Thursday, May 29, 2008


Which is more embarrassing, readers?

A. Walking into your favorite cupcakery when the owner spots you, and yells out, "Hi! Welcome to---Hey, didn't I see you yesterday someplace*?", effectively letting a room full of people know that you spend WAY TOO MUCH TIME AT THE CUPCAKE STORE;


B. Walking into your favorite cupcakery and leaving with FOUR cupcakes for yourself (all variated chocolate) rather than only one, like you intended to/NORMAL PEOPLE do?

Must. Go. Throw Up. Now.

*It was at Panera. Not at her store.
**Don't worry. I didn't eat them all at once or all by myself. I've only tried a few bites of each and I'm sharing.
***Thursdays are soooo the best day to go to GiGi's.

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    Bring me a chocolate fix for my birthday!!!
    Yo' Mama


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