Thursday, March 31, 2011


I have been pampering my iPod lately!

First, I bought a dock off of eBay because I was tired of leaving my iPod sitting on my CPU under my desk at work, and only realizing it once I got to the gym. If I want to listen to music at my desk now, I have to have my iPod: I wiped all the music off the computer here so my iTunes library is otherwise empty. So, now I have this dock set up and not only does it look great, but I love having the iPod at eye level so when I do a quick scan of my desk every day as I’m packing up to leave, I easily notice if I am about to leave it behind. The dock plus shipping cost me less than $6.

I also ordered a small (8 cm) cord for connecting my iPod to my laptop at home. That hasn’t arrived yet but it cost me $2.

Also, I blogged about this smart little case a while back. When I use the dock, I can’t have the protective gel cover on my iPod (it won’t fit). Plus you all know my constant struggle with keeping the headphones neat and untangled so I figured a case for it that protects it and fixes that headphone problem was just the ticket. Cause if you think I'm going to deal with that gel case twice a day, you're wrong.

And lastly, the last bit of pampering was the most recent album I added to the iPod: Six Strings and a Drum Machine by Britten Newbill. Evan introduced me to this artist (literally) and his stuff is so good! It doesn’t hurt that he’s a Tennessee native either.

So. That’s all the love for my iPod lately. Now if you need me, I’ll be getting a pedicure with my Macbook.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


As you may have heard, there is an HBO documentary coming out that has four Auburn players "confessing" they got money from the school. I don’t want to open that can of worms, because I think it’s total garbage, and not in the I-really-think-Clay-Aiken-is-straight! delusional way of thinking that I hide behind when I really know the truth deep down inside, and it hurts.

SO. My point is that it's caused scores of Auburn people to (among other things) take to the Twitterverse and post our own confessions, some fake, some real. They are really funny. Eighty to ninety percent of them are about parking permits. My Auburn confessions that I have shared today include: I have never been to the War Eagle Supper Club, I hated the tube socks we had to wear as Camp War Eagle counselors (no secret there) and that my first kiss at Auburn was in front of Owen Hall… when I was a senior in high school. Hey-oh!

If you have any confessions you’d like to unload, lay ‘em on us! Who knows, maybe a reporter will contact you for an HBO special!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last night, I met up with some friends for what is becoming the hottest ticket in town – Whiskey Jam. I guess once it gets written about in the paper, then the secret is kind of out. This impromptu jam session started several months ago, with the two “hosts” inviting other friends to sit in or do a quick set. The artists are from all genres: country, pop, bluegrass, you name it. Sometimes the lineup gets leaked, other times it’s a total surprise who is sitting in… or just stopping by to listen.

The crazy part is, it’s totally free. I have got to start taking more advantage of the incredible music in this town.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


When I heard that In the Heights would be playing at TPAC, I begged my sister to come and see it with me since it's one of her very favorites. At that time, she was still living in DC. But then they found out they would be arriving in Birmingham the week before the tour came to Nashville, so as soon as we got that news, Jennie, Mom and I bought three tickets and looked forward to a quick girls night in Nashville.

We had dinner at Germantown Cafe before flitting off to TPAC for the show. Mom and Jen have both seen the show and said it was great. Several of you have mentioned that it's also one of your favorites and you all have great taste! Everyone was right! It was one of my favorite shows I've ever seen with all the best things about musicals: great songs, great dancing and of course a great story.

Afterward, we came home for some of those yummy cupcakes you saw on Friday. We had a quick breakfast in the morning before they headed home in the rain and I headed off to work.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Question: what's pink, green, yellow and purple and can't wait to see my family this afternoon?

These guys! And me! Have a great one!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Elizabeth asked the back-story on the KitchenAid mixer. It's pretty simple. And just so you all know I am not growing money on trees up here, let me share it!

I received a very generous Williams-Sonoma gift card for Christmas from my mom's boyfriend. He was keeping with the cookware theme for the holiday, I suppose. Having shopped at Williams-Sonoma, I knew I could get a bunch of expensive odds and ends, or something more of an investment like I don't know a KitchenAid mixer?

Catch one: Since January 1, there has been a rebate offer on the mixers that expires this weekend. I knew I wanted that rebate offer ($30 back) so I had to pull the trigger by this weekend.

Catch two: The web site prices are much cheaper than the store prices but they change practically daily color to color. Eventually I called the store and found out they would honor the (current) web site price.

Catch three: Knowing how heavy the darned things are, I was waiting for free shipping. It was offered for maybe the three days after Christmas, but not once since.

So for the past three months, I have been waiting for free shipping (never came back), and for the lowest price on the color I want (chrome, naturally). Finally, the stars aligned. With the gift card, the rebate, and the low web-site price (more than $100 cheaper than in store price), I basically paid for just the tax on this bad boy. Nice work if you can get it.

Now if someone will just teach me to BAKE, I'll be set. Until then, I'll be here staring at my mixer. Is there a "clothes folder" attachment?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Spring has sprung. I decided to use my Tuesday discount to pick up some new spring baubles to make a bad day better celebrate!

Here's the best part: It was only as I was pulling up my order to show you my new spring baubles that I realized somehow I duplicated the order. I ordered two of these PLUUUS those cute and perfect shoes I showed you the other week. Major OOPs. I guess stuff placed in my "cart" at home got carried into this order! BUT the best part about is that you can return things by mail - for free. GAH. I love that web site. So it'll be fine.

But they won't be here for a few days so if anyone wants to buy one of these lovely spring baubles, let me know! I got two!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Last night, I met up with four of my favorite fellows in town - plus two new friends - for the inaugural trivia night at a cute newish pizza place. There were only about 6 or 7 teams playing the first game, even fewer for the second game, but guess which team won BOTH GAMES?

Our team!

The questions I delivered big on: name all six of the main characters on Friends (please); true or false: a straight flush is the highest hand in a game of poker (can you believe I knew that was false? it's the second highest hand) and what word do these three words have in common: fluid, light, pad. Think: living room, dining room, bed room. Does anyone know the answer?

Monday, March 21, 2011


Aren't these little bunnies cute? This is what was waiting on me when I flipped to the new week in my calendar.

Speaking of cute art, I saw this over the weekend while I was in World Market. It spoke to me. When I have a house to decorate one day, and not this tiny apartment with walls I can't even paint, I am going to only get art that speaks to me. And hopefully I'll also have a husband who is a pro at hanging things perfectly because I stink at it.

Anyway, I immediately thought this was the perfect art for my blank bedroom wall. And this piece actually said a few things to me. Obviously it said "buy me!" and then unfortunately, it replied with a price that was too high.

I bet for what this mass-produced piece costs, I could find someone to make me a real live painting. Actually, I may could do it myself. First up: find a 30x40" canvas and a ton of free time.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


This weekend, I went out with friends...
did a little spring decorating*...

hit the gym so I can taste what I make with this...

...saw the Super Moon, enjoyed the warm weather, talked to MB about her amazing trip to Italy, and prepped for/contained my excitement about a busy week ahead. I have plans or work every single night this week, the highlight of which will be Friday, when my mom and sister are coming to town! We're going to see In the Heights. They've both seen it and swear it's amazing. I wish they could stay longer than one night, but it is super fun that I can say they're "coming up" since they both live in Birmingham now!

*Don't you love that cute vase I stole from my mom?

Saturday, March 19, 2011


This story warms my heart. I wish that more cool stuff like this could happen through this blog.

You may remember a few weeks ago that I posted a picture of me and little miss Maggie, my best friend Kathryn's adorable second daughter. A day or two later, I got an e-mail from reader Ivy:

"Someone recently gave me a ton of baby hand-me-downs (mainly bibs and burp cloths) with the name Maggie on them and my baby's name is Paisley so that doesnt quite work! I was going to give them to Goodwill but I have just been holding out, hoping to hear of a Maggie soon. Everything is in really good condition and there is even a birthday cake bib with Maggie on it! I would be more than happy to mail these to you or to your friend if she may be interested."

I was at Kathryn's shower for Katelyn, her first-born daughter, and everything was monogrammed except the punch we drank. Katelyn is set for life. I wasn't so sure about Maggie's supply, but even if I thought she had a different monogrammed bib for every day of the week, I still would have eagerly replied YES! to Ivy and given her my Kathryn's address.

Kathryn got the box this week and was so surprised and touched. Thank you, Ivy, for inspiring me and blessing my friend, and hopefully other readers, with your thoughtfulness! I love the idea that this blog can be a ministry tool... when I'm not lusting after Cam and all.

Friday, March 18, 2011


I am going to pick up my KitchenAid stand mixer this weekend! Would anyone like to volunteer to carry it inside and up three flights of stairs for me?

What should I make first? Would anyone like a cake? Actually, I guess I should also pick up some cake pans since I don't have any.... would anyone like some brownies?

Watch your back, Paula Deen!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Look what I whipped up - in the PAINT program, by the way:


DRESSED II (part 2)

And now, the long-awaited answers to the Second Annual Is it a Dress or Is It a Nightgown challenge!

The answer: they were all nightgowns. Boom. Here's proof if you need it.

Maybe that was a little tricky, but I am comforted in the fact that so many of you would agree that at least half of those would be perfectly acceptable worn as a dress. Everyone go buy one and let's flip the switch on the clothing industry!

Thanks for playing.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


They are officially en route home. Utilities canceled, keys forfeited, truck packed, on the interstate, headed home. The DC chapter has officially been written.

Other deep thoughts:

Why is Colonel spelled like that, but pronounced KER-nal?

Do I need to edit my iTunes library every time Sean Combs changes his name?

Why hasn't Cam called me yet?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


With spring just around the corner, lots of stores are rolling out their cute sundresses. Which brings back by popular demand,

Is It A Dress or a Nightgown?

We played this game in spring of 2009, after I realized I'd been wearing a nightgown from Anthropologie the previous two summers. Many of you played the game and were shocked to realize that price is pretty much the only thing that separates an Anthropologie dress from a nightgown.

So, here we go. Leave your guesses in the comments and later this week I will tell you which are dresses and which are nightgowns. Last time Sarah got all but one right. Who will be the winner this time? And it goes without saying, but NO CHEATING.


Monday, March 14, 2011


A few other fun items of note from this weekend, in order of appearance:

1. I found my forever, #1, go-to nail polish of choice. Ballet Slippers by Essie. I have always been an OPI fan, but switched it up this weekend and LOVE it.

2. Mom took me to her new favorite restaurant Friday night (yes, I ate somewhere other than Taziki’s [don’t worry, I got it for lunch the next day]). We got there a little earlier than our reservation time and took a seat at the bar. A little old man sat down beside us. Having had a traumatic experience from accidentally getting too friendly with a little old man, I was VERY cautious to get chatty, even though Mom wouldn’t leave him alone (surprise, surprise). He was nice though, so I played along. We determined he lived in my mom’s neighborhood, was a widower (“My wife Helga died in 2000”) and had four daughters, four granddaughters and one new grandson that his daughter, Sandra, had just adopted. At the same time my mom mentioned she was a teacher, he mentioned we might know his daughter. Mom asked if the baby was Asian or from around here – she has a lot of adopted Asian children at her school. He said the baby is from the US and he is black. My immediate thought*: “oh, that’s in style now because Sandra Bullock did it.”


Me: “And what’d you say your daughter’s name is again?” Him, with a smile: “Sandra.” LIGHTBULB. And he could tell it went off. I had to loop Mom in, and then we told him we were huge fans of his daughter and her work. My sister tells me often that I favor SB, which I mentioned to him, and he said I did, but I really looked more like his daughter Gesine (he's right). Then we talked about where the name Gesine (pronounced ga-ZIN-a) came from, his other favorite restaurants in town, how he ended up in Birmingham, and lots of other fun things. We invited him to sit with us at dinner when our table was ready, but it was a two-top so he declined. Anyway: 1, what a super nice guy and 2, I’m not afraid of little old men anymore!

3. Mom and I treated Kathryn to some birthday yogurt after dinner. The yogurt was delicious but the real treat came from Kathryn, who brought along her junior high diary, which she unearthed recently at her mom's house while cleaning out her old bedroom. I was crying from laughing so hard. We both were.

4. The REAL reason I was originally planning to go home this weekend was to attend my sweet friend’s wedding. Carlee and I have been pals since first grade. Her dad is the one who gave me my big break and put me in a Milo’s commercial (yes, file that under Did You Know?: I was in a Milo’s commercial in junior high - I’ve put in a request for the digital version of that to share with you all; I even had a speaking line!). I literally had a hand in her wedding: she made my day and asked me to design the invitation and a few other pieces for her. So it was fun to finally see the big day come and see how creatively she’d used my little old handwriting in different places throughout the reception. She was a beautiful bride, and it was a treat to be there for her big day. I also got to visit with my friend Katie and catch up with her and her husband.

5. Last but not least, about three people outed themselves (and others) to me as long-time readers this weekend. How flattering! But now you all have to comment or I'll start naming names...

*Not knocking on anyone's adoption decisions whatsoever, just being honest with that was the first thought that popped in my head.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Wow. That's all I can say - is wow.

What was supposed to be a casual weekend in Birmingham for a wedding took a turn toward one of the most important trips home in a long time.

LAST time I was home (two weeks ago), I learned that one Cam Newton would be in town on March 12, signing autographs and taking photos. Since I had not yet bought my new computer, I was HIGHLY considering cashing in the savings and buying a handful of vouchers to meet Prince Cam instead. But, I figured I'd better stick to my plan, and was merely considering going to the Galleria hoping to get a glimpse of him, but certainly not paying the astronomical fees for a photo or autograph. Until Friday morning.

I saw on Twitter that a sports talk show Cole Cubelic, host of the Cole Cubelic Show on Huntsville's 97.7 the Zone, would be giving away a voucher to meet Cam! All you had to do was call or send a tweet anytime during the morning show to enter your name in the pot. Turns out, Deputy Desperate here was the only one who did both! Plus I gave them my "sob story" about only getting to see one Auburn game in person this year and needing some more face time with Cam. Persistence paid off, people. And in this case, my prize was one voucher to meet Prince Cam and get my photo with him and his hardware.

Cue the insanity.

After bragging to friends and family, and then freaking out, I repacked my bag and headed south. Just before I crossed the state line, I got the bright idea that I needed to take him some of his favorite Gigi's Wedding Cake cupcakes. We have a Gigi's about one mile from my house in Nashville, but I went nearly an hour out of the way to Huntsville to buy some for Cam. I almost didn't do it, because I was ready to get home, but then I realized what a BRILLIANT idea it was and I'd always regret it if I didn't go for the gold.

So Saturday morning, four Gigi's wedding cupcakes, one Linda and one Lindsay carefully headed to the Galleria to finally lay eyes (and hands) on Prince Cam.
We got there early enough that we weren't too far from the front of the line. They were taking all the photos first, and then sitting him down to sign autographs, so we were able to get the job done and then be on our way. Cam was a little late getting started, but let's be honest, I'd have waited all day.
He came in to the old Macy's looking fine as a comb in his sweater vest and jeans. The line moved pretty quickly and before I knew it, I was at bat.
Cupcakes and ridiculous but memorable note in hand (thanks for the Tiger 2 Titan idea, Evan!), I marched up to him and presented him with his gift. He was realllly excited that I brought the "first present of the day!" and sweetly asked what flavor they were. When I answered with "wedding cake," he gave a big "ooooOOOH!" and grinned. IT PAYS OFF TO KNOW YOUR FAVORITE QUARTERBACK'S CUPCAKE FLAVOR OF CHOICE, PEOPLE!
He handed the cupcakes off to his younger brother so they wouldn't be in the photo, but not before I pointed out that I made sure to include my phone number on the card. That got a big grin and a laugh. We squared up for the professional photo* pictured below, and it was all I could do not to grab his behind. HIS BACK WAS PURE MUSCLE. Like petting a horse! All you feel is muscle... and power.
I told him I was from Nashville and he told me his brother had played for TSU. I told him I was dying for him to move there and that he HAD to go to the Titans. I promised to show him around town. He said it wasn't his call to make, and so I promised to call the Titans coach and have a few words. Cue Cam bursting into song: "You just caaaaall out my naaaaame." Yes, really - he sang to me. I told him I was on it, and enjoy his cupcakes. He said he would.
And then, just like that, it was over. I picked up my ticket to collect my photo an hour later, and as I start to walk away, who do I see sitting in the corner but the good Reverend. I had to say hello. I shook his hand and said I was a huge fan of his son. I asked for a photo, which he was reluctant to pose for, saying it would probably end up on CNN.

Once we left I realized I was sweating bullets. I was so nervous. But MAN if those cupcakes weren't a good idea! I was nervous I was not going to get to give them to him, but no one gave me a second glance. Well, that's not true; a few people looked at me like they were jealous they hadn't thought of to do the same thing. And now, should I ever get to meet him again, I'll be able to remind him I'm the one that brought him some cupcakes at his first autograph signing.

BIG thanks to my mom. You can imagine how hard I had to beg for her to come with me to meet Prince Cam, even though I wasn't letting her in my photo... yeah right. She wanted to stick around and gawk longer than I did! While I was wooing Cam, she used her camera to snap all these photos with one hand used my camera to get the whole thing on video. You know, for mine and Cam's rehearsal dinner video one day.

It was a great morning and I am even more obsessed with Prince Cam now that I have meet him in person. What. a. hottie. And so nice, to boot! It was morning I'll never forget! I feel so lucky.

*Re: the professional photo... I'm not sure of the company who was in charge, but the quality of the photo stinks. It's grainy, it's dark, you can't even read the text on the trophy, and you can see the poles at the bottom of the drapes (I cropped the version I posted above). If I had paid $150 for it, I'd be writing a letter. I know lots of people that can take better photos than what was printed. But, since mine was free, I can't complain too much now can I?

Friday, March 11, 2011


Last Friday night, I met my friend MB for margaritas. We had a blast catching up, laughing, eating our weight in chips and salsa (okay, I had a blast doing that) and as we were paying, decided to turn it into a slumber party.

With her husband out of town, she had the house to herself. So me, MB and her massive but adorable dog Ike had a sleepover. Woohoo! How much fun! While I was there, I helped her buy the domain for and set up her new blog: The Getaway Gal.

You see, in addition to heavy negotiating and Italian cooking, vacation planning is another one of her skills. Case in point: she leaves today on a seven-night tour of Italy that she researched and planned herself. Jealous yet? Wait til you read what she paid for it.

You're going to want to bookmark her blog ASAP. She's about to be the Rachael Ray of vacation planning, I just know it. She's spent time in India, Portugal, Costa Rica, Peru, Italy, New Zealand, Ireland, China, France, Ecuador, Greece, Turkey and Tanzania, just to name a few spots. And over time, she'll tell us how we can too!
If anyone wants to book the same exact trip to Italy, let me know!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I know y'all are sick of hearing about this computer. Any day now my mom will be telling me to talk about something else.


I have discovered my favorite feature - iChatting/Face Time!

Last night, I got to visit with Evan, who just got an iPhone. He travels so much that this will be a GREAT tool for keeping in touch.

Then, I iChatted quickly with Wes. I was hoping he'd have Elliot in his lap but she was asleep. Oh well. Good to see you Wesley.

THEN, the grand finale was iChatting with my sister and brother-in-law. I saw all their packed boxes and got to to hear about their going away dinner in DC.

My only question: why did I wait so long to buy this thing?

And just for good, non-computer measure, will someone please buy these for me, or at least make it get warmer outside? I think this is the perfect summer sandal, no?

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


YOU GUYS. The new computer got here and I LOVE IT. When I took it out of the box, I just sat and stared at it. Wasn't sure what to do first. Eventually decided charging it was a good start.
I uploaded lots of photos last night and just familiarized myself with him. His name is Johnny- can anyone guess why?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Just some minor housekeeping: I have started a Twitter for my blog: Pearls of tWitter, if you will. If you're into that sort of thing, follow while the following's good (@PearlsOfWit). If you follow my other account, then you get twice the action... just like Charlie Sheen!

And just for fun, look who I met last night: little tiny Ellie, daughter of my friend Missy. She's such a sweet little baby! Love you Missy!

Monday, March 07, 2011


Last night I checked off another item on the 30 by 30* list… I hosted a wine/cheese party. It was a small, intimate soiree: just me, Evan and Kate, and we had a blast!

I purchased a groupon type deal for cheese at a formaggeria here in Nashville. A formaggeria is a fancy word for a cheese shop. You would think I would have my own parking spot at a place like that, but turns out I had never been there. So I enjoyed my time drooling over looking at all of the cheese and picking out what I wanted. Since Evan and Kate had both told me they didn’t like smelly cheese (it’s okay, I forgive them) I knew to stay away from the bleu, gorgonzola, etc. I ended up taking home some gruyere, gouda and a garlic-rosemary encrusted goat cheese that had only been made a week ago!

I also picked up some salami, crackers, grapes and dried apricots to round out the spread. I found the cute cheese knives from Bed Bath and Beyond.



I KNOW, right? We had so much stuff that I had to use a different platter. Add a bottle of cabernet sauvignon and we were one gondola ride away from a night in Italy.

The Prima Donna gouda ended up being the favorite cheese of the night!

*In case you’re wondering where/what this 30 by 30 thing is, I realized in December I had 30 months until I turn 30. So I’m trying to do 30 new things before then: some big, some small. I am making the list up as I go.

Friday, March 04, 2011


Anyone that's been around here for long should know my love affair with office supplies. You Well kids, as of this morning the bar has been RAISED.
These really are the best pens I've ever used. Snob alert!

Thursday, March 03, 2011


So the big purchase is………a diamond bracelet!

Just kidding.

A new 13” Macbook Pro. Yes, I am finally getting a home computer. I haven’t had one since 2008. All the files on my work computer such as pictures and music can have a permanent home, and I can move the files stuck on the broken computer onto this one as well.

But the really rewarding part is that I have SAVED MY @$$ OFF to buy this thing… and the warranty, and Microsoft Word, and a few other bells/whistles/accessories. True, I am getting huge help in the form of a bonus check for a great 2010, but the point is that I’m not financing it. Which I feel like is a nice little accomplishment on my salary and in this day and age. I kind of want to walk into the store with a stack of $1s to prove my point.

I am a little nervous but pretty pumped. 21st century, here I come!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


What a whirlwind weekend! Raise your hand if you want to hear all about it!
Friday night, my buddy Brad and I put on our pa-pa-pa-poker faces and went to the Nashvegas casino night. This was my first time to attend this annual event, but it was a blast! We got our chips (and mardi-gras beads, see above) and warmed up at a roulette table before finding an empty, quiet poker table in the back, which was the perfect place for a beginner like me to learn how to play poker: item number 28 on my 30 by 30 list.

Brad and our dealer tried to explain all the rules to me but hot dog are there a lot of rules in poker. Just as we finished a dummy round, another couple joined our table. Boo. They were quickly getting exasperated with such a beginner like me, so after a few rounds, I bowed out to just watch and learn. I did that for a while before moving on to Drag Queen Bingo! I alternated between watching/learning poker and playing roulette for the rest of the night and before I knew it, a few hours had gone by and it was time to cash in our chips. We did not win the raffle but that didn’t dampen our spirits. We met up with some friends at the honkytonks on Broadway–something I haven’t done in a long time—and spent some time on the dance floor at Robert’s and Tootsie’s. I forget how much fun those places are and how good the music is there.

Saturday morning, I met my friend Rachel to see the matinee of Spring Awakening. I had heard both great things and tragic things about this musical so I was eager to form my own opinion. While parts of it I didn’t understand, I did enjoy the music. Reading Wikipedia afterward confirmed I had followed along enough to understand the plot, even if the music didn’t spell it out like I was used to. It was a different musical, but it was good.

Afterward, I headed south to Birmingham to hang out with family. The casual trip home turned into a recon mission for housing for them when they move home in two weeks, but I am excited to say that they have a great place waiting on them when they pull into town… which means SO DO I! The community even has a pool! Which will be an awesome way to spend my spare time when I am in Alabama.

So we house-hunted on Sunday before settling in to watch the Oscars. I had printed off some cute and fun Oscar bingo cards for us to use while watching. There were five of us and we each drew two ballots. Mom ended up winning, and she was careful not to gloat:

Monday morning I got to spend some time with some of my favorite babies before I left town. Kathryn’s girls are just as precious as she is! Look at little miss Maggie:

Katelyn blew me lots of kisses but was already down for a nap before I pulled my camera out. With a photographer Mommy, they are plenty used to the camera.

I also got to visit with little bird Bonds, aka Elliot. She is just BEAUTIFUL – a perfect combo of her Mommy and Daddy, who are both dear friends of mine. She fell asleep in Jen’s arms before I could get the camera out, but I know I’ll get the chance to see her again soon and remedy that.

A little retail therapy at the Summit helped me pass the bad thunderstorms over before hitting 65 north, while Jennie and Jamie were signing their lease. It is so fun to know that not the next time I’m home but the time after that, THEY WILL BE TOO!

I made it home incident free in time for a workout and a little TV before hitting the bed… nothing says back to work!! like a 5:30 am wake up call!

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