Friday, June 06, 2008


1. My very first CMA Fest experience was a great one. We found ourselves in the official CMA Lounge which meant free refreshments and good seats (CMA Lounge = press box). Tonight is going to be even better, not just because of the artist lineup, but because we will be playing Redneck Bingo. That's right. We each get an index card with a list of things to find/look for and whomever gets the most by the end of the night, or finds them all first, wins a prize. Items that are on the list so far: Woman in Bikini Top, Man in Jorts, Mullet, Neck Tattoo, anything Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc. Leave suggestions if you've got them.
2. Add this to the birthday list... more office decor maybe? Can't think of where I would put it in my home.

3. Something is really wrong with me today - my attention span has gone to hell. I feel dizzy and spinny and over-energized. At lunch I could not look at something for more than 2 seconds. Yes, I'm anxious about something but I've been anxious before and know what that feels like. This is not anxiety, this feels like a chemically altered state of mind. I think someone slipped speed in my drink when I wasn't looking. Therefore you only get three facts instead of the usual Friday Five (or Friday Fifty like last week) because I cannot look at the screen long enough to think of two more things I need to tell you other than I need to go home and lie down.

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  1. I have that same state of mind every day...It's called mentalpause.
    Yo' Mama


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