Monday, January 28, 2013


When I got the role of Violet, some of the first people who started planning for the trip up to Nashville were my high school friends and some of the dearest girls in the world. I couldn't wait to host them all and enjoy their company!

We got dinner before the show and then went out afterward. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, beats time with some of your favorite people. We laughed until our stomachs hurt and made a hundred memories that I can't wait to top at the NEXT girls weekend!

Monday, January 21, 2013


It's been just over 24 hours since I stepped out of Violet's cherry red suit, peeled off the fake eyelashes and washed the faint traces of mic tape off my cheek. Since then, I have had time alone at home to reflect, think, and be grateful. I can count on one hand the last time I felt this fulfilled, this exhausted and this grateful.

Last week was a whirlwind. All the hard work and stress and lost sleep finally came to fruition on Thursday night, when we opened the show before a very supportive crowd. Thursday was a crazy day at work so I didn't have much time to stop and think about what was about to go down. To top that off, my mom got stuck in Cullman because of the snow so I was fielding calls from her all afternoon updating me on her slow progress. Luckily, we both made it to the theater alive.

The energy on Thursday night was palpable. The whole cast was excited and ready to go, but I was especially excited because three tables full of my coworkers, sorority sisters and my Mom were there to support me.

The show went off without too much of an incident. A dropped line or missed cue here or there is to be expected on opening night. It FLEW by for me and before I knew it, we were taking our bows. After the show, Evan and I were the first ones into the audience to say hello and take pictures. Everyone was so complimentary and kind!

Mom and I came home and we both tuckered out fairly quickly. I went into work the next day before heading back to the theater. I was less thrilled with my performance that evening but was VERY thrilled by the fact that two more of my coworkers came to surprise me.

Saturday morning, Mom treated me to a much-needed pedicure before we picked up my last Christmas present from the mall: an iPhone! Bye bye, Blackberry. I was so excited to get my new toy but didn't have much time to fiddle with it: from the mall, we headed to meet my aunt, uncle and cousin to eat lunch. They were one of several groups that made a special trip to Nashville for the show, so I was very glad to see them. We left lunch and headed to my house to visit with my other aunt and uncle, who also had made a special trip to Nashville for the show! It was nice to catch up with everyone before the show since I am not able to visit over dinner at the theater with them. Mom and I ran a few more errands then it was time to shower and get ready.

If Thursday night's energy was palpable, Saturday night's energy was pure electric. I haven't been that amped up for something since the half-marathon in 2008. In addition to both aunts, uncles and my cousin, there was a boatload of extended family there and tons of friends, some of whom drove as far as Charleston, SC to see Evan and I in this show. It is SO HUMBLING to know that someone cared that much to come see us! Luckily, we had a FANTASTIC show - the best of the weekend, by far - on Saturday night. We visited quickly with everyone after the show, then my family, some of my friends and two of my castmates came back to my house afterward.

Even though I stayed up way too late, talking way too much, I still was ready to go for the matinee show we had on Sunday. It was a sold out show, and I was so glad to see familiar faces in the audience: more longtime family friends as well as a coworker and my friend/hair stylist Erin. Fatigue definitely set in on the way home and after a long, hot salt bath, I got the best night's sleep I have gotten so far in 2013.


Thursday, January 17, 2013


You guys! It's here! After weeks and nights and hours of rehearsing ourselves silly, it's finally here.

The best thing I can come up with to compare what this feels like is the week of cheerleading tryouts... over and over and over again. Any of you remember those? Insane days filled with stress, followed by a clinic where you learn the material then you go home and practice it and do your homework then repeat the same thing the next day. Everyone’s nervous, everyone’s tense, someone is talking about someone else, someone is better than you, someone looks cuter in those navy shorts than you do, someone’s job is to gently or not so gently tell you what you are messing up on, etc.

In short, it’s stressful.

By Sunday, we had our costumes and did our first “dress rehearsal." On Monday, we got our mics on and the band was there and we had lights and everything. It started to feel very real on Monday. I was ready to do it again and needed the practice, so I was looking forward to Tuesday. Then Nashville got hit with an “ice storm” and rehearsal was cancelled.

Last night was our invited dress rehearsal so while it was great to finally have an audience there, we were short one practice, which we needed. But, everything went really well in light of that and we are all ready.

AND TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! I am so excited.

There were some photographs made at dress rehearsal last night (credit Two Sisters Photography).

Doesn't it look like a FUN SHOW? It's not too late to buy your tickets!!

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