Sunday, June 22, 2008


So the funniest thing happened while out for my birthday yesterday.

Four of us were walking down the street, heading toward the bar after making a trip to my car. I was on my phone (aka - distracted) and had just handed it to someone else when I felt something around my foot. I was accidentally kicking or dragging something down the street with me.

At the same time, all four of us realized what it was: PANTIES.

I had a pair of panties wrapped around my foot.


I screamed and kicked them away and we all doubled over laughing.

My first thought: GROSS!
My second thought: Hey, those looked kind of familiar...
My third thought: Hmm, I wore these jeans out last night, too...

By the time we got to the bar, we had decided that those were in fact my undies. I guess they were lodged in my jeans and decide to shimmy down my leg to reveal themselves at that perfect moment, with plenty of people nearby. It was SO funny. And now I can say that I got so nutty on my 25th birthday that my underwear ended up on the streets of downtown Nashville.


  1. In honor of her 25th Birthday, here are 25 reasons I love Lindsay (by her Mama)
    1)She is so darn funny!
    2)She does my makeup for my special events.
    13)She lets me love and enjoy her friends.
    14)She left me lots of clothes when she moved to Nashville.
    15)She cried when someone attacked Big Bird and painted him blue.
    16)She laughs at herself.
    17)She can do pushups with a dog on her back...a chiuaua.
    18)She survived coke bottle glasses, braces and ear surgery requiring half a shaved head as a preteen!
    8)She is fearless!
    9)I never had a bad teacher conference.
    10)She helped me in UNmentionable ways when I had back surgery.
    11)She gives me fast hip hop music to walk to.
    12)The cops never called me.
    13)She used to do the table scene from Nutty Professor at formal dinners,cracking us up.
    14)She is way honest when I sport goofy hair or clothes.
    15)She forgives my shortcomings.
    16)She sleeps with me when she is home.
    17)She still LETS me do Santa and Easter bunny.
    18)She used to do a hip swivel dance thing and make my Daddy laugh.
    19)She made me a cd at JH Ranch.
    20)She never wrecked the car.
    21)She is wonderful bridesmaid.
    22)She trusted me with her cat(but he ran away)
    23)She is "beautiful inside her heart."
    24)She is my teabag--strongest in hot water.
    25)She "chases dreams but knows the road that'll lead her home again."
    Happy Birthday Lulu!!!!
    Love, Yo' Mama

  2. I will start working on the next 25 for your 50th!

  3. I am so sorry I missed the panty raid! Glad you had fun!

  4. Seems as if you always have the perfect incidents to blog about!

    I was away from the Internet on your big day, so I hope you had a fabulous birthday. However, by the preparations made for your birthday, I am sure you are STILL celebrating, so Happy June to you!

  5. Sorry you got your panties in a wad on your birthday!


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