Monday, May 12, 2008


What a weekend!

Saturday I finally got to attend the fabled Steeplechase. I have missed it the past two years because it always takes place on Mother's Day weekend. But this year, I decided to attend the event and then drive home straight afterward.

I don't know what time the actual races even started but our group headed toward there at nine. I have never seen so much seersucker and pastel in one place. As someone that lives and breathes all things seersucker, the day was off to a good start before I'd even parked my car.

We found our tailgate spot and settled in. After taking the whole scene in (aka people watching - my favorite sport), our fivesome took a stroll to find family and friends. We nibbled some goodies and took some pictures then ended up splitting up again. We observed/played games of cornhole, tried to out-do one another for the Quote of the Day contest and had a great time. I strolled around again to find some friends from work before it was time to come back to my spot, gather my things and drive home.

All in all, a super fun day. I did see a horse, several in fact, and even some jockeys (riders, not underwear). I think the funniest part of the day was when two different cars in two different parking spaces several feet away both started playing "Wagon Wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show. I think it was accidental so that made it even funnier. What a frat party.

Least favorite part of the day: all the cute girls smoking. I wanted to go up to them all and inform them that a super cute (and super expensive) dress doesn't look so hot when you start smoking in it. It totally ruins the appeal. Am I wrong?

So I drove on home, met Mom for dinner and then crashed in her bed embarrassingly early for a Saturday night (as in, before Weekend Update). But it had been a late night the evening before and I was drained from the sun (and at least I was asleep before she started doing this).

Sunday morning my mom and I went to see my grandmother and my second mother/Mom's best friend. We couldn't stay long though because someone still had a three hour drive back to Nashville. In fact, we spent more time in the car getting there than we did actually visiting. But time in the car was time well spent - I read some of my grandmother's diary from high school (I'll post about that another time; it's got entries when she met my granddad, deciding whether or not to date him, getting engaged [yes, in high school] and more). And when I wasn't reading that aloud to my Mom, we listened to my iPod and I educated her on all the reasons why she should like Kanye. Guess what? Now she does. I think that's a better Mother's Day gift than the perfume I got her.

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