Thursday, May 29, 2008


So we're less than a month away until the longest day of the year, the first day of summer and most importantly - the day on which I was born!!!

I don't know why but for the past decade or so, I have been IN LOVE with my birthday. Like a child. I hope that as I get older, I am never discouraged from being wild about my birthday and looking so forward to it that I could pop. I know as long as Star is around, that won't be the case. Birthdays are important.

I am excited because this year I do not have to work on my birthday. Even though it wasn't all that bad last year, I will happily stay home even if it means no birthday voicemails. Oh wait, I didn't get one anyway. Oh well.

So let's get down to business. For the past two years (here and here) I have posted my birthday wish list. After some thought, here is 2008's list.

1. First up is the gift I might let Uncle Sam buy for me when/if I receive my Economic Stimulus Check. I have mentioned before how I want a big girl bed. I have one now that is a hand-me-down. Nothing's wrong with free. But whenever I move again, I'm getting a new bedroom suite because I anticipate my next move being pretty permanent. I chose not to get a new one when I moved into the condo we're in now because a) my bedroom is way too small b) our condo is on the third floor and I didn't want to buy a bunch of new furniture and then it get all scratched up on the way out. But I am digressing. The point is: I want a big girl bed with big girl furniture, and thanks to American Signature Furniture, maker of my kitchen table, I found one! The bed pictured, plus the dresser and mirror, come together for what I consider an affordable price. But on second thought, what would I do with all of that stuff if I got it now? Store it, but where? I have no idea. Okay, fine. I don't want this for my birthday this year. Maybe for my birthday next year?

...AW CRAP. I just found one I like better. Have you heard of Canopy? I read about it on a design blog (something I have been thinking a lot about lately) and now I want the whole darn bedroom set. Right now. Even if I have to stack pieces on top of each other and crawl over it to get out the door. I want the sleigh bed and the drawers that go under it and the bench too and the dresser and nightstand and everything. It's so PRETTY. Click the link and you'll gasp when you figure out where all these high-quality (not one piece of particleboard [which really hurts when it falls on your toe]), beautiful pieces are sold. But how is it possible that the bed from this line costs the same as a bed, dresser and mirror from the ASF line? Maybe I need to call in MB to negotiate for me.

Okay... back to task. The things I want for my birthday that I actually have room for in my house:

2. I got my sister and brother-in-law a TiVo for Christmas because deep down inside, it's what I really wanted. I found a deal where you get the box for free and then pay for monthly service which ends up being about $10 a month. I wonder if it's time I get a TiVo too? I wouldn't need a very fancy one. Just the basic, plain minimal recording hours version.
Although in the interest of full disclosure, yesterday we got a flier in the mail from Complicatedcast, and now we can get a DVR for only like $9 a month with basic service (we don't have the fancy digital box thing). So, I am going to investigate that before I succumb to Tivo.

So, that's two things I want but that are kind of on hold. So, we're still in square one. "Who is this helping?" I can hear you ask. "Where's the monogrammed stuff and serving pieces that you pined for last year? I can't afford to get you a bedroom set and it sounds like you're buying your own DVR equipment. What the heck?!"

3. Movie passes. There's so many dadgum movies I want to see this summer I should just get a part time job at the theater. Or remain friends with Evan. JK! Love you!

4. What's the deal with these Bissell Ease Flips? Am I the only one without one? Am I the only one who didn't know what they were until yesterday because a friend wrote about it and I had to look it up? We have hardwood floors that collect so much dust and hair and food but the Swiffer never gets it all up. Is one of these things the way to go? Am I completely lame for including this on my birthday wish list? Just monogram it with a sharpie and it'll be fine.

5. If someone got me this, then I wouldn't have to decide whether or not to get one. I'm just saying.

6. I have been using my sorority towel wrap since sophomore year of college. I kind of want a new one of those (monogrammed - duh!) but I am not sure if I want a wrap or just a lightweight bathrobe... hmm. Decisions decisions.

6. I think I want some glasses for my birthday (okay, now this list and I are officially lame). If you've seen me in my glasses you know why I don't wear them a lot. But if I got some cute frames then I would. So, I want some Tina Fey glasses. And a vacuum. And a robe! OMG. I am so turning 25. SIGH.

7. Confession: I kind of want a computer microphone so that I can sing into my computer and it not end up sounding like I have a lisp (like it does when I have to use my camera [which is why I don't make a lot of YouTube videos, Ross]). I haven't done a lot of research on them yet, so I don't know what kind, but I think I would really enjoy it and use it a lot.

And now I'm grasping at straws. Why can I not think of things I want for my birthday? I think I'd rather have experiences/memories with special people than just things (especially vacuums). Or, maybe I have been too busy getting excited about other people's birthdays...


  1. I'm disappointed in your list this year, missy. I thought you'd have fun, sexy, insightful things. Definitely did not expect to see a vacuum, robe and glasses on the list.

    Perfume? Jewelry? Clothes? Something clever? Something a hipster would wear? Dinner and karaoke with your old mom & dad?

  2. Wow. Thanks Meg.

    FIRST of all, I got new perfume for Christmas. So I'm good there. I'm not the size I want to be yet to buy nice jeans, which is what I really want but like I said, not just yet. However, I'll never turn down jewelry. In fact, 25 is a nice round age to get something special. How about all y'all go in together for LJ's first pair of diamond studs or bigass set of pearls or something? I wanted something like that for graduation but 25's as good a time as ever.

    SECOND of all, I already got something sexy and clever when I bought Monica. And if you don't think Tina Fey's glasses are sexy, then I'm disappointed in you.

    THIRD, what's not fun about a cat?

    But just for you, I'm going to put some more thought into this and post a second list. It's going to take some research/thought so give me a while.

  3. Personally, I think the list looks too good to be true. Those are things I would totally ask for! (or just buy myself) I've been thinking about some new glasses as well...but my insurance company claims they have paid my maximum vision benefits for this year- one eye exam= no contacts or new glasses. As you well know, I have the worst eye sight on planet earth. Those $99 for two pair ads don't amount to anything for me...I get the super fancy thick lenses for my -8's, which isn't included in the $99 offer. Lucky me. I can't justify slapping down a few hundred bucks when I really don't NEED new ones. When you pick some out, I'll just have to live vicariously through you! :) Happy early b'day, LJ!

  4. Wait a second now Katie. I have worked hard to be the blindest person I know. What's your prescription? Mine is -8.0... in both eyes!

    I don't think my list is bad either. I think it just means I'm growing up and need grown up things. Less Vera, more vacuums.

    But my dream birthday: trip to Vegas. Maybe for the 30th....

  5. -8.0 in both as well. actually, that's just the prescription my doc stuck with. they've gotten worse, but not changed enough for a new prescription. i'm working on -8.5's. good luck to you!!

  6. My summer wish list:

    1. HOBO Clutch (I'm probably the last woman without one).
    2. Toms slip ons (polka dots preferred)
    3. Another bathing suit (bought a Michael Kors at TJ Maxx last weekend).
    4. A trip to the beach. (Doug already booked)
    5. A trip to the lake. (Date already set)
    6. A new house - the perfect house. (Desperately searching)
    7. Seven Jeans (eyes on some)
    8. Another new dress (thoughts on wear to buy)
    9. This really cute top from Belk. (Want to go shopping soon?)
    10. A new phone. (Something similar to Monica, I assume.)


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