Tuesday, May 09, 2006


So, summer is almost here. Not officially, though, and I'll tell you why: my birthday is the first official day of summer AND the longest day of the year! Isn't that great? Eat your heart out.

Now that I have a job (PS: I got a job!), I am beginning to realize that I have to be mindful of my money, meaning I can't go out and buy whatever I want anymore. Not that this was ever really an option for me, but as long as "whatever I want" didn't include a Mercedes or a purebred pony, I found a way to save and get whatever toy/article of clothing I fancied... maybe because I've never had to pay rent.

So, combine my upcoming birthday with the list of things I've had my eye on, and what do you get? MY BIRTHDAY WISH LIST!

1. Chi Straightener
I view this as a purchase to be made not out of want but out of efficiency. I can straighten my hair a lot faster with a chi than I can with my current hair straightening device, which does work just fine. But with a chi, I can expedite the process, which translates into less time to get ready in the morning, which allows for more time to sleep in! And isn't that what life's really all about?

2. Fake Louis Vuitton Sonatine
I don't even care if its real. In fact, I don't want a real one because I know it would inevitably get stolen. Maybe that makes me tacky. I don't care. All I know is that this little purse goes with pretty much every single outfit in my closet and then some. Talk about efficient: I wouldn't have to waste time transferring my stuff in the morning before work. It's the perfect size to hold keys, wallet, cell phone, iPod, and a bit of makeup. This is a working girl's handbag!

3. Sperry Top Siders
This is a great summer/fall shoe that is begging to be bought and worn with my denim skirt. Preppy as they may be, I think I want a pair!

4. MAC Eye makeup brushes
It has become really obvious to me that how your eye makeup goes onto your eye, as well as how long it might stay there, depends largely on the quality of the brush one uses to place it onto the eyelid. The Target eyeshadow brushes aren't cutting it anymore. Plus, I don't have enough right now... one poor brush is working overtime as both the highlighter and the pink shadow brush and I think it's getting confused. MAC makes some quality and (compared to other lines) inexpensive brushes... considering I'll use these every day for several years, quality brushes are a pretty good investment.
Especially for the working girl.


I already own a few of the seasons (10 and I can't remember which others) but I'm working toward the whole set. Isn't that a good goal? Diploma? Check. Job? Check. Entire series of my favorite TV show on DVD? Someone to watch them with? Working on it....

So there's a start to my birthday wishes. If it's not on this list, then it better be cash.

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