Saturday, August 24, 2013


It has been a busy summer!

I turned 30 on 30-A with my family all there to celebrate. It was a fun trip and one I hope will become a tradition.

Kathryn came to visit. I won't say who supplied what, but this pretty much sums up our day at the pool:

I checked a HUGE box on the bucket list and saw Queen Bey in concert. Best show ever, obviously. I was mesmerized to put it mildly.

But the summer wasn't all about the girls. This lad and I took a quick trip to Chattanooga, where the weather was perfect!

The Waldrons, Evan and I took our annual trip to Smith Lake but this year, invited two new "pledges": our good friend Sarah and Matthew. The pledges fit right in.

And speaking of Evan, we had not one,

not two,

but THREE going away dinners before he moved to DC. Look out, Uncle Sam!

There was also supper club, bunko, double dates, new restaurants, new babies and new friends. Good times for all!

Between football, a wedding and the most challenging season I've ever faced in my career, fall is looking to be even busier!

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