Monday, March 03, 2008


In case anyone was still doubting me, it's official - I just filled out and faxed in my entry form for the 2008 Country Music Half Marathon! I'm really going to do it!

I also faxed in my recommitment forms. Thanks Margo, Natalie and Mary Byrne for your donations! Click here if you'd like to contribute.

How pretty was the weather this weekend? It warmed up Saturday and yesterday was just gorgeous. It made me want to play tennis or something just to be outside.

...Which brings me to why I don't play tennis. Let me say this: I like the idea of tennis (and I certainly like the wardrobe). If I had a racket, I JUST MIGHT have gone and hit balls yesterday. In college, my boyfriend and I would go to the intramural courts and play a game where we'd hit back and forth and try to make it through the alphabet (in other words, successfully hit it between each other 26 times). Thanks to Captain Coordination (me), we never got past G or so. But even that was too much pressure for me. If I can just swing a racket with no repercussions for hitting or missing the ball, then I am fine. When points or a streak or the tiniest bit of competition factors into it, then I fold.

My mom enrolled my sister and I in tennis lessons when were in elementary school. I enjoyed it but the problem was I stunk at it. We both did. I just have a very limited skill set when it comes to hand-eye coordination. So I don't really know why I thought it would be good for me to try out for the tennis team in junior high but I did. I think it was more of "anyone who wants to play, come sign up" and I knew if I was on the tennis team my mom would finally have to buy me a tennis skirt.

But it was fun. I did it both years and enjoyed it. We had practice twice a week and the snacks at the matches were great and we all rode on a shuttle bus together from school to the country club (shut up) where our practices were held. We each had a "seat" on the team for match purposes, and for whatever reason, they named me Number Five.

So one day at practice, Number Six decided to challenge me. We had to play and if she beat me (which she did), she became Number Five and I became Number Six. So it wasn't very fair for Number Seven to issue another challenge, immediately following the match that I'd lost. but she did and she won. So it REALLY wasn't fair for Number Eight to challenge me. It was hot, I was tired from playing two people, so of course I lost. Or, to sum up, I went from five to eight in one day.

That was the day I realized I was not cut out to be a tennis player, no matter how much I dressed the part.

Which is why rather than play tennis yesterday, I went to the mall. Like I said, I stick to what I'm good at (this whole half-marathon thing excluded).

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  1. I'll play with you. Wes tried to get me into racquetball in college, but I was terrible, and he wanted someone to actually play with -- as in, could at least make a point so a score could be kept. I just thought it was fun to whack the ball around.


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