Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So, I got some news. And not just from Uncle Sam. But, the news is not final or definite or in stone. Just encouraging, promising and hopeful. After two days of discouragement, it was more than enough to boost my spirits. So stay tuned.

However, things have been pretty hectic. Birthdays, work, impromptu tap dance practice and deep conversations have all taken a backseat to the blog the past few days. Have you noticed? So in the mean time, let me suggest something for you newer readers: click here. That is the list of the "best" posts on this blog. Some of my funnier tales and favorite stories that you may not have read (and if you've been around for a while, you can laugh all over again). There's 36 of them (make sure to click older posts at the bottom of the page) so if you're really new, that should shave at least an hour and a half off your workday.

Knock yourselves out!

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  1. Can I please just tell you that I am addicted to your blog. We have lots in common (except for the fact that you are incredibly funny and I'm not so much). I was definitely destined to be your little tiger.


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