Thursday, June 21, 2007

HAPPY (update)

Well folks, it was a pretty good birthday. 24 won't be so bad.

When I mentioned in jest to one of my co-workers that for the first birthday ever I wouldn't be blowing out a candle, she sweetly brought me a leftover muffin with a lit candle in it. How nice was that? Then later, I learned someone was going to make a "cake store" run (luckily there was no time - I'd have felt guilty... but thanks for the thought).

We had a happy hour after work, which was great. Then when I left work, I went to dinner with another friend and enjoyed good food and good company.

Then... I came home and had 5 cards and a package waiting on me! How fun!

My friends - old and new - really are the best. Thanks to everyone who sent something, promised to send something, facebooked me, called me, texted me, organized a group lunch, organized a happy hour, complimented my birthday glow, complimented my birthday outfit, teased me about my birthday outfit, or joined me in reminding others it was my birthday ("too"). I felt so special and loved every minute of it. Just ask the people at my office, who had to deal with my obnoxious giddyness all day.

Who thinks we should have birthdays more than once a year?

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