Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well I did get some good news yesterday but it wasn't the good news I was expecting.

I got a notice from the IRS reporting that my Economic Stimulus Rebate was on its way to my mailbox, and the check would be for $600.

Now that may not be a surprise to some of you but a few months ago some friends told me that the checks were for up to $600 each. I would have been brokenhearted if my check had been for $100 or so. But I had no idea what to expect.

So imagine my elation when I flip over the notice and see $600 staring back at me.

Now here's the real question: what am I going to do with it?

I know, I know. Put it in my savings account, to be used toward a new car or new home. That's probably what I'll do. But just for fun, what else could I do with it?

Take a vacation? Yes, but where? To the beach or NYC or Vegas? Buy myself a kickass birthday present, like a "right hand ring" or some real pearls? Buy that pretty new bedroom furniture?

The ideas are infinite. Unfortunately, the money is not.


  1. Vegas!!! Of course, you may need 3 stimulous package checks to do it right...

    But, I'm sure new furniture would be just as fun.

  2. I say you take another trip to NYC with your stimulus package and buy some fake pearls from the....

    Gucci Prada Gucci Prada Prada Louis V Prada Gucci gals in Chinatown!

    Kill 2 birds with one stone, aye?

  3. Maybe we should combine yours and mine. That's two!


Oh goody!

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