Friday, June 27, 2008


1. My new camera is money in the bank. It's awesome. It's got all kinds of interesting features I am going to have to learn to use. You can swap the colors of items, take a black and white picture with one color showing, and a lot of other crazy things. And good zoom and optics and all that other jazz.

2. If you've been in my room then you've seen the pearl letters I have above my desk (they used to hang above my bed). Yesterday, I saw very similar but smaller versions of the letters in Michael's in one of the dollar bins up front! Can you believe it? Naturally, I bought four: one for me and three for my friends at work, for us to hang on our door (I'm spreading the monogram love). Everyone should go buy one or two or ten. They're only about 4 or 5 inches tall so you will think of lots of places to put yours, at your office or at your home. And did I mention? Only a dollar each!

3. Still can't find my Friends Season 10 disc 3. I'm going to keep blogging about it until it turns up. I opened every DVD case in my cabinet and it's not in my condo. We only have one TV, so there would be no reason for it to go anywhere than the living room unless it was out the door with a friend. I loaned it to someone and he or she has just forgotten. There's no other explanation.... unless - OMG! What if someone broke into my apartment and stole only that DVD because he or she knew it would drive me crazy? It's working, OKAY?!?! Can I have it back now?

4. Please add to the list of things that should be banned in public, right below Heeleys: Bluetooth devices. Honestly. Have you ever seen anyone on one of those and NOT looking totally goofy? But notice what I said here - in public. Use it all you want in your car or at your house if it keeps your hands on the wheel or cleaning your kitchen. But if you come walking toward me in the grocery store, talking 90 to nothing and I can't see your cell phone, it leaves me to assume you are talking to me or the boxes of cereal all around us. And neither the cereal nor I came here to make friends.

5. I have a question for some of you that I really want answers to: what is the most difficult thing you've had to do in your professional career? Think of the hardest, most challenging thing you've had to do since you graduated college and got a job, and tell me about it. Soon I'll tell you why I want to know.


  1. Hmm... I'll have to think about #5.

  2. i really don't think i've done anything hard or difficult since college ... is that bad?

  3. changed a poopy diaper--at work

  4. That doesn't count. You're a kindergarten teacher and besides, we all have to deal with shit at work.



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