Tuesday, May 13, 2008


All sources indicate that this is going to be great summer.

For starters, I am discovering that all the summer pants I bought to wear during my internship in 2005, and then could not fit into afterward, not only fit, but are BAGGY! I wore some pink pants yesterday that I hadn't worn in a while. Now I just have to keep running so that I can stay in them!

Secondly, Allison and I officially enrolled in our tap dancing class yesterday. There's no official recital but that doesn't mean we won't be showing off our tap moves whenever we can or have an unofficial recital somewhere. I decided to try the beginner class (/Allison threatened to quit if I signed her up for the intermediate one) and I/we will move up to the next level class if the instructor thinks I/we should. We are going to go buy tap shoes soon and maybe some legwarmers or something else both official and goofy (just NO LEOTARDS). The mention of legwarmers led to discussing other 1980s things we could wear and I bet by the end of the eight weeks, we'll be dressing as 1980s as possible: scrunchies, bike shorts, slouch socks and all. How much fun. I can't wait until they post their class list for the fall. Should I take ballet? Belly dancing? Painting? Watercolor? Acting? All of the above?

Third, I am starting to make plans for the summer - including for my 25TH BIRTHDAY!!!!!! - and couldn't be happier.

Lastly, I will be flying solo for six weeks while roomie dearest interns in New York. That's the sad part but means the good part is that now I have an extra bed for guests, so book your visit today!

It's going to be a great summer!

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