Friday, May 29, 2009


Trips! Birthdays! Concerts! Cake and gloss and glitter! Things sound pretty rosy over here right now, don’t they? They are. I am very fortunate and have so much to look forward to in June. But I am very glad to see May end.

Did you know the sorority that I pledged was not my first choice? I was smiling ear-to-ear in every picture I was in that day, but inside, I was not happy to be starting off college by not getting my way. Especially since I had moved to Auburn with a mental agenda of how I wanted things to go. Now I know that when beginning any new venture, packing your mental agenda is the worst mistake you can make. Because little did I know, Bid Day would be one of several times in college I wouldn’t get my way. I didn’t make Camp War Eagle in 2003, like I wanted to. I never was selected as a War Eagle girl. My senior year, I didn’t get the position I wanted in SGA. And clearly, I never had a candlelight.

But you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing about my college career. Not the disappointments, not the times I failed others, and not even the times I felt others had failed me. Because not only did I learn a valuable lesson, but those valleys paved the way for some greater dreams that I didn’t even have on that mental agenda that I brought with me to college, like being named Miss Homecoming. And as it turned out, my sorority sisters and my group of fellow CWE counselors ended up being the perfect fit for me. I thrived and flourished and made some of my best friends to this day. And so I’ll say it once again: looking back, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

So this weekend, as I am grieving over another disappointment, I’m clinging to a well-worn hope; those words that feels so familiar by now. Better days lie ahead. That doesn’t mean I haven’t cried about it and I’m not sad. But I have to remember that I have walked this road before. This view looks familiar. This is for a reason. And one day, I’ll look back at all of this and say those familiar words: I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


So. Why do I need to beg, borrow or steal some real luggage?

Because guess where the sweet birthday boy is taking this lucky birthday girl?

Drumroll please....

That's right - C surprised me last week with the news that we are Vegas bound for my birthday weekend!

Now, some of you (cough my mother cough), may be thinking "...this is a surprise?" Let me explain: I had been hoping to go to Vegas for my birthday. Talking about it nonstop didn't reserve a flight nor did it save up money. So nothing was never booked. It was a pipe dream. Pie in the sky. Pie that I realized would remain in the sky, actually, due to not-so-fun things like a car wreck, taxes, scheduling conflicts, take your pick. So with each blip on the radar, the plan got pushed further away from reality. So, around about March, I sort of let Vegas go for this summer.

Until two weeks ago when he started talking about my birthday. He wouldn't tell me what he had planned. I told him that it better not include participating in a canoe trip his buddies are going on that particular weekend. He kept teasing me that a canoe trip is exactly what we were doing for my birthday. Finally, he told me it involved a river, but no canoes.

Further clues only left me more confused. There is a beach there, but it's 4 hours away. If there was a beach within 4 hours of Nashville, trust me I'd have already been there. My guesses were New Orleans, Atlanta, New York or Charleston and maybe, just maybe Vegas.

Finally, last week he confessed what he had up his sleeve, and I am beside myself with anticipation and excitement and gratitude and happiness.

So far, the plans are that we are staying here:
and seeing this:
And he even bought me this so I can help pick out what else I want to do:
C has been to Vegas a few times so I completely trust his judgment on what we should do and see. But in case it somehow hasn't been made abundantly clear, I have never been. So if you have a very strong opinion on something we should do or see, let me know. I already have the Armstrong Family Vegas Spreadsheet, so fantastically detailed that it almost rivals the spreadsheet Eric and I made for L.A. in 2007.

So, we're off to Vegas! Let the countdown begin: 21 days!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


You know what's less than a week away? C's birthday. I am so excited about his birthday that I might pop. The Coldplay concert even falls on the weekend we are doing our celebrating, so in case a real live birthday wasn't exciting enough, we also have that to look forward to.

But, as great as C is and as excited as I am about his birthday, equally important is MY birthday, which is in just under a month!

So for the fourth year in a row, I have compiled a birthday list with some things I picked out that would be especially welcomed into my life in celebration of my 26th year.

Elton 60 - This DVD of Elton's 60th concert at Madison Square Gardens, and on his 60th birthday no less, would be second best to actually owning a piano and having Elton serenade me every night. And I think it doubles as a CD so I would get two uses from it, really. $13.99 on!

A Little Bit Wicked: Kristin Chenoweth wrote an autobiography. I like Kristin Chenoweth. I like biographies. Therefore, this book is a surefire hit of a birthday present. $17 on!

Defying Gravity: The Creative Career of Stephen Schwartz, from Godspell to Wicked: Once again, I like biographies, I like Stephen Schwartz, I LOVE Wicked and I like reading. And only $17 on!

I would love to add another season of The Office (1 or 2) or Will and Grace (any season but 7). Since I don't have cable, TV on DVD really is a lifesaver sometimes.

Last but not least, something I really and truly NEED:

Luggage! Some nice, sleek and sturdy luggage of my own, suitable for flying--unlike my pink duffel set which I love but couldn't check on a plane. Why do I NEED luggage, you may ask? Come back tomorrow and I will let you know!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


There is so much to say about my trip to the beach! It rained every day and was not "sunny" until the very last day. As in, after we'd checked out and loaded the car with everything except our cooler, towels and a book. We were prepared to stay the day, and we stayed on the beach until 5 pm - they literally had to take my rented chair away from me.

But I am getting ahead of myself. I will start at the beginning.

Remember I had been sick all week. Did I mention that? I left work early on Wednesday and had a 100° fever that night. I could barely pack. But I took some medicine and pressed on.

We left at noon on Thursday. After a stop at a bookstore for two books for me, some Mad Libs (shout out if you love Mad Libs too), and an audio book for us both, followed by a quick lunch, we were southbound!

We made great time to Birmingham and stopped to have a McFlurry with Mom. She had a great surprise waiting for me - a terrycloth lounge chair cover, just in time for the beach! Yay! Thanks Mom!

We made it to the beach at 9:30. The second leg of drive went quickly, thanks to our audio book. I thought Freakonomics would be about money (boring!) but I was surprised at how engaged I was with it. It shed some light on some topics such as standardized testing, real estate transactions, gang organization and more. It was a very interesting read/listen. I recommend it if you are looking for something thought-provoking but not boring.

So we checked in, unloaded and headed next door to a bar/restaurant. After some drinks and an appetizer, we discover 17th Floor is playing there that night... after a "Foam Party" that was currently underway. Yuck. If you know me well, you know I don't like getting dirty or messy, and in my mind, nothing is dirtier than 60 kids on their senior trip grinding all over each other in the middle of a Foam Party. Nasty. So we steered clear of the foam, hanging back just to watch (and make fun) until 17th Floor went on at 11:30.

Just one problem - we were the oldest ones there and I wasn't feeling so well again. We danced a little bit, but mostly crept further and further away from the crowd, staying for a total of about 45 minutes of 17th Floor before calling it a night.

Friday morning we grabbed breakfast, ran to Publix and called Evan before hitting the beach. It was sunny in the morning, but by the time we got to the beach, some clouds had rolled in. We stayed out until the last possible second before the rain came. We went to the Back Porch for dinner and decided we were both too exhausted to go do much else.

Same story on Saturday. It was pretty rainy that morning, but we went for a beach stroll when the rain stopped and noticed the clouds were clearing up a tiny bit. We lugged our stuff back out there and hung out as long as we could before having to pack up and clear out because of the rain... again! We ate out and were going to go enjoy some nightlife, but once again declared ourselves too tired to go out. This pattern of behavior is unheard of, FYI.

Sunday, the day we were to leave, was lovely of course. We sat out for a two hours, then had to go pack and load our things. The plan was to stay around until we got bored, the rain came back, or both. Turns out we didn't get bored nor did the rain come back. We even got in the pool for a little bit before I parked myself on the rented beach chair, where I remained until they had to come and ask me to get up so they could close up for the day. We took that as a hint, and bid farewell to the beach until next time.
Even though the weather wasn't ideal, it was still a great trip. Nothing beats some rest and relaxation with the wind in your hair and the sand in your toes (and everywhere else). I was sad to come back but I know a fantastic summer is just beginning!

Friday, May 22, 2009


Today's post is for the man, the myth, the legend himself: Mr. Evan Thomas. I love you my Pickle!
It was Spring Break of my (first) senior year when I made Evan's acquaintance. Jennifer and I were at a house party, out on the porch, when I hear someone shout something along the lines of "Here comes that LLLLJ!" I turned around, naturally caught off guard, and saw Evan sitting on a chair nearby, looking as happy as a leprechaun perched on top of a pot of gold. Keep in mind I had never met him, but he knew my nickname, so of course we hit it off. I wanted to put him in my pocket and carry him around for life. We had tons of mutual friends and really should have met each other a lot sooner than we did.
I saw Evan occasionally from then on. I was in Nashville that summer and had one more fall at Auburn and we bumped into each other at house parties, get togethers, etc. You know the story - I graduated, moved home, and two weeks after I moved to Nashville, so did Evan.
Me, Evan, JB and Dan had a great time goofing around all summer. JB and I went to see them in action at both their jobs and we had fun exploring different establishments all over town. Evan and I made a few trips to Birmingham together. Car rides with Evan are fun. You'll sing, you'll laugh, you might even cry, and if you're lucky you'll start taking photos (see below). He became a great confidant to me and I realized there was much more to him than just the funny, entertaining, "friend of Aubie" side that so many people know and love him for.
So clearly Evan and I got to know each other better and I was so sad when all three of them moved back to Auburn for school and I was left in Nashville. I managed to survive though and we kept in touch. Evan came up to Nashville for part of Thanksgiving and it was my pleasure to get to attend the Lion King with such a handsome date!
I remember standing in the Kroger checkout when Evan called me to tell me he'd been offered an internship with the Today Show in NYC for fall of 2007. I could not have been more excited for him. His hard work was paying off! I scheduled a weekend to come up and visit. Turned out the day I got there, Broadway went on strike, along with the already-striking Writer's Guild of America. So for an entertainment junkie, there was hardly anything to do in NYC. But we made our own fun and had a great time. He and Paul were awesome hosts and I had never laughed so hard on any trip. Evan arranged my very own tour of Rockefeller Center, including a stop by Conan's set and the legendary studio 8H. Dangerous. I loved it so much, I made him take me back Monday before I left, and he risked his life job to take several photos of me on the stages. Don't I have the greatest friends?After the internship, Evan found his way back to Nashville. We had a fun spring. We watched American Idol together. He was kind enough to always extend offers for free movie screenings and exciting opportunities. And he was stationed on Belmont Boulevard, holding a sign and shaking his booty, waiting patiently for me to run by him in the half-marathon in April. We spent lots of time at Mafiaoza's and Flying Saucer, and over time our conversations became more honest, more open and more vulnerable, and before I knew it, Evan went from a good friend to one of my best friends.
Which is why when he took off in July for some time on the road, he was so sorely missed. Luckily for me, a job, place to stay and some free laser hair removal put him in Nashville when he got off the road. He was home just in time for the whole "carless" situation and was such a gracious friend, going out of his way for me so often.

And now here we are, almost a year later. We have a standing lunch date every Monday, a tradition we started after we realized our schedules were so crazy that if we waited for a free evening to come along, we'd never see each other.
Sweet Pickle. Rutababy. Evvie Poo. BFF. He has many names, many "faces" and many moods, at the end of the day, he's just Evan: Evan, who knows me better than probably anyone (yes, anyone) on the planet. Evan, whom I can call when I am feeling happy, sad, or anywhere in between. Evan, who has more layers than an onion but unlike an onion, they only get sweeter and richer as you peel them off and get to know what lies within.
My dear sweet friend. Do you even know? Do you have just a clue, a hint, a smidgen of how much I love you and how grateful I am for you? I count my blessings far and wide in this city: my job, my C, my friends, but I promise one thing - my time in Nashvegas would be SO different and my blessings less without you here. Of course you know wherever you go and whatever you do I will be your biggest fan. But I have to give credit to the way that you enrich my life when you are physically in it. I apologize for all the ways I have let you down and will let you down in the future but I hope you know that more than coffee table books, free movie passes, rides or party invitations, the best gift you've ever given me is just to be a close companion of yours is gift enough. You have so many people that love and admire you, that to be called a best friend is just simply an honor.
You are so gifted. You have been touched with a spirit and personality that has more draw than all the magnets in the world. People are waiting to fall in love with you around every corner you turn. One day, you are going to turn the right corner and the entire world will be there waiting. And when it happens, I hope you'll remember your sweet pickle, your rutababy, your friend, your LJ. Happy birthday, Evan! I love you so much.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Do you know what is special about this picture?
I'm not really in it. The original, sans-Lindsay, was taken just a few days before Christmas, when my family got together and I couldn't be there. So they took a picture and left room for me (actually, they were going to photoshop my head on my mom's body, an idea I quickly nixed). Later, when I got home, I took a picture in front of a wall and this week, someone at Kinko's waved their magic wand over the two and voilá: I was home for (a white) Christmas.

And now, once again, I am out of the picture! I get off work in a hour and am heading south for some much needed R and R at the beach. I have a post or two scheduled for my absence, though, so don't lose heart.

Peace out, peeps! Happy Memorial Day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Finish this sentence: "When I see this carrot, I think '_________.'"


Dear People of Nashville,

Thank you very much for not taking my car or anything in it while it sat in the parking lot, unlocked, with the keys still in the ignition ALL DAY LONG.


Monday, May 18, 2009


This weekend was the long-anticipated Billy Joel and Elton John concert. It was SO good. If you have tickets to see this show at an upcoming date (cough my sister cough) you are in for a real treat. About an hour before the show, I realized that C was more excited about seeing Billy and I was more excited about seeing Elton. Whomever you are there to see, you won't be disappointed.

Some classical music was played as an introduction, and at the crescendo, the two grand pianos pianos rose up from the stage. Then "Yankee Doodle" came on and out came Billy. He waved and smiled for a while, and then a jaunty English sounding tune came on and Sir Elton made his grand entrance. More waves and smiles and maybe even a thumbs up or two.

I don't want to give all the surprises away so I won't post a set list, but it looks like they are doing the same thing at each performance, if not very similar. Basically it goes like this: Hit. Hit. Hit. Hit. Hit. Hit. And so on and so forth, with only one or two "album cuts" (Billy's term for non hits), but of course they were great too.

After four songs together -- which honestly would have been concert enough; they were that great -- Billy peaced out, leaving us with just Sir Elton. Wow. He was not incredibly talkative in between songs, but introduced the songs with album info, dedications, etc. It was so cool hearing him sing these iconic songs, written years before I was even born, that I know by heart. They call that timeless.

After about an hour, he left and it was Billy's turn. I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed his set. I like Billy Joel, I was just so excited to see Elton that I a) didn't have any expectations for Billy Joel and b) forgot how many of his songs I knew. As in, I had no idea he sang "We Didn't Start the Fire." Oops. Thought it was Bruce Springsteen, all this time. He also surprised me with some impressive mic stand twirling. He looked like he'd spent some time on the flag corps.

So he performed for about an hour and then of course the two came back out to end the night. This time, rather than taking turns singing verses, they did more harmonizing as well as a cover or two before ending the night with - you guessed it! - "Piano Man." As soon as Billy took that harmonica piece out, the crowd went nuts.

I was so sad when they went off stage. I didn't want it to end! In light of that, I took some videos that, including the pictures I took earlier that day at a birthday party, took up all the memory on my card so I didn't get a single video of Billy Joel singing. But Elton fans will enjoy these:

Thursday, May 14, 2009


My sophomore year, I remember meeting one of the new kids to our class. Of one hundred or so kids in your grade, it's not hard to spot the three or four new ones each year. She was very petite with lovely red hair. Eventually I would discover she only lived a street away and had a heart of gold. And today is her birthday. Happy birthday, Jamie!
Jamie and I sat together in Bible class that year. I've written before about some of mine and Pelliroja's adventures, including a team of us FORCING her to ask someone to the Valentine's Dance by literally locking them in the stairwell together, and many other good times. It was a good year, the beginning of a great friendship. High school was so much fun, largely in part due to Jamie's friendship.
We went our separate ways after graduation, she to UAT and obviously me to Auburn. We stayed in touch a little bit, mostly over AOL's instant messenger In fact, Jamie and my mom are the only two people I know who still use their AOL e-mail address.

She graduated early and got a job in Birmingham. I graduated late and got an internship in Nashville. We would e-mail back and forth, all day long, about everything and anything but especially about her boyfriend. Would he propose soon? She was convinced no. Then there's me who almost ruined the surprise, by no intention of my own. How was I to know that when I suggested that the package she'd been asked to drive to Chattanooga was all a big farce and Les was going to meet her and propose, that it actually WAS all a big farce and Les met her to propose? She was still plenty surprised, apparently, so no harm, no foul, I hope.

Jamie and Les got married in February of 2006 and it was such a fun, memorable weekend: the absolute picture of purity and faithfulness. In the months following, even though she was a newlywed, she made time for me and my lonely, bored-at-home-with-no-job self. So compassionate.
Then I moved to Nashville, and our visits got few and far between and unfortunately so did our conversations. But they were still quality conversations, just not as frequently as before. Jamie still knew me though, and from only one phone call could tell what was really on my heart. I remember talking to her one day while driving back from another wedding, of course not my own, and lamenting the fact that all my friends had something I just couldn't seem to get (a husband). It was a tough place to be. Later that week I got a handwritten letter in the mail from Jamie, with such encouraging words flowing off the page. It was exactly what I needed. No surprise that I still have the letter in my desk drawer at home.
But unfortunately, our conversations tapered off and we officially lost touch...

Until one day, a couple of years ago, I needed a friend in a way that I have NEVER needed a friend before. I remember holding my knees to my chest, crying in my bathtub, knowing I needed to just talk to someone but had no idea who. Who would listen to me and in my darkest hour, offer a Christ-like love just the same? I thought about calling many of you that are reading these words. But in the end, I dialed one number. And Jamie talked for more than an hour that night. Then 30 minutes the next day, then 15 the next and 10 the next until our conversations tapered off again.
But we still had this bond that I knew would permeate every conversation. What kind of friendship would we have from this point on? Turns out, the decision wasn't mine to make. We've talked intermittently over the past two years, but Jamie clothed each conversation in love, letting me know nothing had changed.
Jamie, how do I even thank you for all the ways you've been there for me? Your friendship is one I will always cherish for so many special reasons, from silly conversations pining over football players (...and then basketball players) to much deeper conversations about jobs and relationships and more. If you only knew how much I admire you. You may be only 5 feet tall but you stand heads above so many people when it comes to character. Our friendship is so unique and special and I hope you know that I treasure it (and you) in my heart like a very precious jewel.

One of my favorite Jamie stories is when she fell down. She was wearing quite possibly the world's tallest heels that day. She came into the locker room, her face as red as a beet, muttered something about needing some help and then limped/marched out back into the parking lot, me nipping at her heels wondering what was wrong. I put two-and-two together when I saw scattered books and binders all over the parking lot near her car. She had taken a big fall, and in those heels, I am guessing she ate concrete big time. I kind of wish I had seen it as it had to have been a monumental fall. So wordlessly (we didn't laugh about it until the next day) I helped her collect herself, gathered all the strewn belongings, helped her to her car and made sure she was not bleeding and was okay.

How fitting is it then that years later, when I fell down and came to her red-faced, frustrated and broken, Jamie helped me up, helped me collect myself and made sure I was okay. Thank you, Pelliroja, for being such a patient, loving and loyal friend. I love you!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Did you miss me? I know some of you did. I didn't go anywhere. "Tom" didn't get me. I wasn't "behind" on blogging. I just really and truly did not have anything to say. Shocking, I know.

*I am sick today. I feel so puny! I never had allergies until I moved to Nashville and boy are they miserable. My throat feels like it is on fire.

*I haven't e-mailed "Tom" yet. I still just can't bring myself to give him the satisfaction of hearing from me again, even if it is to tell him to leave me alone.

*After confessing I am on Twitter, I was happy when some of you asked to follow me! To the few of you who I don't know that asked to follow me, introduce yourself in the comments section, because otherwise you're still just a stranger.

*I know you all watched JT on SNL this weekend. Do I even need to talk about it? I was so excited about it, I planned my entire night around being in front of that TV when the show started. I was not disappointed.

*Billy and Elton concert this weekend!

*Finally and most importantly, look where I'll be in just over a week:
Yep, there's me, kicking it poolside somewhere near Destin over Memorial Day weekend. C is going too of course but I guess he was in the hotel room when this highly-scientific photo was taken. I. Am. So. Excited. I. May. Combust.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

STALKED (part 7)

Hmm... it's getting boring around here, isn't it? What should I talk about? My fantastic event last night? My weekend plans? No, that's not exciting enough for you? Okay fine. How about another "TOM" story?!

Yes, just when I thought it was safe... "he's baaaaaack."

I went to get my department's mail from the mailroom on Tuesday. An invoice here, a thank-you note there, what's this? A postcard? How lovely!

"Wonder who this is for," I thought to myself. Then I flipped it over.

Actually, "Tom," when I said not to contact me again, I meant by land, air or sea. At this point I'm just angry. Who does he think he is? I said leave me alone. And furthermore, why are you thinking about me in Texas? Him thinking about me in Tennessee is gross enough. He went all the way to Waco, TX, just to make me mad.

So, I happened to be en route to scan this postcard for your viewing pleasure when I bumped into my company's CEO. He's a very amicable, approachable man, so we started talking and he inquired about my postcard. I told him the entire story, from start to finish. He thought it was pretty funny, as does everyone that hears it, and then he suggested I get firm with "Tom." I told him I would love to, but only with his blessing, since I certainly don't want to hurt a guest's feelings if I can avoid it or muddy our name even to just one person. He said to go for it, so long as I let him know what happens next. Ha.

Here's the thing: "Tom" isn't so much scary to me as he is irritating. It's just become a battle of persistence, and I'm about to win. So, I think I will e-mail "Tom" just once more, this time copying and tell him his latest action was not well-received and once more request that he not contact me in any shape or form. I will call his attention to the fact that I copied Security on our correspondence, and any further action on his part will be handled through their department. Anyone have any better ideas?

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

FEUDY (part 2)

All the guesses were very good and some very funny. But here are the top seven people you should not e-mail while under the influence, according to Family Feud and their super-scientific studies:

1. Boss - a given. And I think coworkers fell under this category.
2. An ex - another given.
3. Parents
4. Spouse/mate

Now those first four came pretty easy, for all of you and those folks on the show. Like I said, they got those and the sixth answer before striking out:

6. Pope/clergy - Minister or Priest fell under this category, and yes, it really did say Pope on the Feud. Does the Pope even have an e-mail address?

So the next family got to guess, and they said coworkers. X. No dice. So what were number five and seven that no one guessed on the show?

5. Police - Wes guessed this correctly yesterday afternoon. Think of what a drunk e-mail to the cops would say: "I'm drunk at home, SUCKAAAAAAAS!"

That leaves one answer. This mysterious body you should not e-mail when drunk?

7. The president.

That's right, you better not go sending the big cheese any e-mails after you've knocked back a few. Is that not the dumbest list ever? Who sends e-mails to the police, the POPE or the president, drunk or not? And for the record, a mere TWO people gave that last answer, so I'm not sure why FF decided to include it in the top seven answers.

And yes the President does have e-mail and here's how I know: when my sister was in middle school, a boy in her class e-mailed the President a threatening note as a joke. Some time later the FBI showed up at his father's office, who all-too-eagerly pointed them toward our school. He got called out of class by the FBI. Can you imagine? Not the smartest move he ever made, I'm sure.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Another interactive blog - get excited.

I went home for lunch today, as I often do, and took in some Family Feud while I ate the Stouffer's french bread pizza I had cooked for lunch.

I have seen a LOT of Family Feud but this is the dumbest question they have ever asked. Or maybe the question wasn't so dumb, but the answers were dumb. So dumb that I copied them down to come and survey my blog audience.

So let's play the Feud! 100 people were surveyed, top seven answers on the board: name someone you shouldn't email when you're drunk. For the purpose of our game, each person can submit one answer or several.

And should you find yourself in this situation and the have a Gmail account, may I suggest you take advantage of Google's Mail Goggles?
This is something you can enable on Google if you don't want to be sending out any late night emails while under the influence. I wonder how many people actually have this activated on their account...

Anyway - guess away! The seven correct answers will be posted tomorrow.

Monday, May 04, 2009


I confess. I tweet.

I joined Twitter a while back and have really had to warm up to it. But I have decided to stay on board, at least for now, and if I had a nice body of followers, it would really keep me going.

Look for Lindsay_J, in case you want to follow me and read about important thoughts such as:

*The only way to make it through swimsuit shopping!
*How I feel about Vince Vaughn winking!
*What my new white denim jacket smells like!

And other thoughts that aren't quite long enough for a blog topic, but so important I had to tell somebody. Follow me and see where I lead!

Friday, May 01, 2009


1. Have you heard about this man who had a tree growing in his lungs? No, not a joke. True story. I even checked He unknowingly inhaled a seed at some point, and then doctors found "cancer" in his lungs that when they removed it turned out to be a 5-cm baby tree, just growing right along. Google it if you don't believe me. It will make you gag.

2. I tried the bacon bar. It was not at all what I expected. Instead of being a piece of bacon just covered in chocolate, it was a chocolate bar, with tiny bacon bits in it. I didn't love it but I didn't hate it so I guess it was a hung jury.

3. I am about to quit Facebook. I'm serious. You know how I feel about my mom being on there (no offense, Mom). And usually, when I log in the first thing I do is see who has updated stuff lately. Not just status, but photos, work info, etc. And now I can't even do that anymore thanks to some lame new Friend Finder page. What's up with that, Facebook? I'm going to sit on it over the weekend.

4. Guess what's two weeks from tomorrow? And guess what's three weeks from tomorrow? Elton + Billy and a long overdue trip to the beach. I am so exicted that it's May that I can hardly contain myself.

5. I've been at work since 5 am this morning so I am going to go home, make some soup and go to sleep!

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