Sunday, June 29, 2008


Behold: A non-addicting, non-habit forming Jergens lotion (unlike this stuff).

Jergens' Soft Shimmer Lotion is one of my favorite summertime products.

I like it because it's not so much "glittery" as it is "shimmery." Not only does it offer just a little radiance, just a little shine and glow, to accent tanned summer skin without making one look like a stripper with straight up glitter all over her arms and chest, BUT it also has NO SELF TANNER meaning you don't wake up looking like an orange freak.

However, the shimmer can be a little overpowering (depending upon your shimmer preferences) so I always dilute it when I put it on: one part this plus one part regular non-shimmery lotion.

I went to buy some the other day and didn't see any on the shelves at three different stores. "Uh oh," I thought. "My mom and her counterparts have done this product in. No self tanner means no one buys it which means no more product!" But at my third stop, I was relieved to see the lotion's name on the shelf, even if it was all out of stock. I guess we in the non-self-tanning minority have few options and thus our kinds of products tend to run out.

In conclusion, lotions without self-tanner are still to be found in many drugstores and supermarkets nationwide. You just have to look for them (MOM). If you can find it, this is one that I recommend.

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