Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Over the weekend I mentioned to a new acquaintance that my BlackBerry's name is Monica. I was trying to explain how much I love the show Friends and said, "In fact, you know how you name stuff, like your car or GPS or phone?"

(Blank stare). "Um, no."

I felt a little silly at the moment but know I am not the only one that does this. Every person I have ever met with a GPS device has given it a name (and why is it always Lucy?). I know I am not the only one who has named her (or his) BlackBerry. And I don't have a name for my current car (other than POS), but I know lots of people that do. On Friends, Joey has names for his TV (Stevie) and his chair (Rosita).

And apparently everything in my life deserves a name. I was looking for my jacket on my way into a restaurant, and couldn't find it. As if it could hear me, I said "Jacket, where are you? Come here, jacket." "Are you talking to your jacket?" I was asked. "Yes. Come here, Karen." And BOOM! - my jacket's name is Karen. It was funny... but maybe you had to be there.

I did a very mature thing this weekend (or maybe, I did not do a very immature thing; however you want to look at it). If you've ever been to my house or shared a bottle of wine with me, then you know I am a cork saver. I got the idea from my friend Katie. I save my corks and write on them what they are from: "Night Before Sister's Wedding, Jan. 12, 2007" or "Bachelorette with Allison, Apr. 21, 2008" or "Jenn's Bachelorette Party, June 8, 2007". I already have a vase full and am working on a second one. So I was having dinner and naturally wanted to save the cork, but after the waiter opened the bottle, he took off with the cork and I didn't notice until a few minutes later. I was FULLY prepared to pick through the trash. The restaurant wasn't really crowded so it wouldn't have been too awkard and there wouldn't have been a ton of trash for me to wade through already on top of the cork. BUT I restrained myself in the name of decorum and class, and so as not to embarrass anyone I was with. Later I was really proud of myself for not trash diving, but now I kind of wish I had. Oh well. There are plenty more cork moments still to come.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend!


  1. You know who else names things? The owners of The Bride's Room. Veils, dresses, embellishments - all named. I thought of you.

  2. You can have the cork from this coming Saturday's breakfast champagne. Also, Barney the Blackberry and Earl the TV say hey.

  3. My GPS's name is Jill.

  4. Thanks Wes. I'll have to make sure it actually has a cork instead of a screw cap like the last champagne I bought was.

  5. Yes, Jennifer, our TV's name is Earl. I named him after your grandfather because he's the one that kept convincing you that you needed to let me buy one.

    Did you pull a "Jennifer" and try to use a corkscrew on the screw cap?

  6. i love it that you're a cork saver!! :)


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