Sunday, December 23, 2007


I'm home all week, so expect lots more stories like these:

1. Mom comes out of her bedroom last night wearing a cute new top.

"I like that shirt," I told her.
"Thanks," she replied. "You like this color?"
I laughed. "Do I need to like that color?"
She gave me a silly little smile. "Well, I wasn't going to say anything unless you told me you liked it, but I got it for you for Christmas. I wanted to wear it first to see if you said anything about it."


So that's been the big joke now. "Jennie, this lipstick I'm putting on? It's actually your Christmas present, hope you don't mind I need to use it some of it first." "Lindsay, we brought you some really nice chocolates from D.C. for Christmas, but we got hungry on the drive down and ate them all. Still got the box, though."

2. My mom makes me sleep with her in her big comfy bed when I'm home so that she doesn't have to run air or heat upstairs. I don't mind because I am usually a heavy sleeper so I can sleep anywhere. But, I guess not having been home in a while, I missed the part where she has became the loudest snorer I've ever met. Combine both my late grandfathers' snores and my mom is still louder. I woke up four times last night because of her snoring. I tried kicking. I tried thrashing. I tried shoving. Finally, the fourth time, I screamed.

She woke up. "What?!"
"Shut the hell up! They can hear you snoring across the street!"

Since Jen and Jamie are home and the heat is on upstairs, I think I will sleep in my own bed this week.


  1. Well, it could be my mom's, it's BYOB (bring your own bed). And i'm not even kidding! :)

  2. My mom started snoring recently as well! And it is HORRIBLE. Is this some terrible right of passage we have to look forward to?

  3. Just for the record, I slept by myself in my own bed last night and slept like a baby through the whole night.


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