Friday, June 13, 2008


1. Guess who will be out of town again ALL OF NEXT WEEK. Yes, this girl. So don't expect a whole lot of blog posts, though I did write one that thanks to Blogger's "scheduler" will show up sometime next week while I am gone. How crazy is that?! So look forward to reading that and not much else. But trust me, you probably prefer it that way because the countdown is ON for my birthday (8 days!), during which there's not much else I like to talk (or blog) about. Unless it's missing my first tap class: a subject on which I will gladly share my displeasure.

2. Anyone want an update on the potential good news that I was alluding to earlier this week? Me too. But you'll have to keep waiting though, because the only news I got this week is that I won't know something until next week and like I already wrote, I'll be away from a computer!

3. This week's tough decision: New Kids on the Block concert in DC with my sister, or Auburn v. Vandy game in Nashville?

4. I am getting a haircut tomorrow. Yay and thank heavens. My hair has gotten out of control. I got it cut right after the half marathon but it feels like it hasn't been cut since January.

5. New addiction: Scrabulous on Facebook. Anyone want to play?


  1. Running Buddy6/13/2008 12:04 PM

    Attention history of the world: see biggest "no brainer ever" at no. 3.

    War Joey? Don't think so.

  2. Excuse me, but it's not that simple. People are coming in town for that game. I always want to see my Tigers. Just because your team sucks doesn't mean the rest of us should pass up a chance to see our teams.

    But I'm leaning toward the concert, so guess that means I'll be making some visits to Auburn. ROAD TRIP!

  3. NKOTB!! You better not back out on me!

  4. running buddy6/13/2008 2:50 PM

    uhhh, the no brainer is football over NKOTB. Silly you for getting that mixed up.

    Oh oh ohohoh...

  5. I'm with running buddy. No brainer! Auburn won't have another regular season game in Nashville for another 7 years or so.

  6. Ya'll are right. New Kids On The Block are ALWAYS on tour. They probably tour TOO much in fact. I'll just catch the next one.

  7. running buddy6/13/2008 3:31 PM

    Are you even sure they'll follow through with the show? I seem to remember Joey (sorry, Joe) thinking the idea was ludicrous on Bands Reunited on VH1. And yes, I'm in the VH1 crowd now.

  8. Oh, they'll go with the tour. Or they'll have to answer to my sister.

  9. Hey wait!!! I was coming to stay with you for the Vandy game! Leave me a key!
    Yo' Mama

  10. Definitely hostess for AU football in your new "hometown" over NKOTB. You can use the AU pitcher Melinda gave you to serve Bloody Marys.

  11. um, definintally start a scrabulous game with me!!!!! my co-worker and i play all day long...thats bad, i know.


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