driving me all over L.A. to see things like the Father of the Bride house and Millenium Dance Studio, never once complaining. He had arranged a WB tour for us, knowing how much it meant for me to see the Friends set. He had gotten Leno tickets for us and had even splurged and bought Wicked tickets for us both. It was just the best weekend.
Since then, my visits with him have unfortunately been few and far between. I made sure to find him at the Auburn-Bama game in 2007, and we intentionally bought seats together for the Auburn-UT game last fall so we could spend time with each other while watching the game. So since May 2007, I have seen him a grand total of 2 times. But that's okay because we are still close.
If you knew Eric once upon a time and lost touch with him, I am here to say you are really missing out. He is one of the most honest people I know. He's not afraid to do his own thing or say what he thinks, but is also mature enough to know if it is the right time or place for him to say or do his own thing. He is strong in his beliefs, but will gladly listen to yours and won't judge if you disagree. He is extremely smart, delightfully unaffected, tough but silly, jaded but innocent, cynical but sensitive--and all at the same time. His respect is hard to earn but once you have, I think you've got a friend for life. And boy is he funny. So, so funny.
Eric, you had me at "I don't wanna." You are one of the bravest people I know: You dressed up as Clay Aiken... You moved to L.A. without knowing a soul... You took me on the set of Friends without backup restraining devices... There's not much that phases you in a city and world where it's easy to get caught up in crazy stuff and I love how you are always real and always honest. I wish I were as uninhibited as you. I am just in awe of how you have carved yourself a little world in L.A. I am sure it wasn't easy but you made it look like a cakewalk. Being your friend is one of my greatest privileges. I hope you know how much I admire you. I love you, friend!

Monday, April 06, 2009


Just a few things I hope will appear in my Easter basket this weekend:

*The first two aren't appearing in my basket, but will be coming home with me thanks to my mom's friend making an Ikea run while in Atlanta.
**The third should be dark chocolate.
***Last three items: Urban Outfitters, Target and Old Navy, respectively.

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