Wednesday, June 04, 2008

WISHY (part 2)

So, I got put on blast for only listing bland, practical things for my birthday wish list. Point taken. Here are some splurges in case a bedroom suite or a broom is a little too vanilla for what you expect from me:

1. I don't think I'd turn down another
Lacoste. Once I bought one last summer, I practically lived in it... until I bought another one. Short Sleeve Retro Fit, see me for color and sizing information.

2. I want one of these framed monogram wall art pieces
(me? display my monogram? SHOCKING). Problem is, I don't know which one. The Green Lattice or Green Stripes would be easiest to incorporate into a room or kitchen or office... but not my bedroom. That's okay, Lord knows there's enough monogrammed stuff in there already.

3. Now here's something I really really do want: they charge an arm and a leg for the
official pictures from the half marathon. Since I need my legs and arms in case I want to do another one, I haven't bought any pictures yet. But if you don't plan on running any races and could spare an arm or leg, take note! My favorite is 31330-3009-004. $79 gets a whole CD of all the pictures, $35 buys the digital rights to one picture, and $20 buys two 4x6's of any one picture. They say these pictures expire on June 16. Wonder if that's true.

I saw a really cool set of funky stackable rings in Forever 21 or Love 21 or whatever that jewelry store in the Cool Springs mall is called. They weren't my size so I didn't get them. But they were cool. Maybe some stacky rings would be a good splurge.

5. I have a purse from Target that I carry around everyday but it's start to look a little shoddy. The fake leather has gotten ripped and the stitching has started to unravel in some places. Is it time to get a new, genuine leather, big girl purse? Maybe so.

Okay, I'm spent. That is all I can think of that I could possibly, ever want for my birthday that is purchasable (besides the two things I'll ALWAYS want: a new car or an all-expenses paid vacation).


  1. Much more fun. Thank you!

  2. I like 31330-2870-015.

  3. still love those Jack and Lulu things ... still convinced I could make one too ...

  4. I'm so glad you showed me the Jack and Lulu site! I love it. I think the wall art could be made with scrapbook paper, but how would you get the so so pretty font?


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