Thursday, May 08, 2008


I'm happy to announce my next adventure: tap dancing.

Allison and I are taking eight weeks of tap classes through the Parks & Recreation department.

I took ballet when I was little, then the trio of ballet/tap/jazz for a few years, then took just tap until junior high. Allison took none of the above, but regardless, I'm pushing for us to enroll in the intermediate to advanced class. I feel that beginner class will get old really fast. I'd start doing what I started doing in my ballet classes in elementary school - making faces in the mirror, spinning in circles, writing things with my feet and other various symptoms of ADD.

Anyway, I think we are both rhythmically inclined enough to swing the intermediate to advanced class, and I can crash course her the weeks before if necessary. We've already practiced time steps during Bachelor commercial breaks. I'm sure her neighbors are loving the "shuFLE ball CHANGE, faLAP step STOMP!" and "HOPshuffleSTEP, faLAP ball CHANGE" coming from her condo (in between shouts of "Put your panties back on, Chelsea!" and "Quit crying, Manshana!" of course).

So get excited. I am. And if we have a recital, you all are invited!

Tap dancing star. But no more tutus, I promise.


  1. Intermediate/Advanced? You're on crack if you think you are going to get me in there! I am nervous about doing the beginner class. I think we should do ballet instead.

  2. You will be FINE! I think beginner is learning how to tie the tap shoes and count to 8. I will help you.

    Ballet meets during the day I think.

    There's always BELLY DANCING!!! Now that would be a workout!


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