Sunday, March 13, 2011


Wow. That's all I can say - is wow.

What was supposed to be a casual weekend in Birmingham for a wedding took a turn toward one of the most important trips home in a long time.

LAST time I was home (two weeks ago), I learned that one Cam Newton would be in town on March 12, signing autographs and taking photos. Since I had not yet bought my new computer, I was HIGHLY considering cashing in the savings and buying a handful of vouchers to meet Prince Cam instead. But, I figured I'd better stick to my plan, and was merely considering going to the Galleria hoping to get a glimpse of him, but certainly not paying the astronomical fees for a photo or autograph. Until Friday morning.

I saw on Twitter that a sports talk show Cole Cubelic, host of the Cole Cubelic Show on Huntsville's 97.7 the Zone, would be giving away a voucher to meet Cam! All you had to do was call or send a tweet anytime during the morning show to enter your name in the pot. Turns out, Deputy Desperate here was the only one who did both! Plus I gave them my "sob story" about only getting to see one Auburn game in person this year and needing some more face time with Cam. Persistence paid off, people. And in this case, my prize was one voucher to meet Prince Cam and get my photo with him and his hardware.

Cue the insanity.

After bragging to friends and family, and then freaking out, I repacked my bag and headed south. Just before I crossed the state line, I got the bright idea that I needed to take him some of his favorite Gigi's Wedding Cake cupcakes. We have a Gigi's about one mile from my house in Nashville, but I went nearly an hour out of the way to Huntsville to buy some for Cam. I almost didn't do it, because I was ready to get home, but then I realized what a BRILLIANT idea it was and I'd always regret it if I didn't go for the gold.

So Saturday morning, four Gigi's wedding cupcakes, one Linda and one Lindsay carefully headed to the Galleria to finally lay eyes (and hands) on Prince Cam.
We got there early enough that we weren't too far from the front of the line. They were taking all the photos first, and then sitting him down to sign autographs, so we were able to get the job done and then be on our way. Cam was a little late getting started, but let's be honest, I'd have waited all day.
He came in to the old Macy's looking fine as a comb in his sweater vest and jeans. The line moved pretty quickly and before I knew it, I was at bat.
Cupcakes and ridiculous but memorable note in hand (thanks for the Tiger 2 Titan idea, Evan!), I marched up to him and presented him with his gift. He was realllly excited that I brought the "first present of the day!" and sweetly asked what flavor they were. When I answered with "wedding cake," he gave a big "ooooOOOH!" and grinned. IT PAYS OFF TO KNOW YOUR FAVORITE QUARTERBACK'S CUPCAKE FLAVOR OF CHOICE, PEOPLE!
He handed the cupcakes off to his younger brother so they wouldn't be in the photo, but not before I pointed out that I made sure to include my phone number on the card. That got a big grin and a laugh. We squared up for the professional photo* pictured below, and it was all I could do not to grab his behind. HIS BACK WAS PURE MUSCLE. Like petting a horse! All you feel is muscle... and power.
I told him I was from Nashville and he told me his brother had played for TSU. I told him I was dying for him to move there and that he HAD to go to the Titans. I promised to show him around town. He said it wasn't his call to make, and so I promised to call the Titans coach and have a few words. Cue Cam bursting into song: "You just caaaaall out my naaaaame." Yes, really - he sang to me. I told him I was on it, and enjoy his cupcakes. He said he would.
And then, just like that, it was over. I picked up my ticket to collect my photo an hour later, and as I start to walk away, who do I see sitting in the corner but the good Reverend. I had to say hello. I shook his hand and said I was a huge fan of his son. I asked for a photo, which he was reluctant to pose for, saying it would probably end up on CNN.

Once we left I realized I was sweating bullets. I was so nervous. But MAN if those cupcakes weren't a good idea! I was nervous I was not going to get to give them to him, but no one gave me a second glance. Well, that's not true; a few people looked at me like they were jealous they hadn't thought of to do the same thing. And now, should I ever get to meet him again, I'll be able to remind him I'm the one that brought him some cupcakes at his first autograph signing.

BIG thanks to my mom. You can imagine how hard I had to beg for her to come with me to meet Prince Cam, even though I wasn't letting her in my photo... yeah right. She wanted to stick around and gawk longer than I did! While I was wooing Cam, she used her camera to snap all these photos with one hand used my camera to get the whole thing on video. You know, for mine and Cam's rehearsal dinner video one day.

It was a great morning and I am even more obsessed with Prince Cam now that I have meet him in person. What. a. hottie. And so nice, to boot! It was morning I'll never forget! I feel so lucky.

*Re: the professional photo... I'm not sure of the company who was in charge, but the quality of the photo stinks. It's grainy, it's dark, you can't even read the text on the trophy, and you can see the poles at the bottom of the drapes (I cropped the version I posted above). If I had paid $150 for it, I'd be writing a letter. I know lots of people that can take better photos than what was printed. But, since mine was free, I can't complain too much now can I?


  1. This is now my favorite post of all time. What a fun day! He really is a FINE looking guy! I hope so bad he stays in the South! So proud of your idea to take the cupcakes. How did you know it was his favorite flavor?

  2. I have chills. And the cupcakes were a clutch idea!

  3. Now you have #26 on your list of 30 by 30! I think face time with Cam tops them all!

  4. you're my hero! what a great story!

  5. Yay! I am glad you got to meet him! and the cupcakes:: well played!

  6. This cracks me up! I have just sent a link to this post to John at work....he doesn't really get into reading blogs but THIS he will appreciate :) We had no idea he was at the galleria yesterday or I am sure John would have been out there stalking too. He would have probably tried to use Will to get in line even though he wouldn't have had a voucher :)

  7. LINDSAY! This is amazing! Wow. I'm jealous. Work it, girl!

  8. Best post EVER!!!! I am so glad you did all of that- he WILL call you. Did you include the fact tht you were Auburn's MISS HOMECOMING???? I mean really! The QB and the Homecoming Queen. Match made in heaven. You go girl!

  9. That is awesome! LOVED your approach and gift!!! Waiting to hear when he calls!

  10. Just had to let you know I laughed out loud so much that Barry asked me what I was reading. This post is officially tied for first with the Carrie post...edged out the top 10 Friends episodes. Miss you!

  11. Im hearing Tennessee Titans are taking a strong interest in QB Cam Newton and possibly would trade up to be able to take him.

  12. This is awesome. I just blogged last week about meeting Cam & the fam a couple of weeks ago. I had to take my hubby lunch today and Cam was back at Jordan Hare again for a private workout with the Panthers. Looking just as fine as ever! He brought his gatorade stained sweat towels in my husband's office to throw away, I said I'll take those. I may have make a pillow case out of them to sleep on everynight!


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