Friday, August 29, 2008


1. Gavin DeGraw's show was amazing! We got there just in time to see him go on stage and he rocked it.

2. Know who else was was at the show? These guys. They were walking out the door while we were walking in. I would have not even noticed them had C not pointed them out. They were bigger than I expected - pretty tall (or maybe it was just the spiky hair). They went around back and then in the middle of Gavin's set, Gary acted as guitar hand and brought Gavin his next guitar.

3. A pen explosion will really mess up your morning. Just FYI. I feel like the kid in elementary school who chewed on his pen too much and then got ink all over his hands and his desk. Except there was no chewing involved this time - just a faulty pen.

4. Since everyone else is blogging about football season, I will too: I am really excited and look forward to being the biggest, loudest, proudest AU supporter in Nashville. Especially after someone that reads this blog helps me find UT game tickets and I get to watch Auburn whoop the Vols and then come back and gloat gloat gloat to all the Vols I am surrounded with. Yes, I will be the biggest AU fan in town.

5. I had to work at a bridal show last weekend for work. There were lots of vendors peddling their wares, my team included. Near the end of the show, the vendors started handing out their surplus product samples to to the other vendors - wedding cake, favor samples, etc. I got a little black bag from this company called Slumber Parties. I had never heard of them but rest assured that after seeing what they were handing out, I will never forget them:
Yes, that says what you think it says. Moving on....

6. You get an extra item this week: the housing situation has been temporarily resolved. MB comes through once again. At least now I can take my time finding an affordable, safe, clean place to live as opposed to simply finding a place to live. But FYI - if you're considering coming up for the Auburn/Vandy game and were thinking about staying with me, there is a chance I might not have my own place by then and there's a presidential debate in town three days after that game, meaning what few hotel rooms are left in town for that weekend are probably expensive as gas. Just giving everyone a heads up.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I'm only thinking short thoughts this week. Too much going on to devote more than one minute to a single thought - unless it's a thought about work or a house.

So, some short thoughts for you:

*I have moved every August since 2001. 17 times altogether.
*I am going to see Gavin DeGraw tonight.
*I am going to see Jimmy Fallon this weekend.
*I still need UT/AU tickets.
*I bought four of these and am having one for lunch today.
*I love my coworkers.
*I love coffee.
*I love Waffle House and am craving it right now.
*I love my job.
*I love pizza.

The End.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today I am angry angry angry. Hurt hurt hurt. Frustrated frustrated frustrated. Stressed stressed stressed. Panicked panicked panicked.

So, in light of that, all I would like to talk about today is my sandwich.

Yesterday I tried a Stouffer's Corner Bistro Asiago Chicken Panini. It was amazing. The little frozen sandwich beat most regular sandwiches I've had. I have always been a little leery of frozen meals, especially a frozen sandwich. But when I was told that Atlanta Bread Company premakes a lot of their sandwiches, I decided if their premade sandwich was good enough for me, I could try someone else's. And I was not disappointed. That was one incredible sandwich. I am going to go buy a dozen of them. In fact, I'm craving one right now as I write about it. Instead, I am going to try another frozen meal. I'll let you know how that goes.

I am trying to look on the bright side: football season starts this weekend. I have a great job. I have a great coxswain. And now, I have a great sandwich.

Monday, August 25, 2008


This weekend, I was recruited to "participate" in a dragon boat race downtown. And by "participate," I mean cheer on my more adventurous and athletic friends that were in it. I mean, I registered. I'd have rowed if they needed me. But luckily for everyone involved, they didn't, and I got to take photos and cheer instead. I even had my tap shoes standing by in case I needed to put forth a last-ditch solo effort to secure the overall team spirit award.

Lo and behold, out of 40 teams, our team won! I was so proud. Even though my hands never touched an oar, I couldn't have been any prouder of my rowing friends and especially the little drummer boy (aka the coxswain).

Here are some pictures and the video of the win:

About to board for the final race

It was neck and neck!

With the big trophy

After party at the Wildhorse, woo hoo

They couldn't have done it without the fearless coxswain

The trophy found a home in a bar downtown

It was a great, great weekend in many ways. We had so much fun. I even forgot about my broken computer and the fact that pretty soon, I will have no place to live! But all of that euphoria may have had less to do with the victory and more to do with the fact that the little drummer boy and I? Are now dating.

Friday, August 22, 2008


1. Speaking of fairs, on Wednesday night, I went to the Wilson County Fair with my coworkers. It was pretty fun! I didn't ride any rides, but I did see a lot of animals and had some roasted corn, shared a chicken on a stick and a "sidewalk sundae" (ice cream cone dipped in chocolate). I took some pictures and would love to share them, but...

2. My computer is still broken! Well, not so much broken as it is being held hostage. Those Best Buyers Liars told me the diagnostic test started on Tuesday. Wednesday, I called back to find out I'd been lied to and the test actually hadn't been started at all! I just called them back again and used a little less... sweet?... tone of voice. It didn't work though because they still have the computer. Update: Best Lie called. My computer is dead. Bury-it-in-the-backyard-because-it'd-cost-less-to-get-a-new-computer-than-fix-this-one Dead. I think I'm going to throw up.

3. I found a new crying catalyst. Carrie's latest video? Tearjerker. I have found that in my "old age" I can always be counted on to cry when a) when I watch the Friends series finale b) when people cry happy tears because they've accomplished their dreams (as in winning American Idol or the gold medal on balance beam) or c) when people cry so hard they can't sing, as Carrie as done before on award shows or as Jennifer Nettles did in the video for "Stay." But until I find my Friends Series Finale, I've got this on stand by.

4. I watched my second Netflix movie last night. Gone, Baby, Gone was amazing, baby, amazing. If you haven't seen it and you like smart thriller films - go rent it.

5. My mom is in Cabo San Lucas right now. My sister has been at Atlantic City shore all week. And me? I went to the pool last weekend. Must. Take. Vacation. Soon!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


News from the state fair circuit:

The Wisconsin State Fair was MUCH more impressive than North Dakota's! Take a look at my Eventures en route to and at the Wisconsin State Fair:

5. Brew Ha Ha: A fellow worker and I decided to make a pit stop on our way to Milwaukee. We spent a good hour touring one of my new favorite beer's brewery: the Leine Lodge (Home of the Leinenkugel's Brewery). I enjoyed a nice pint of "Honey Weiss" by Leinenkugel for the first time a couple of months ago while in Atlanta. I was thrilled and excited to find out the brewery would be en route to Milwaukee. We took a tour of the brewery in Chippewa Falls, WI and enjoyed a few samples of Leinenkugel's other delicious brews.
As I read the list of beverages they have made since the brewery was founded, I was PUMPED UP to find an "AUBURN ALE" on the list (War Eagle!). My excitement soon turned to disappointment when I read it was discontinued in the late 1990's. So I figure a picture of the logo would have to suffice for now:
For all of you Nashvillians, head over to the Flying Saucer and enjoy a Leinenkugel's brew. For everyone else out there... find a local distributor and drink to your heart's (and liver's) content! I would suggest the Summer Shandy, Honey Weiss, or Berry Weiss. All three are perfect summertime ADULT beverages.

4. "________" On-A-Stick:
This time, I ventured over to the "Cheese" On-A-Stick booth to taste the infamous treat. It wasn't too bad! Actually, quite good. Imagine eating a corn dog with melted cheddar cheese inside (instead of a weenie). Here are some pics (including one of me diving in):

3. Reasons Why...
...You should use toothpaste (and yes, the mullet is the icing on the cake):
...I opted for FREE laser hair removal:
...I don't live in Europe (or Wisconsin):
...You should "live like you were dying:"

2. "MOOO": While most people were watching Michael Phelps win his first gold at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, I was watching a different competition:

1. The BEST for LAST: I have come to learn that most state fairs have one thing they are known for. Wisconsin's thing: the CREAM PUFF! Take a look at this video to gain a better understanding of the Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puff CRAZE. It's ridiculous!

I knew very little about the Cream Puff craze prior to my first steps onto the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds; therefore, I was shocked to find extremely long lines of people waiting to purchase boxes of these pastry prizes. Day after day, dozens of people walked by our site stuffing their faces with gobs of whipped cream piled between two crispy pastry ends. I made the decision to wait till the VERY END of the fair to dive into MY cream puffs and chose the BEST time to purchase them - while it rained! This decision resulted in a wait-free line smack-dab in the rain (it was the To-Go Kiosk located a few steps away from the Cream Puff building - yes, BUILDING). Obviously... I didn't care and enjoyed EVERY bite of my long-awaited Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puffs:

I just arrived in St. Paul for the Minnesota State Fair. What does that mean? A few things:
1. I've already finished the Illinois State Fair in Springfield, IL. You'll be getting a post about it soon!
2. It's my last stop before heading back to Nashville!
3. The Minnesota State Fair is the second largest state fair in the country!

I cannot wait to find blogworthy material amidst the excitement known as "The Great Minnesota Get Together."

Here are a couple of pics from the road:

See you again soon with Eventure #3!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


In case I needed one, I have yet another reason why I love my job and my department.

Last night, seven of us went to hand out food to the homeless. One Tuesday a month, a troupe of us hop in a truck and deliver meals (sandwiches, water bottles, crackers, cookies and fruit) to four different stops near downtown. We also have clothes, hats, towels, razors, socks, etc. to pass out. It was very humbling. I was quiet for the first two stops, awestruck by my coworkers who were comfortable with these people coming right up next to them and wanting a hug or handshake. By the third stop, I jumped right in, but was still so moved by the compassion that my coworkers had for these people. I work with all-stars. Have I mentioned I love this job?

Of course, the night was not uneventful. Here's a couple of funny stories:

First of all, do the math. There were seven of us in one truck. Three up front, four in the back. When we stopped, it looked like a clown car with body after body piling out.

Secondly, we had a guy ask for chapstick. We handed him some, and then he asked, "Do you have any flavored kind? I like to use it when I kiss ladies." I mean, don't we all?

And last but not least, we saw a celebrity! No, he wasn't asking for sandwiches. He was riding in his truck. He kind of cut us off, and as he was doing so, someone said that "Elvis" better watch himself. Someone else said he doesn't look like Elvis, he looks like the lead singer for (this group). Wait - it IS the guy from (this group)! We got up beside him and it was true! We all died laughing. Can you imagine what he thought about seven people in a food service delivery truck going nuts? We were howling - we couldn't believe it was actually him!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I really enjoyed my tap class this summer. I enjoyed learning something new and then showing what I learned to my friends and family and coworkers. Tapping was a great break to my normal routine.

So, I am looking for something to do this fall. My former classmates are trying to get my teacher to add a tap class for us, but in case that falls through, here's what I have come up with:

Can Take:
Belly Dance

Would Like To Take But Can't Find:


Would Like To Take But Not Available When I Want It To Be:
Improvisational Acting

Improv is my first choice. The problem is that the classes are on Saturdays for eight weeks in the fall. And let's be honest, that's not going to work. So I may have to wait until January 2009 for that one. In the meantime, I will go check out one of their troupe's shows to see if they are any good.

But back to the present: what should I take next? (Note: the weight of your opinion triples if you can take a class with me.)

Monday, August 18, 2008


Three Things You Should Know About Me Today Even Though This Will Be My Third List In A Row:

*My computer was completely void of life on Friday and Saturday. Saturday afternoon, I took it to visit the Geek Squad, who is supposed to call me today with a diagnosis. Upon first inspection, they think it's the graphics card. BUT - before I took my computer to Best Buy, I decided I'd make some coffee. Except my coffee pot would not turn on. Seriously? My appliances had ganged up and were staging a coup d’├ętat. Keep in mind I HATE it when stuff breaks and I can't fix it. It's a deep, deep issue and another blog post altogether. So, I almost fled the state with Monica to keep her from joining the revolution, but decided to go to Best Buy, aka Applianceville, and price some new ones. Hear that iPod, coffee pot, computer, etc.? You can all be replaced. (Note: Later it was revealed that the electrical outlet was to blame, not the coffee pot itself.)

*My first Netflix movie finally came after a three day delay due to shipping issues. Not the best way to start my subscription, and Netflix knows that, so they extended my free trial by an extra week. But not only was I not impressed with Netflix, I was not impressed with my first movie: Swingers. Wes, David, etc. - please explain to me why that is supposed to be such a good movie because I am still scratching my head trying to figure out how that was on this list. And don't argue it was some of VV's best work because so was Wedding Crashers and it wasn't on the list at all.

*Remember this? They finally called me to come audition. Too little, too late. I didn't go. My hours are/will be crazy enough as is. From now on, it's amateur karaoke and nothing else.

Friday, August 15, 2008


1. Another creature was found and we still don't know what happened to the last one. Is anyone else just a little bit alarmed yet?

2. I'm going to the Titans game tonight. Woohoo. Let's hope the fries are better than they were last year.

3. Netflix has not been very worthwhile so far. I haven't even gotten a movie yet (unless you count the episodes of The Office that I watched online). Apparently they are having some shipping issues, but to make up for it, I get an extra week on my free trial.

4. Last night after my work event, a group of us walked over to the Palm and had a drink. Know who walked in with his posse shortly thereafter? I'll give you a hint. He Should've Been a Cowboy because he isn't As Good As [he] Once Was.

5. My computer was not playing nice this morning. Actually, it wouldn't play at all. Cross your fingers it was just being fickle and isn't broken for good, because how bad would that suck?

6. You get an extra one this week: last night at our event, I tried (for the first time) a fried green tomato and (for the second time) a tiny tiny tiny bite of salmon. Neither one was insanely great. But the point is - I tried them both! Yay!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Don't have time to say much today... so I present to you: a List.

1. What are the last three things you purchased?

2. What are the last thee songs you downloaded?
  • Taylor Swift, "Stay Beautiful"
  • David Archuleta, "Crush"
  • Rihanna, "Disturbia"
3. Where were the last three places you visited?
  • Louisville, KY
  • New York City
  • Chicago, IL
4. What are your three favorite movies?
  • Home Alone
  • Father of the Bride
  • Wedding Crashers
5. What are your three favorite possessions?
  • Charm and ring necklace
  • Blackberry
  • iPod
6. What three things can you not live without?
  • Music
  • Phone
  • Salty Food
7. What would be your three wishes?
  • A new sensible and gas-efficient car
  • A time machine
  • My own jet equipped with a pilot
8. What are three things you have not done yet?
  • Go to Vegas
  • Go to Italy
  • Have a baby
9. What are your three favorite dishes?10. What three celebrities would you want to hang out with the most?11. Name three things that freak you out.12. If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?
  • Witty
  • Curious
  • Loyal
13. Name three unusual things you are good at.
  • Reciting Friends verbatim
  • Picking things up with my toes
  • Calligraphy
14. What are three things you are currently coveting?
15. What three bloggers would you like tag?
  • Jennifer
  • Star
  • Katie

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So while I was taking one step forward in the technology world, I also took one step back.I deleted my LinkedIn account.

I wasn't really getting into it (nor was I really trying to). I joined a few months ago while I was job hunting and had been friended or whatever LinkedIn calls it three times. Last week, I learned that my old boss had tried to friend me. I didn't get an e-mail about it like the previous three requests, so wondering what was up, I logged into LinkedIn and found a few new features that I hadn't seen before: a list of people I should friend, and a list of people who had viewed my profile.

The list of people I should friend was super creepy. Clients that I had worked with on one single project (that none of my three friends had worked with), people I went to school with but didn't know very well, etc. And even creepier was the list of people who had viewed my profile. One of them was obviously my old boss but the other job description was one I didn't recognize -- too vague. And did that mean that the people who's profiles I'd looked at could see that I was checking them out, too?

Additional reasons: I have the perfect job right now so I don't need to network to find a new one; all the people I know/network with know how to contact me, and the majority of them are on Facebook anyway.

After weighing the facts, it was an easy decision. Byebye, LinkedIn. Nice knowing ya.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Today, I have a big announcement.

I am happy to announce that as of 10 minutes ago, I am a Netflix subscriber. After the great movie debate of 2008, I knew it was time I bit the bullet. Let the people rejoice and the church bells ring!

So far in my queue:

1. The Office: Season 3 (disc 4)
2. Gone Baby Gone
3. Swingers
4. Rain Man
5. What Happens In Vegas*
6. Pulp Fiction
7. Wall•E*
8. Sex and the City: The Movie*
9. Run, Fat Boy, Run*

Next up: learn to properly pronounce "queue."

*Not yet released on DVD.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Three things I need to comment on before time slips by:

First: some firsts. My first bat mitzvah, as well as my first 4 p.m. to midnight gig at the new job. All in all, it was fun! The guests certainly had no shortage of entertainment. If MTV had a show called Sweet Sixteen Bat Mitzvah, this one would have been the series premiere for sure. There was a DJ, a band, a cotton candy machine, a photo booth and all the soft drinks and chicken fingers the kids could handle, along with hors d'oeuvres, open bars and a lovely plated dinner for the adults, all accompanied by gorgeous centerpieces and extravagant decorations. It was straight out of Steel Magnolias - "pink [and brown] bunting draped on anything that would stand still." So the event itself was perfect. As for behind the scenes... while I wouldn't say I prefer to not eat dinner until midnight or to stay on my feet for eight hours, I didn't even notice how hungry or tired I was until after the event. It helps that we're not alone - security guards, banquet managers, operations personnel and more are all there pulling the same hours we are, if not more. So we bond and work as a team and go home knowing we accomplished something and made a little girl's special night nothing short of magical. Have I said it yet? I love this job.

Second: a second! My second visitor is coming tomorrow for a full out tour of the galleries. I am excited and hope I can remember all the neat trivia I have learned so I can impress my guest.

And last: a last. My last tap class was tonight! I am tapped out. We warmed up, then learned two new steps: the drawback and the Cincinnati. Those were actually hard for me. I was having trouble, especially when she had us doing them backwards, sideways, then in place. Then we worked on our dance sequence "combination" before it was time to get in the corner to travel. Nadine told us she would help us work on whatever traveling steps each of us wanted to do, so I elected to work on my traveling cramp rolls and another new step called a pullback. Since Allison was not there, I do not have a video of these steps, but I am going to try to get a video of me doing pullbacks and the other new steps before the end of the week. So, eight weeks and two blisters later, I can say that tap dancing is amazing and everyone should buy white patent leather tap shoes and go take a class!


In honor of the Olympics, for the next three weeks, I am going to be judging things using Olympic scoring. For example:

Three hour budget meeting.

Degree of Difficulty: 10
Overall Presentation: 3
Total Score: 13/20

That meeting sucked bad. And we've still got one more to go. I am so, so, so glad all of my days do not consist of meetings like that one!

Friday, August 08, 2008


1. I got really excited about wintertime today. I think it was seeing a picture of people in winter white - one of my favorite things about the season. So I'm on Team Winter right now. Sweaters and fireplaces and football, oh my!

2. I am attending/working/observing my very first Bat Mitzvah tomorrow night. They are doing the chair hoist and everything. Should be interesting. Mazeltov!

3. Guess who just went running? Woohoo - 2 miles, no stopsies, first time out! I am proud of myself. It was also my first time to wear my Garmin. I swear the thing beeped and hissed at me when I turned it on. It's like I'm wearing mission control on my arm. I have no idea what to do with it! I managed to get it to keep my time and track my distance, and that's good enough for right now.

4. Today at work (after we finished watching about six You Tube videos together in our boss lady's office [have I mentioned I love my job?]) someone found a What Dessert Are You? Quiz. Naturally, I picked chocolate on chocolate. Here's what my choice means: "Sexy; always ready to give and receive. Very creative, adventurous, ambitious, and passionate. You can appear to have a cold exterior but are warm on the inside. Not afraid to take chances. Will not settle for anything average in life. Love to laugh." Isn't that funny? I think it's kind of accurate!

5. I had my first visitor at work today! Meghan walked over for lunch and then got a quick tour of my office and our new exhibit. Who's next?

Thursday, August 07, 2008


Is it football season yet? Watch this and get excited. It's kind of long, so watch it in increments if you need to:
I am so ready to get to the plains for a game! This makes me miss living near my sweet Auburn so, so bad.

P.S.: If you have any tickets for sell - for any of the games - let me know!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


The Olympics start on Friday. Are you excited? There are usually only one or two sports I am interested in: ice skating for winter, swimming and gymnastics for the summer games. This year I will try to watch the runners, too.

But here is what I am most looking forward to about the 2008 Olympics: China had to create and approve an official Chinese "cheer" for the Olympics. As a whole, the Chinese aren't very boisterous people, right? So, to encourage their people to support the athletes, China has created this very modest and polite official "cheer" for their people to do:

"The authoritative, four-part Olympic 'cheer' involves clapping twice, giving the thumbs-up, clapping twice more and then punching the air with both arms. The 'cheer' is accompanied by chants of 'Olympics!', 'Let's go!' and 'China!'

The Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee has hired 30 cheering squads who will show spectators how it is done. A committee official said the simple chants and gestures were designed to help spectators 'cheer' for their favorite athletes in a smooth, civilized manner. The Ministry of Education is also arranging special training sessions in schools for the 800,000 students who are expected to attend the Games.

The president of the Beijing Etiquette Institute told the Beijing News that the 'cheer' was in line with general international principles for cheering, while at the same time possessing characteristics of Chinese culture."

So let me get this straight, China. You are hiring 30 squads to teach your spectators and more than 800,000 students how to clap their hands? While saying the word Olympics? In a smooth and civilized manner?

Wow. They are going to HATE the Americans. Good thing Nascar isn't an Olympic sport. How long do you think it took them to come up with that? I would love to know how many hours and how much money the Chinese government spent creating that "cheer."

Olympics. Let's go. America!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Last night was supposed to be our last tap class, but since Nadine decided not to show up for last week's class, we get an extra session. So we have one more week. Hooray!

Last night was great for two reasons: first of all, I came straight from work, and so I was wearing a dress. Tapping is ten times more fun in a dress. Secondly, I decided to double up on classes last night. Remember that I missed the very first tap class? Turns out we're allowed to make up missed classes. I had fun getting all that energy out (two hours of tapping!) but my feet really hurt by the end of the second hour.

So I pranced right on into the 6:30 "advanced" class. I say "advanced" because there was only one of the regular "advanced" students there, plus me and one girl from my regular class who is... how shall I say it... not good. So we all warmed up together and Nadine worked with the advanced girl on their class dance sequence "combination" and gave Slowsky and me our own steps to work on. We practiced jazz squares (!) and paradiddles, which you may remember that I already learned. So, I was paradiddling all over the place. Nadine came to check on me, approved my progress and taught me how to do a double paradiddle, followed by a triple paradiddle. Then I worked on combining single and double paradiddles, and then we were finished with our separate lessons. Which meant group travel time - my favorite. We worked on flapping and shuffling across the floor and then spins, which were tricky. Remember that our floor is very slick, and rather than having us travel diagonally, we were traveling straight across the floor, which is harder than you'd think.

One by one, my normal classmates trickled in. We warmed up again, did our bar exercises and then Nadine taught us something called a cramp roll. It's basically toe, toe, heel, heel really fast. We practiced them with a flap in front of them, going forward and going backwards. I like cramp rolls. They really punctuate your dance sequence "combination." Like an exclamation point!

After we mastered our cramp rolls, it was time to work on our dance sequence "combination." Of course, Nadine had forgotten the last steps she'd taught us, and to my surprise so had everyone else, except for this girl. Duh - three maxie fords! We practiced the dance sequence "combination" with the new (old) steps and then added on some Front Irishes. I must admit - the "advanced" class' dance is much, much cooler than ours is. I got to watch it during the first hour and I was jealous.

Anyway, with about 15 minutes left in the class, we cornered up and travelled across the floor. We did basic heel, toe steps then added some interesting shuffles and flaps. The steps were not too complicated but the problem was that when we dance across the floor, all it takes is one person to get off beat for all the people behind her to get off beat. And this happens more often than not. So I have learned to always go at the end and literally march to my own beat. Last night, I was going second to last: Slowsky was third to last, and Allison made me follow her so that she wouldn't get off beat by watching her. So it went Slowsky, me, then Allison.

I am very sad that next week is our last class. We haven't finished our dance sequence "combination" and I know there are still so many steps to learn! I guess I will have to find a place to keep taking tap in the fall... any takers?

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Just when I thought fast food was safe, the pesky scary Burger King has gone and reproduced. That's right, the Burger King has a spawn - the Little King.

This is all part of BK's effort to target mothers in their advertising. Meanwhile, it's got the rest of us screaming and running away from our television sets. Little King is scary!

So if eating at Burger King means I risk coming face to face with the Little King, think I'll stick to Wendy's.

Also scary? This guy: the Montauk Monster (click at your own risk). Think he's real or a hoax? A viral campaign for a new movie or computer game? A turtle missing his shell? A raccoon? Who knows.

So if swimming in the ocean means I risk coming face to face with the Montauk Monster, I think I'll stick to the pool!

All these freaky creatures turning up... what's the world coming to?

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