Friday, June 20, 2008


1. TOMORROW IS THE BIG DAY! I am so excited. Gifts have been delivered and the celebrations have started, including a nice dinner and a COOKIE CAKE. Yes, my very own cookie cake.

2. I took today off of work. I slept in, ate cookie cake when I woke up, and was going to lay out but decided not to because it's so overcast. Instead, I have been at my computer fixing my iTunes and pricing out the vacation I want to take.

3. I am behind on So You Think You Can Dance! Who is good? Which routines do I need to see?

4. Y'all should see my haircut. I got it cut on Saturday (after "growing it out" for a while) and it is short. Like, Katie Holmes short. Or Suri, depending on how I fix it. A week later, I am still getting used to it but it's getting rave reviews from buddies and the order taker at Bar-B-Cutie. Only thing is I can't wear it curly so much anymore. Oh well.

5. I saw a real live black bear on my business trip this week. It was SO cute. It wasn't a cub but didn't look full grown. A medium sized bear. That I named Anthony. I wanted to keep him, but decided if I didn't have room for a cat then a bear would definitely be out of the question.


  1. Happy Birthday to Lulu--one of my greatest gifts from God!
    Hope your quarter century birthday is as wonderful as my HALF century birthday was!
    I love you my Cabbage!!!
    Yo' Mama

  2. Happy day, Lindsay!! I am so blessed to have you in my life!! Hope your 25th is fab. Love you!

  3. oops. I'm such an idiot. I commented on the wrong post. Par for the course today!

  4. post a picture of the 'do, please!


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