Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So tonight we built the table! Mary Byrne and I got started on it (we had to unpack the box in my car because it was too heavy for us to get upstairs), then JB joined in, then 2 more friends showed up as we were finishing. After we'd assembled the table, we noticed we put the legs on incorrectly. So 4 chairs and 2 tries at the table later, everything was assembled and looking wonderful. Behold:

Thumbs up! I promise I worked hard too. I just stopped for pictures. And I had to document Joseph wearing my house shoes.


It's so sturdy, MB sat on it!

Obsessed with my table!

Come over and I'll cook for you and we'll eat it at my beautiful, inexpensive table!

And I promise I'll find new things to write about now.

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  1. Someone's happy! Congratulations.

    Did you check on your craigslister and his expensive table?


Oh goody!

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