Thursday, June 12, 2008


I hate shaving.

There, I said it.

In junior high, I twisted my ankle. The doctor that saw me at the after hours clinic called me Spike because my legs were not smooth.

In high school, I worked as a camp counselor every summer. One day we were having a staff meeting and this guy and I sat down indian-style beside each other and our knees brushed, He recoiled in shock. The sad part is that I know it couldn't have been that bad. It was in the summer and I was wearing shorts: three days growth MAX. "Get over it," I said to him. "A lot of girls don't shave everyday." He looked horrified. "You don't!?!?" "No way!" "Whatever. My wife will shave everyday because that--" (pointed to my knee) "--is disgusting." He's married now. Wonder if he's getting his way.

My friends, roommates, perhaps even coworkers who have sat close to me in meetings know that I am not one of those everyday-shaving breed of women. It's way too time consuming because we girls have a lot of surface area to cover.

However, I have a friend who has signed up* for permanent laser hair removal on his back. It's a year and a half long process (though I'm not sure if that is the standard). If it goes well, I really might consider getting it on my legs done one day. I mean, it's a time-saving investment. You can't put a price on extra time.

But until then, surely I am not the only one who doesn't shave her legs everyday. Right?

And while we're at it, if anyone has strong thoughts on Lasik surgery, please feel free to share. Maybe I should save for that before the laser leg hair removal. Maybe they can do both at once.

*By 'signed up', I mean 'is getting for free'. Damn twin study.


  1. So long dead squirrels! hee hee

  2. I don't shave every day and I've only got a face to cover! I'm with you- Let is grow, let it grow, let it grow.

  3. I don't shave everyday. In fact, I believe I shaved today for the first time in at least 4-5 days; disgusting, I know, but I do believe shaving everyday is overrated.

  4. I'm with you. Shaving everyday is too much of a hassle. Oh, and New Edition sang Can You Stand the Rain, but the question/comment about Boys II Men is still valid.

  5. Boys II Men did an a capella version on their II album. Actually waaay better than the original.

    Sorry Bobby!

    and just for the record, whack!

    Caa-ann you stand iiiittt...

  6. Uh, I second that motion. Boys II Men's is way way better than New Edition.

  7. i love reading you blog!
    it helps me laugh daily.
    i hope you don't mind, but i tagged you.

    as for lasik, my sister got it done over a year ago and she is very happy.

  8. maybe I'm in the minority, but I totally shave (almost) everyday, 365 days/year (does that even make sense?). I just can't stand the stubble. And I've gotten a lot quicker, too. I guess practice makes perfect?

  9. I don't shave everyday, either.

    I'm interested in LASIK, too. I've heard great stories from friends, but I'm also a bit nervous about some of the negative side effects that some folks get. If you find out anything interesting, I'd love to hear about it.

  10. You would, Jennifer. Can't say that makes me like you more.

    To the rest of you, thanks for your honesty! Glad I am not alone.

  11. linds - i think i remember that exact incident. was it at camp briarwood?!

  12. I'm so glad I have blonde hair! I shave just twice a week in the summer- once a week in the winter. I HATE shaving and I don't care what other people think. Plus, I love my Schick Intuition blades and they are pretty expensive. I have to be selective about which days to shave.


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